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Tips to Buy the Best Commercial Gas Cooktop

The importance of a commercial gas cooktop has increased swiftly with the emergence of multiple restaurant chains and food joints. These appliances possess the best attributes to provide a practical experience in the kitchen. This appliance can be used to prepare numerous cuisines such as pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, and eggs. A gas hotplate also lets you capture all the flavours in your favourite delicacies on account of instant heat control.

Commercial Gas Griddle is one of the many hotplates available on Simco and is used for light frying of foods. For more details on this appliance, visit the official page of Simco.

Working Process of Gas Cooktops

The hotplates utilise an electric ignition model. When you turn the fire on, this system creates a spark you hear in the form of a clicking noise, resulting in a blue fire's emergence. You can control the amount of gas reaching the stove by turning the control knob of the appliance. Applying the control knob allows you to control how much gas goes to the oven. You can get more gas supply with the higher turning of the knob.

Tips to Buy the Best Gas Cooktop

Check Whether you Have Mains Gas

If you are considering changing your cooktop from ceramic or any other medium to gas, you need to verify that the building where your kitchen is situated has the supply of mains gas. An induction or ceramic cooktop will be ideal if the building doesn't have the mains facility. However, if you are hell-bent on utilising the gas hotplates, many models use bottled LPG. Although, you should keep in mind that the bottled variant is significantly expensive than the mains gas. You could find the best options on Simco, the leading commercial gas cooktop supplier in Sydney.

Ensure That the Device has Flame Failure Safety Feature

Even though the rapid heat control feature makes the gas flames more attractive for users, some models do not tick the appropriate boxes for safety. Therefore, it is not advised to buy any product that doesn't possess a flame failure safety device.

A flame failure machine refers to a device that means the gas will automatically re-ignite or cut out if the flame goes out. Unfortunately, many gas models are not equipped with this feature even though it should be mandatory in a piece of equipment. Gas can spread invisibly and dangerously if the flame goes out, which is why it is necessary to buy a commercial gas cooktop with a flame failure device. Since 2017, new gas hotplate standards have come into effect, requiring that every stove on a gas stove be installed with a flame failure device. This order is an essential safety measure and means that all new products designed and sold into the Australian market must have flame failure devices installed in all ovens. There is no bar on the sale of stoves manufactured before 2017. Though it's unlikely for you to find such devices, it is still recommended to check the flame failure feature.

The process to Check for Flame Failure

Typically, two tiny rods sticking up next to the stove -  one for the ignition and the other for flame detection – constitute the appliance. However, you will find only one rod next to the flame in models that automatically re-ignite, as both functions are integrated into their design. Ask the product supplier for the process if you don't have any idea, although the same should be mentioned in the item specifications.

Consider Issues Regarding Health

Several studies have identified gas hotplates as a factor integral to childhood asthma and other respiratory health problems. Gas flames release small but quantifiable amounts of nitrous dioxide, fine particles and other pollutants. According to one study,  12.3% of childhood asthma in Australia results from exposure to gas stove emissions. At the same time, another claimed that using a gas cooktop in a home can increase the risk of current asthma in children by 42%. There is a 24% enhanced risk of being afflicted with the disease at some point in life.  Some evidence is also found that links gas cooking to other respiratory issues in children, such as reduced lung function and rhinitis. However, if a kitchen uses a ducted range hood, these risks can be significantly limited if not expelled. These ducts soak the emissions from the gas flames and send them outside to make you feel safe. You can find such articles on Simco, the top commercial gas cooktop supplier in Perth.

One of the appliances that encourage the equal spreading of heat and are suitable for health is Commercial Deep Fryers. If you want more info on this product and its specifications, go to the website of Simco.

Check Out the Size Options

Ensure having the required space to fit the hotplate on the bench and proper ventilation whether you fancy a  square or rectangular variant. Take care to check the cooktop specifications, as one needs a minimum distance for the bottom of cupboards or the range hood above a cooktop. Selecting the best size of cooktops available in 60, 70, 80, and 90 cm widths depends on the size of the range hood, bench space and the number of ovens you require.

You need to consider the number of saucepans you need to fit while deciding on the flames count. For example, only three saucepans will work on a 4-ring 60 cm commercial gas cooktop, and proximity to other burners and cookware size will result in restricted access to some burners when in use. Ensure flexible bench space and use more oversized cookware if you are not hard-pressed for size. Think about purchasing a five-burner hotplate with the wok oven positioned away from the other stoves or in the centre. This feature allows the other cookware to fit comfortably with less restriction when using other slots.

One of the hotplate types available in multiple sizes is Commercial Gas Stoves, and Simco has multitudes of varieties in this segment. To browse our collection, visit the Simco website.


Ponder over the Ideal Burners for your Kitchen

It would be suitable if you take your pick from a multitude of burners. For example, wok burners are best for stir-fry cooking and rapid boiling. They also have a concentrated swift flow and get heated quickly than a large product.  Similarly, large ovens are suitable for larger non-stick frypans or saucepans and are mainly used for boiling potatoes, pasta, and frying purposes. However, you must take precautions when cooking using non-stick cookware and avoid steep temperatures.

Medium stoves enable swift response to change in temperature and are suitable for cuisines that must be taken to a high temperature and then decreased to shallow temperatures, such as rice or simmering casseroles and soups. They're best for smaller frypans and saucepans. Simmer variants are suitable for delicate ingredients such as making sauces, melting butter and chocolate. You can find many such items on Simco, the top commercial gas cooktop supplier in Melbourne & Brisbane.

Check the Burner Layout

You need to check the burner size relative to the pots and pans you are going to use. You also require to verify the position and layout of the burners.

Search for:

  • burners that have extra space between them so you can use multiple pots simultaneously and don't have to reach over one pan to get to another
  • a collection of the large, medium, and simmer sized burners
  • front-positioned simmer burners so you don't have to bend over other flames to stir a sauce
  • back-positioned medium burners – these are best for foods that do not need continuous stirring so that you can simmer them for an extended period
  • side-positioned or centre-positioned wok burner for accessible and constant stirring
  • a burner in an oblong shape if you prefer barbecuing and like using a grill or hotplate for the same.
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