With the regular hustle and bustle of a commercial food establishment kitchen, it is essential to maximise the provided area for your chefs to prepare meals & store commercial kitchen equipment. As a pantry owner, you might feel that your industrial establishment's prep area and loading capacity is limited to your present setup, but that isn't necessarily correct. You can rearrange & reorganise your restaurant's galley area to fully take advantage of the provided place. Another reason why you must provide your staff with an aesthetically pleasing & properly maintained workspace is to boost productivity and effectiveness at your food preparation centre.

You can also make space for other things by clearing the always-cluttered counter tale, setting up your cold & dry items and upgrading food prep counters by restructuring the way your kitchen is set up. If you're looking to maximise the kitchen area at your cafe or food establishment, below are some helpful tips to enhance your work quickly and manage your site.

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Transforming the Pantry Layout is Essential

Although you can set up your industrial pantry by employing any method of your liking, it is crucial to upgrade the galley layout to boost staff productivity. Start by checking the present setup of your restaurant's internal operations. Depending on your location's overall size and style, you might feel that simply resizing your kitchen layout will enable your staff to work more effectively. Developing an operational pathway for your employees to orderly work through is a great way to optimise your restaurant's workflow. We suggest organising your prep space using one of these layouts that are available on Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Brisbane & Sydney:

  1. Assembly Line Layout

This workplace arrangement moves non-crucial counters like washing or storing space to the back of the pantry away from food prep locations. Order receiving counters and food prep locations are placed side by side at the front of your workspace. Especially great for smaller areas, this enables your staff to get orders, prepare, cook, and dispatch them in an organised manner.

  1. Island-Style Layout

This workspace layout is ideal for large industrial kitchens. In this method, you have to put all crucial commercial kitchen equipment on one end of the pantry and all food stations on the other side of the kitchen, with food stowing stations or other stations in between. This arrangement creates space for your employees to move back and forth between stations in an organised manner.

Try to Employ Upright Containers for Storage

If your restaurant's kitchen is tiny or has stationary pantry appliances, repositioning your pantry storage location is a straightforward and accessible way of maximising your location's counter space. Like moveable shelves and racks, upright storage neatly lays out storage areas and saves wasted time spent digging through piles of ingredients or equipment. Consider the kinds of items your staff place on food stations and what equipment they use daily. Opting for racks with rolling wheels helps flexibility and effortless reorganisation in your pantry. Mounting galley shelves onto walls directly above the food prep counter is a fantastic method to make storage and appliances easily accessible to employees as they work.

By usually placing items available on counters onto portable shelves or mounted racks on your pantry walls, you can unclutter the much-required workspace for your staff. The aim is to remove and shift products that take up too much space in your pantry racks and put them in easy to access locations. You can significantly help boost the overall productivity of your employees while working by making the devices and storage as reachable as possible to them. These items are available on Simco, the foremost commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Melbourne.

Always Opt for Smaller Products

If you're looking to change old or outdated galley equipment and want to manage & enhance your kitchen space, look for smaller appliances that still provide you with the attributes your restaurant requires. In the present market, you can find various choices for kitchen devices with similar, if not enhanced, advanced features as typically-sized pantry devices but in a more portable aspect.

Check those kitchen appliances or commercial kitchen equipment that you feel takes too much area in your establishment and should be changed. Some fridges or cold storage machines are designed to be smaller but still offer significant room for large amounts of food storage. Products such as pots & pans or cutting boards can be organised into tiny stands that don't take up much space but can effectively keep items. Taking these little steps or spending money on the right appliances can make a huge difference when creating space in your commercial pantry.

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Reorganise Your Storage Space

Typically, cold and dry food storage takes up a significant part of a restaurant's pantry space. It is essential to make your storage area as reachable to your staff as possible to enhance their overall productiveness, whether you own a reach-in refrigerator or walk-in unit. Whether you are looking to recheck your cold or dry galley storage, there are a couple of helpful ways to organise your items efficiently.

Cold Storage

Start by partitioning your ingredients by category and occurrence of usage. The aim is to keep all storage products visible and easy to access for your employees. Suppose you have a walk-in freezer or refrigerator unit. In that case, you might realise that categorising meats, vegetables, and beverages into separate walls or shelves is the best way to keep your products organised. If you have a reach-in cooler or refrigerator, think about storing specific food groups into additional racks and putting regularly used items in the middle for easy reach. Irrespective of the style of cold storage you possess, labelling shelves and racks by items are ideal for making the offerings straightforward to locate in your commercial fridge. You can get the item at Simco, one of the top commercial kitchen equipment suppliers in Perth.

Dry Storage

Initiate the process by partitioning your items by category, the occurrence of use, and dimension. Irrespective of the kind of prep capacity your restaurant has, a general procedure applicable to all galleys is to place larger packs of ingredients and supplies on the bottom shelf. The goal is to categorise and label your dry items to make them more reachable for your staff. If you possess a walk-in pantry, invest in portable shelves or set up some wall shelves to remove stacking boxes of products on top of each other. If you have a tiny pantry area or have dedicated some shelving to storing dry ingredients, placing items into transparent, labelled bins can make your storage space vast and enhanced. Place the items you regularly use in the most prominent spot of your pantry so employees can quickly reach them.

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