So, you have always dreamt of opening your café in a respected location, and you’ve finally got the capital arranged to fulfil your passion. You’ve shortlisted the perfect place, done the paperwork, and gone through the minute details of the décor innumerable times in your mind. However, the first step for you will be to fill your workspace with the actual items in accordance with a commercial kitchen equipment checklist to make it run without any hiccups. You need not fret as we will tell you what the things you require in this blog are. As one of the biggest distributors of kitchen supplies in the Australian region, we’re confident we can be a one-stop shop for every information and product you require.

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Arrange the Best-Quality Coffee Machine

Unlike other food establishments, the very first thing you need - which is obvious considering it is mentioned in the establishment name itself - is a coffee machine. However, you should choose the device deliberately with caution & care and ensure that it performs according to your expectations. It needs to look classy and presentable as it will be taking pride in place behind the counter and be the most visible piece of machinery in the kitchen. In addition, there are other accessories you need to make the coffee time great for customers. For example, a tamper for packing coffee grounds nicely and tightly, a shaker for mixing cappuccinos and mochas with cocoa powder, and a knock-out bin for expelling used grounds quickly, neatly and in a sophisticated manner.

Additionally, you will also need a small tiny milk jug for milk work on those flat whites that are primarily in great demand in the Australian region. You’ll have the most crucial bit sorted if you perform these tasks correctly. Imagine the scenes at a café during a peak time when the employees are all moving ideally in sync with all the elements. It’s like a well-rehearsed choreography and can be amazing to watch. As mentioned above, you can transform your establishment with the proper hardware and some enthusiastic employees. For more details, contact Simco – the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Melbourne & Sydney.

Choose from the Best Crockery Options in your Budget

Once you sort the coffee machine, you have to take care of the crockery requirements, as coffee seems incomplete without any dishes. You'll want some hard-wearing stoneware for an establishment where containers will be getting heavy usage and go through an industrial dishwasher (another essential) at high temperatures. You can select the colours as per your choice.

Set up a Water Station Nearby

In today's day and age, no café is worth its salt and having standard commercial kitchen equipment forgets to have a water counter with a jar and glasses. Many joints have a spot where customers can fill their water bottles. Arrange several large pots full of tap water and stacks of small drinks near the end of the counter, where you would place pouches of sugar, sweetener, stirring sticks, etc. Speaking of sugars, you should decide whether you want your extras placeholder to feature sugar sachets or sugar cubes, etc. It would be better if you thought about it now. If you waste time making this decision, you have to decide in a rush, resulting in the complete sabotage of the space's vibe.

Start the Food Preparation

Once the cutlery is sorted, you'll need to consider the food items you would offer. If you're a simple joint that provides a delicious sandwich and coffee joint, you'll want a high-quality grill. This product will also be visible to customers and placed near the counter. Therefore, your coffee machine's conditions will also apply here, and it needs to look sophisticated. If you also offer takeaway services, you also have to provide paper napkins and paper bags. You also have to ensure the quality by providing the best-quality napkin that is thick & soft to the touch. However, these napkins are essential to an establishment even while in-house dining, so you should make the necessary investment. In addition, spend money on heavier stainless steel cutlery, as their quality is better, and your patrons will be impressed by your efforts. They would be sure that you are one step ahead of the competition from the moment they pick up a fork. You may think that all these things would significantly cost you. However, you rest assured to save a considerable sum as you would buy in bulk which automatically reduces the prices.

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Invest in a High-End POS Procedure

Another critical component of owning a cafe is installing POS systems. The POS system in the restaurant enables you to handle each customer swiftly and collect precious business lessons that can result in boosting revenue generation and effectiveness. In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of factors like delivery functionalities, loyalty programs and additional support to be able to upgrade your business offering. When you equip your cafe with information, insights and modern facilities, you can accordingly design your strategies. A POS system can help you develop such strategies with its in-built facilities. The best thing is that you can also operate inventory levels and all components connected to your costing, allowing you to keep up with demand when you need it most. For more information, contact Simco – the foremost commercial kitchen equipment distributor and supplier in Brisbane & Sydney.

Check out your Fridge Requirements

After setting up all the above requirements, you will also want a fridge. Many blogs will also put this point as the starting component of their content, as this piece of equipment is the fundamental starting point for any food joint or restaurant. Therefore, always ensure to spend money on a spacious and highly-rated fridge. A branded refrigerator saves you money and helps the complete half of your planning. If you’re making any refrigerated desserts on-site, always check whether it can store multiple cakes and other bakery items. Alternatively, you can show the items in your kitchen to your customers by buying a glass-fronted fridge. Otherwise, the refrigerator will be relegated to a back room, so there is no need to worry about it being too good-looking.

Arrange for Equipment Maintenance & Upkeep

You’ll need specialised cleanup and maintenance equipment to provide a great customer experience and conform to health codes. This equipment should include:

  • A basin for washing, rinsing and cleaning dishes, preferably a 3-compartment sink
  • A dedicated mop closet/sink with a high-quality mop
  • Some cleaning fabric and commercial cleaning agents
  • Dishwasher
  • Large trays for soiled utensils
  • Trash bags and cans
  • Trash compactor or dumpster

Your requirements may differ according to your local municipal health guidelines. We recommend inquiring about all the current rules and procedures by contacting a health inspector in your location.

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