It is a significant hassle to continuously shift furniture around the kitchen and clear some extra space in the workspace to accommodate a few items. If the furniture and other appliances are too large, setting the small and necessary things becomes tougher. However, you can sort out a way to put all your belongings properly by opting for stainless steel shelves of the floating variant. When you ditch bulky options in favour of the floating shelves, you will immediately realise that you didn’t need the larger cabinets in the first place.  These products are especially useful if you work in a cramped space. If you’re a diligent customer, you’re probably searching for details on the reasons why you should opt for these offerings. We have provided some answers in the following paragraphs.

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Provide a Sleek & Sophisticated Appearance

These racks look classy & sleek and provide the appearance of defying the laws of physics. While most kitchen personnel are used to seeing the frames with the additional support of brackets, floating shelves do not use that method. The added advantage of these floating variants is that while there is no significant difference where looks are concerned, they always fit with the interior decoration of most kitchens.

The structure of these products is unique, where bracket support is hidden inside the racks instead of being exposed. This is the reason why the floating variants made of stainless steel or any other material are usually a bit thicker than the conventional models. Furthermore, you will not find L-shaped brackets to support these commercial stainless steel shelves adequately. Instead, metal bars are provided that get attached to the wall. Once the bars are connected, the hollow frames have to be slid over these supports.

Equally Strong & Robust as the Conventional Versions

Many kitchen owners think that the floating racks are not as robust as the ones with visible brackets. If you are also among the people who feel the same, get ready to be surprised. The fantastic thing about these items is that they do not compromise an inch of wall space while supporting a significant amount of weight. You can quickly get away with employing wall toggles on drywall if you put a couple of light products on the shelf. However, if you want to place heavy items and devices on your kitchen racks, your appropriate choice should be the stainless steel floating shelves. You only have to make sure the rack supports are fastened to the wall studs. Most professional commercial pantries use these floating frames as their preferred choice because they are easy to maintain, robust, and withstand significant water damage.

The kitchen surroundings are highly humid, which also encourages the use of steel options since a wooden frame will only decay and become a source of unhygienic mould. On the other hand, stainless steel shelves do not get corroded and are waterproof, making them the perfect choice for pantries. You can make your kitchen airier and more open by removing the closed cabinets from your workspace and replacing them with the floating. These frames promote openness, making even a tiny kitchen feel more spacious while making everything more accessible. You can browse our related catalogue by visiting Simco – the leading stainless steel shelves supplier in Sydney & Melbourne.

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Helps Save Considerable Space

If you work in a small workspace, then it is evident that you don’t have enough space for a conventional cabinet. However, that does not imply that you can’t opt for other shelving options. For example, you can hang a few practical floating racks above the cooktop range to provide yourself with enough space for the most used ingredients required for food preparation along with other necessary appliances routinely needed. Furthermore, as mentioned earlier, these racks take up only a little space on the floor. Therefore, you will have ample area to put other large appliances like commercial refrigerators.

It can also be feasible for you to put the device in the corner of your pantry. For example, if you have a store room to keep extra vegetables and other spices, you can install a few such stainless steel shelves to utilise the space properly. As discussed earlier, the steel floating shelves have an open nature that makes your room seem bigger & airier and enables efficient use of considerable leftover space.

Enables Effortless Installation & Set-Up

Another advantage of the floating shelves is that they are pretty simple to install, and there is no need for you to call or recruit a technician or contractor for this purpose. The fundamental things you need are a simple level, a drill and a measuring tape. The next step is to attach the support brackets in the desired place after locating the studs on your wall. Once done, ensure that the racks move straight ahead by employing a level.

Another of the varied advantages provided by these products is that you can set them up in a number of configurations. For example, you can set up one long shelf above your cooking range to display all your required condiments and spices. You can also attempt to give your kitchen a great personality by hanging the racks in a staggered design. You can even purposely hang them askew and put rubber anti-slip mats on them to make it look like the items you place on the shelf do not follow the law of gravity. For more information, contact Simco – the foremost stainless steel shelves supplier in Brisbane & Perth.

Multipurpose & Can be Used as Per your Requirement

Another crucial benefit of such shelves is that they are not limited to displaying one aspect of your kitchen, like storing food preparation-related ingredients or some other knick-knack. It is a multipurpose product and can be used in a variety of ways. For example, it is straightforward to turn a portion of your kitchen into a mini-bar with the help of these racks. You just have to set up three or four floating shelves at an accessible height. Ensure that the frames have enough space for the glasses, bottles, and other related accessories. You can turn on the charm of the place by integrating some beautiful hidden downlighting.

Hidden storage is another practical use for these frames when used in the kitchen. For example, many items come in a box or carton and are not immediately used. It looks ungainly to the eyes if they lie in plain view. With the multipurpose stainless steel shelves, you can keep such cartons and boxes hidden from sight and preserve your cooking space's sophisticated and uber-cool look.

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