When you are thinking about launching a new restaurant or upgrading the pantry of your existing establishment, it becomes doubly crucial to select the precise equipment, tools, and devices for your back-end operations to ensure the continuing success of your business. However, apart from investing in the top-quality commercial kitchen equipment for your cuisine joint, you should consider spending your capital on some next-gen pantry technology that can boost your operational workflow.

While it is true that cutting edge galley appliances can be expensive than their traditional counterparts, there is always the option of restaurant equipment financing, loans, and other funding alternatives. In addition, thanks to frequent inventions in the field of restaurant technologies, your pantry device can play a dual role by enhancing food security, making repetitive tasks automated, and reducing labour expenses. In short, restaurant pantry tech lets you and your back-of-house group focus on your core competency: prepare fantastic delicacies! If you're ready to put your money in technology for your industrial galley, you should read the following points.

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Food Security Management System

Food security management procedures organise the food security directive adherence and paperwork, and as a result, they help keep catering officials satisfied and your consumers healthy. Food safety management systems start from software and smartphone applications to a fully connected network of devices to automatically verify crucial catering safety pointers. However, if you are looking for instruments for your workspace, visit Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Melbourne.

Some of the advantages of food security management systems are given below:

Elimination of Paperwork – With cloud technology taking the place of tedious paperwork, this kind of cuisine establishment galley technology helps you better monitor the details of what your team checked and when without the danger of misplaced records.

Enables Better Health Monitoring Outcomes – Another benefit of a proper food safety management procedure is that it intimates you when it's time to check your restaurant's food safety adherence with a digital checklist.

Reduced liability – As a restaurant, you can also enjoy the benefit of being protected from food poisoning rumours through high-tech analytics and reporting through your food safety management system. With detailed record-keeping made straightforward, you can easily show catering officials that your workspace's usable and restaurant commercial kitchen equipment lists are up to the mark, which can protect you from a lawsuit.

Some of the examples of Food Security Management System

Check it – It is suitable for most restaurants in Australia due to pre-installed local adherence guidelines. This system provides a web monitoring interface, temperature review, automated wireless monitoring, and a reporting dashboard.

Navitas – It is a device that checks the temperature of your fridge and freezer, wireless temperature monitoring, and web reporting.

Safefood 360° - It is a solid software-only solution that helps you organise cuisine safety compliance by replacing paperwork or Excel methods.

Internet of Things: A Pantry with Remotely Controlled Devices

The Internet of Things, also referred to as IoT, is a web of physical equipment and appliances that employ a digital connection to interact with each other. The Internet of Things technology can be used to develop an intuitive, remotely controlled pantry when used in an industrial galley setting. In a commercial pantry fitted with such a technology, it is possible for your fridge to monitor and reorder stock on your behalf. However, this is only an instance of numerous applications and the scope of an IoT workspace. However, unlike most pantry technology we share in this blog, a remotely monitored environment is not a pre-made offering but a bespoke web of devices. IoT givers can design and set up an Internet of Things system that's right for your restaurant. Various equipment is also required in a pantry provided by Simco, the foremost commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Sydney.

Some advantages of an IoT remotely controlled pantry are given below:

Reduced Labour Expenditure – The benefit of a smart device is that you need not employ people for repetitive tasks like checking the devices and monitoring the stock. The innovative pantry allows you to automate repetitive activities and achieve more with a smaller group of people.

Enhanced Guest Experience – These innovative appliances also boost the guest experience by continuously keeping track of the internal operations to reduce human errors and enhance consistency in preparation.

Ease of Operations & Increased Relaxations – With the facility of remote monitoring through the new age technology, you can keep track of your restaurant activities and commercial kitchen equipment efficiently from anywhere and relax knowing everything is well.

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Kitchen Showcase Procedure

A galley display system is a highly recommended cuisine joint technology in any industrial workspace. These inventive systems substitute outdated pantry receipt printers by boosting interaction between your front-end and back-end teams.

Here are some advantages of a workspace display system:

Works Smoothly – With a web workspace order system, orders show up immediately on a monitor or tablet, so your group doesn't have to wait for a receipt to be printed.

Enhanced Delicacy Preparation Time – High-quality pantry showcase procedures can track how long it takes your employees to finish tickets. This information can help you operate your back-end team and make well-informed decisions about your cuisine. For making your preparations extra delicious, you can count on Simco, one of the leading commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Perth.

The kitchen display system is the industry leader in the technology for back-end operations. This feature provides a bird's eye view of all work-in-progress offerings across all open tickets. While individual tickets are colour-coded depending on the duration for which they've been open, making operating the pantry far easier for the expo or head chef.

Ingenious Ovens

Foodservice equipment trends such as smart equipment have resulted in cutting-edge commercial kitchen equipment like smart ovens. Consider loading your kitchen with a cook and hold variant or innovative combi version to decrease labour expenses by automating routine activities.

Cook and Hold Oven

A cook and hold variant is the best set-it-and-forget-it oven. This new technology in the catering sector can automatically decrease its cooking temperature after the completion of food preparation so that the adjustment does not have to be made manually. Consider size, features, and heating method when selecting a cook and hold oven.

Some benefits of a cook and hold oven are given below:

Decreased Power Expenditures – Most cooktops in this segment use radiant heating technology, which gives birth to an equal heat that can drastically reduce your kitchen's energy use.

Enhanced Kitchen Area –  Because a cook and hold oven can function at a lower temperature than its old-school counterparts, you won't need ventilation or a hood – which can save you valuable space in your kitchen. Visit Simco, the top commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Brisbane for connected appliances.

Smart Combi Oven

This variant of the cooktop is a three-in-one appliance that can prepare food using convected heat, steam, or a mixture of both. A smart combi device integrates another layer of technology to the product by offering the feature of remote control and monitoring.

Some advantages of the product are given below:

Takes Less Space & Saves Money – An ingenious combi item will help you save your capital in the long run because this version will be enough to fulfil most of your baking requirements. The multipurpose commercial kitchen equipment will also take less space than two single-purpose cooktops.

Enhanced Food Security – The next-gen ingenious combi device can adeptly monitor the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) while keeping your guests safe from the risk of food poisoning.

Decreased Labour Expenses –  Remote control of your device means that you can have lesser staff members present in your kitchen at particular times.

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