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Why commercial gas cooktops? - Advantages and cleaning tips

Gas stoves have been a phenomenon in all residential places and commercial kitchens since the advent of the 20th century. These devices have become popular in catering establishments due to their multiple benefits. They have become fully commercialised and widely used in most pantries by becoming the fulcrum of all activities. While the gas variant has been used for a while, recent entrants include electric and induction variants launched only a few years prior. Due to these innovations arriving in the market, many kitchen owners wonder if it makes sense to continue with the commercial gas cooktops or opt for the electrical or induction versions instead. While the induction stove is sleek looking and comes with its own sets of pros & cons, here's us telling you about some of the reasons why you shouldn't ditch the gas versions for your workspace, along with some cleaning tips to keep them in good shape.

There are numerous varieties of available items, and one of them is Commercial Gas Griddle, which is used for shallow frying for delicate foods. If you wish to purchase this equipment, visit the homepage for Simco. 

Benefits of a Gas Stove

No Worry of Electricity Charges

One of the pressing benefits of the gas variant over the other contenders like the electrical ones is that you do not have to bear or worry about the electricity tariffs. Therefore, there is no problem when the light goes out as you can continue to prepare cuisines on your gas stove. This kind of stove is trustworthy and efficient for preparing food in the industrial space, providing the uninterrupted fuel supply in the pipeline attached to the device. The end result is that you do not have to be worried about your utility bills going up more due to using your gas stove.

Emits Lower Amount of Heat

Another of the advantages that should convince you to buy this item for your workspace is the heat efficiency the product displays when preparing food for the customers. This fantastic feature means that it does not release much heat around when kept on. In addition, when you switch it off, it instantly cools down, making it an excellent addition to your repertoire. While an induction device also warms the surrounding environment, which can make standing next to it a little complicated, gas stoves, on the other hand, come with lower heat release and are an effortless food preparation medium. You can get these products from Simco, the leading commercial gas cooktop supplier in Melbourne & Sydney.

One of the appliances which promote even distribution of heat is Commercial Deep Fryers. If you want to purchase this machine for your kitchen and looking for a credible source, look no further. Visit the webpage of Simco. 

Enables Fast Cooking Process

All the three variants – gas, induction and electrical version – are fast if we talk about speed. However, the gas device is the best among them and promotes swift food preparation. The primary reason for the swiftness is that the model utilises the direct transfer of heat to prepare the food even and uniformly. In addition, you do not have to wait for the utensil to get heated for making cuisines, unlike the induction version, where you need to give some time for it to get warmed up. If you want, you can straightaway start preparing any cuisine on the gas version the moment you switch it on.

Similar & Uniform Heat Distribution

One of the main benefits of a commercial gas cooktop and the primary reason for making cuisines easier with this equipment is that it distributes heat uniformly and consistently. The central portion in this type of machine gets heated very fast, which leads to a drastic reduction in the food making prep-up time. The hot spots do not form burned or scorched blotches on the food appliance as the heat spreads uniformly across the pots. Another advantage of these pots is that the relatively cold spots on the pan do not create any problems while cooking food. The even distribution of heat allows a chef to cook even the exotic and complex recipes effortlessly. 

Provides Precise Cooking Temperature

Controlling the food preparation temperature precisely and effortlessly is one of the fantastic benefits of a gas stove. For example, you can easily switch the machine on, adjust the flame as per your convenience and do various tasks like frying vegetables or sautéing onion to perfection. Such control can be achieved by a gas stove, unlike an induction variant which takes some time shifting to a varied temperature.

Durable, Portable & Aesthetically Pleasing

Durability, portability to be carried anywhere, and a light texture compared with other commercial food preparation appliances are some of the most enduring features of commercial gas cooktops. These stoves and devices tempt and catch the eye since they are lightweight and beautifully designed, unlike a piece of heavy equipment that is not lovely to the eye. In addition, these devices possess a classic metallic finish and an aesthetically pleasing exterior that provides companionship for a long time. These machines are best for the food establishments that choose the open layout kitchen system, where your customer can view the whole process of cooking. Such devices can be easily accessed on Simco, the foremost commercial gas cooktop supplier in Perth & Brisbane.

One of the cooktop types is Commercial Gas Stoves, which are available & beneficial for food establishments of every shape & size. For more info, visit the Simco website for further details.

Some Tips to Clean a Gas Cooktop

  • Wiping and cleaning any leaks and spillage as soon as it occurs is the first tip to follow. Such urgency is required because spills can choke the burners, resulting in uneven gas flow and poor heating. In addition, the heated residue is tough to clean or wipe, so adequate maintenance is crucial.

Cleaning a commercial gas cooktop can be tedious and include a lot of effort due to the involvement of multiple parts. Take special care to maintain the cast iron trivets, as they can be weighty and tough to clean in a standard sink. Additionally, the cooktop surface should be carefully wiped as it can show splotches and scratches.


  •  Opt for a fingerprint-resistant coating if you like the stainless steel design, as it's less likely to show splotches and makes wiping up spills a little easier. By comparison, it is far easier to maintain enamel-coated surfaces, as they show no finger stains or smudges. Glass surfaces can show stains and may need a ceramic cleaner. Warm water laced with detergent and microfibre cloth is all you need on most gas cooktop surfaces.

  • If the spills and residue have settled on the device, you should soak the cast iron trivets, enamel trivets, and stainless steel trivets for cleaning. Use hot water mixed with soap to wash trivets in a sink. If there is a burnt residue on your cast iron trivets, you may need a grease-cutting cleaner and a scourer (do not put them in a dishwasher as they are vulnerable to rust). If you want hassle-free cleaning, look for trivets that have a smooth surface.
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