While you might update your equipment or purchase new accessories, the kitchen sink is one item that can't be changed frequently. Such a characteristic is all the more reason to pick carefully at the very outset! The stainless steel sink is one of the triple pointers in your pantry task triangle, with the refrigerator and the cooktop completing the trio. It is the place where all your cooking utensils are cleaned, and if you are not choosing a dishwasher, it's where all the utensils and dishes are cleaned! Not sure what points you should consider while buying a kitchen sink? You don't need to worry, as we've compiled a list of a few factors to take care of while purchasing the item.

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Choose the Item Size and Structure

One of the primary attributes you should verify is the size and structure of the sink. These items come with or without the drainboard and are available with one or two bowls of differing depths and dimensions. If you are also setting up a dishwasher, you could choose a smaller version, but if the sink is where all your pots & pans are being cleaned, then the depth and size of the bowl matter. Keep in mind that the appropriate depth of the bowl is around 8 inches. Choose the configuration and size that makes the best sense for your usage. It can be rectangular, with hard edges, or smoothly designed without any sharp edges at all. You can choose from the below-mentioned options:

  1. Offering with Single Bowl

The most popular choice for the pantries is single bowls, as they are compact, cost-efficient and functional. You can get this option at Simco, the leading stainless steel sinks and benches supplier in Sydney.

  1. Twin Bowls with Separate Sizes

The establishment owners can also choose a double bowl variant, with one large bowl for cleaning up and one small bowl for food preparation.

  1. Twin Bowls with Similar Size

Another type of twin bowl variation has two bowls of the same size. This variant comes in useful when you're cleaning utensils, as you can wipe and lather them on one side and wash them out on the other.

Focus on the Drainboard

the drainboard comes in useful when you are washing up and need to keep utensils or vegetables, for example, to drip dry. It is designed with a slight slope and has grooves that direct the water flows into the stainless steel sink, keeping the rest of the kitchen counter dry. If you choose the offering with a drainboard, consider the kitchen's layout. Once you've done it, think about the location from where the drainboard should provide maximum comfort - on the right or the left of the bowl. These products are also available with two bowls and two drainboards, which offer valuable utility for drying wet utensils or stacking up dirty ones. Remember that these take a lot of station space and are not suitable for a compact kitchen.

Choose Between Top mount & Under-mount Variations

Another consideration is to select between the top and under-mount variants. You might have noticed that some variations have the rim fitted over the countertop while other models are installed below the counter.

Top-Mounted or Self-Rim Model

The top-mounted variations are relatively cost-effective and straightforward to install, as any inadequacies in the station's cutting are hidden from sight. After setting up the item, the edges could be sealed with a clear silicone sealant to prevent water leakage. Contact Simco, the top stainless steel sinks and benches supplier in Brisbane, for more information on this variation.

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Undermount Model

Undermount models are set below the counter, without a lip or rim fitting above the table. Not only do these pieces look more classy, but they are also effortless to clean as there are limited places for dust to get trapped. Experts should only fit these sinks as the cutting of the countertop should be very precise. After installing the hardware, epoxy grouting in the same colour as the counter material could finish the sides. It is always advised to complete the underside of the bowl with a silicone sealant to make it completely watertight.

Choose the Material You Want for your Kitchen

Another crucial consideration is selecting the material you think is ideal for your pantry. While stainless steel is the most famous and efficient material for commercial kitchens, many other options are available if you wish to choose something different. Here are some of the substances and their features.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel is heat and cold resistant and easy to clean using soap and water. This choice is ideal if you are working with a tight budget. However, you should remember that it can get easily dented if you choose a lighter gauge of steel. The stronger the product, the thicker the gauge and the more it will cost. Steel can also get scratched with a sharp instrument like a knife. You can get this item at Simco, the top stainless steel sinks & benches supplier in Melbourne & Perth.

Quartz-Made Items

Quartz versions are created using a composite material that combines quartz crystals and acrylic resin. They are seamless and do not have any joints, so they are easy to clean. These variants come in various bold colours and sizes, with or without a drainboard. They do not get scratched and can withstand very rough handling, durable. They are also non-porous and do not get scratched easily. they are priced higher than stainless steel sinks.

Corian-Made Variants

Corian is a widely-used countertop substance that requires less maintenance, is available in multiple colours & designs and is very long-lasting. You can effortlessly mould Corian into a sink that is continuous with the countertop's surface. The material is completely non-porous and prevents the growth of any mould or mildew. It is also very straightforward to clean. The only disadvantage of this substance is that it is priced on the higher side. Always ensure that you purchase the original material, as many cheaper versions are available in the market that might look the same but are not durable as the original.

Stone-Made Models

You can also get a quality item by employing the same stone that you are utilising for the kitchen countertop in the case of stainless steel sinks. Always hire the services of a specialised craftsperson who can guarantee that the edges are smooth and the joint is not showing. Failure to ensure so will result in dust accumulation on the edges, which is tough to clean. The offering looks very sophisticated in marble or granite and is custom-made for your requirements.

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