It is very frustrating when your staff diligently prepares food in the kitchen, and the bulb installed in the exhaust hood canopy suddenly burns out. While it is a significant hassle, you can quickly fix it. You might see a small exposed bulb with a threaded base like most bulbs in your establishment in case you have installed an essential duct. These models can be effortlessly unscrewed and swapped out. In contrast, if you have set up a harder to reach the recessed light source, you can loosen the bulb by using an efficient suction tool. The methods given below will not require the removal of the hood. You can quickly get back to preparing food instantly after successfully applying the given steps.

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Remove the Cover after Switching the Power Off

Most normal range hoods contain a plastic cover over the illumination. To remove yours:

  • Pull the cover after firmly squashing near the socket.
  • Ensure changing the item after putting the cover nearby. If you find that the surface is greasy or filthy, it is an excellent time to wash it thoroughly.
  • Do not reinstall it before cleaning it with a detergent & water mixture and then properly drying it.

Take Out the Burned-Out Bulb

The next step is to remove the illumination medium from the socket. One must give some time to the bulb before plucking it out as it will be hot to touch. The following process is to squeeze the light source near its socket base and twist it counterclockwise in a gentle but firm manner. It would be best to keep unscrewing until the light bulb is out of the socket. It would be better if you also kept the given below points in mind.

  • Since the illumination source is incredibly fragile, one must be careful when handling the light bulb.
  • Don a pair of gloves or tear off a piece of masking tape if you wish for a bit more grip. Once done, form a loop to place the ends on the product. While unscrewing the light, you can grip the item like a handle.
  • You have the alternative of throwing away the light if the bulb is LED or an old incandescent. However, you must take the light source to the recycling centre if it is a CFL since it constitutes a small amount of mercury. For more information on this aspect, visit Simco – the leading exhaust hood canopy supplier in Melbourne.

Unscrew a Stuck Light using Pliers or a Potato

Another helpful step is to take the assistance of pliers to unscrew a broken bulb stuck in the receptacle. Don a pair of sturdy gloves and use a couple of needle-nose pliers to grip the bulb's base. You must unscrew the broken illumination source by twisting counterclockwise. However, you need not needlessly worry if you don't have pliers. Find a large potato, cut it in half and push it onto the broken bulb. Once you perform this procedure, twist the potato counterclockwise to remove the broken device from the socket. You must follow all precautions while taking out a broken light source. For example, you may want to prevent the broken glass from falling on your burner by spreading an old piece of fabric on your appliances.

Use Illuminating Mediums Similar to or Below the Advised Wattage

It is always crucial to use and take out the light sources that provide similar or less than the recommended wattage of your exhaust hood canopy. It is a best practice to note the bulb wattage written on the side. You can also check such a piece of information on the interior parts of the range hood. Such a written detail will instruct you to use and install the light source of specific wattage. You must always ensure the precise wattage as using the wrong option may be too hot for your socket and ruin your plastic cover.

For instance, if the informational content inside the range hood says, "you must use max 75-watt bulb", it is your responsibility to use a product with 75 watts or less. While the most expensive alternatives are incandescent variants, they're not the perfect option. These lights will get fused early due to their inability to cope with the burner heat. You can use halogen variants to illuminate a specific spot on the cooktop, while the LEDs are the most energy-effective and long-lasting. For more clarity on the subject, visit Simco – the foremost exhaust hood canopy supplier in Sydney.

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Use Clockwise Method to Screw the Bulb

The next step is to install the bulb into the receptacle in a clockwise manner. Once done, enable the base of the new light medium to fit into the threads by pressing it into the socket. After completing the above process, keep twisting the light source clockwise until it's firmly in place. However, ensure that the bulb is not screwed too tight as excessive pressure may accidentally break the product or damage the receptacle in a way that makes unscrewing difficult when the old illuminating source fuses.

Pop the Light Medium by Pressing Cover Sides

The final step is to push the sides of the cover and put it in place over the new light source. Take the body made of plastic and press the sides that have the tabs. Set the surface to place it over the light medium and ensure the tabs are in their slots. Once done, ease your grip to let the tabs slide into place.

Places Where you can Utilise an Exhaust Hood Canopy

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