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What are the Potential Problems Plaguing Commercial Gas Cooktop?

The opening of many restaurants and cafes has contributed to the stocks of the commercial gas cooktop rising exponentially. It is one of the crucial machines easily spotted in a commercial kitchen that includes a built-in cooktop or range, and there are many advantages associated with the item. It makes your tasks easy through its attributes. You can easily prepare cuisines on this device, and it provides the benefit of a large quantity of oil heating to prepare various delicacies.

Most food preparation tasks like grilling cheese sandwiches and making pancakes are virtually impossible to execute without a cooking range. However, every machine is bound to show the symptom of breaking down, and it is the natural reaction of the owners to start panicking. We concede that the mental image of a defective oven is nerve-wracking, but you shouldn't be disheartened as one can fix some of them very quickly. Here we will discuss five such prospective issues and their resolution.

There are many range options for your pantry that include Commercial Gas Griddle. This appliance is used for lightly preparing various food articles. If you wish to purchase the equipment, visit the website of Simco. 


The Issue of Gas Burner Not Lighting Up

If the fire is not lighting on your gas product, there could be problems with several components. You can attempt a few tricks to solve the problem. For instance, you can observe & note the happenings when the chef tries to light the commercial gas cooktop. If the oven is working fine, a clicking noise emerges from the device with a faint smell of gas coming out of the valves. If you hear the sound of a click, but there is no smell, the issue can be attributed to the gas flow. On the contrary, if the smell of gas is emanating, but there is no click sound, you can call someone or check yourself if the ignition switch is working correctly.

While checking the switch, remove the plugs of the equipment, and if possible, turn it off. Once done, open the stove cap and grate. Carefully See whether there is any loose wire. Clear the accumulating food debris and if a wire is indeed flexible, reconnect it safely. If you have applied all the abovementioned tricks but still can't resolve the issue, your connection likely requires work. You can always contact Simco, the leading commercial gas cooktop supplier in Sydney if you cannot find a solution.


Gas Burner is Warming Slowly

If your equipment is heating slowly, it is a severe cause of alarm irrespective of your type of range. You can also face this issue in the cooktop if its openings are blocked with dust, resulting in the blazes becoming tiny and weak. However, you do not require to worry too much about this problem. It is not a severe issue, and comprehensively cleaning your whole range is the key to resolving this problem.  

Unplugging the commercial gas cooktop is the first step of cleaning, along with switching the knob off. Once done, open the stove grates & caps and put them in the bowl with detergent and hot water for a long duration. Clean the surface using a hard brush and use a wet sponge to clean the top's surface. Clear the gas valves by eliminating food and other dusty elements using a toothpick. If you want additionally powerful cleaning, wash the item using vinegar and baking soda and find the results for yourself.

One of the appliances which do not have any problems with slow heating and assists in equal heat distribution is the Industrial Deep Fryers. If you wish to buy this product for your kitchen and looking for a credible source, visit Simco official website. 


Electrical Problem in the Burner 

Even if only one of your stoves is not burning correctly, you should test all the other burners. However, if all your burners are not burning as usual and not providing the required flame, you should call a specialised and experienced person as it can be an electrical issue. If only one coil is experiencing a problem with the heating, you should verify the connection and ensure that the coil is fully plugged in the appliance. You can also try to change the ruined component with a working one on your oven. If the new replacement works well in place of the damaged ones, you have to change the coil. 

The Induction Cooktop is not Heating Properly

It is a known fact that the gas cooktop is entirely different from the electric and induction oven. However, as all versions of these items give occasional nightmares in the same ways to the chefs worldwide, we have included a couple of exceptions. If you also encounter any issues, contact Simco, the top commercial gas cooktop supplier in Melbourne

Suppose you own a piece of induction equipment and suffer from non-heating of the appliance. In that case, you have to verify first that the utensils you are using are companionable with the induction. As the functioning procedure of the machine constitutes warming the pan, and not the burner, directly, your appliance will work well only if you use unique and ferromagnetic pans. 


Frequent Issue of Gas Stovetop Clicking

It is not abnormal to hear a clicking sound while turning your commercial gas cooktop on. However, if the sound continuously comes for a long duration after you have lighted the stove or is preventing the oven from lighting, the problem might be grave. Most of the time, a component choking the furnace is the common reason behind the issue. Take care to ensure that the path is not clogged with debris or soot and the oven cap has not been misplaced. Food ingredients can easily get caught in the gas grates if you don't have a sealed burner oven. These products have to be recovered using a paperclip or other small substances. Ensure that any extinguishable and flammable objects like a toothpick or fork are not used. The frequent clicking can also be the result of the additional moisture present in the device. Try absorbing any extra amount of water or other contaminants on the food preparation floor by cleaning it with a cloth or drying it with air. 

If you wish to remove multiple problems plaguing the items, check out the collection of Simco Commercial Gas Stoves. For more information, visit the Simco website


How to Clean the Commercial Gas Cooktop?

  • Pull the knobs straight from the control panel to show the covered surface. You also have to loosen the screw if the knobs are set with them.
  • Hot water with detergent should be used with a clean cloth or sponge.
  • Clean the knobs and put them back in the control panel. In addition, ensure that they are switched off.
  • Use a soft and non-abrasive scrubber to wipe the ovens, stove heads and grates.
  • Ensure the prevention of acts like spilling acidic content such as vinegar & tomato on the commercial gas cooktop to avoid damage.
  • Avoid rusting by re-seasoning grates with cooking oil.
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