Types of ignition commercial gas burner with ovens

Commercial gas burners with an oven or commonly known as commercial ranges are a must in a restaurant business. If you love to serve food to the people, you will require such type of equipment that is a heavy-duty multi-tasker. Your menu is the key deciding factors of what type of equipment you require in your commercial kitchen.

Types of Gas used in Commercial gas burners with oven

Gas burners with the oven are powered by two types of gas.

Natural Gas- This gas is light in weight and is supplied through a pipeline. Normally, gas or electric companies or agencies are responsible for supplying natural gas.

Liquid Propane Gas – This gas is heavier than air. So it is stored in a propane tank on the premises. The tank is required to be refilled. Through a pipeline, this gas is supplied to the facility.

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To understand the ignition types of a gas burner with oven, let us first understand what a gas burner is.

What is a Commercial gas burner with an oven or a Commercial Range?

A commercial range is a piece of cooking equipment that is designed to provide separate cooking points. This equipment works by using gas. Other models use electricity or induction for heating purposes.

The equipment is an amalgamation of a rangetop and a base. The range top is configured in many variations giving different cooking effects. Charbroilers, hot tops, grates and griddle are some of the heating variations that give chefs many varieties to serve to the guests of the restaurant. The bottom of such type of appliances has an oven where food can be cooked with different techniques like baking, roasting and grilling.

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Some models come with cooling or storage facilities in case the oven is not mechanised in the area below the base.  You may come across the word stove also. Some manufacturers use this term to define gas burners.

The individual points of cooking are called burners. The cookware gets heated when the knob of the burner is turned on and the gas supply powers the burner to heat. Burners come in various sizes and designs to facilitate effective cooking on a commercial basis.

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Types of Ignitions

Modern engineering and technology have provided us with options to ignite gas burners. The mechanism with which a gas burner with oven works can be easily understood with the help of commercial gas burner and oven suppliers. Take a look:

  1. Pilot Ignition

Also considered as gas ignition, the appliance has a pilot light that remains lit at all times. The pilot light maintains the heating activity of the thermocouple. The thermocouple sends an indication to the gas valve to open and allow the flow of the gas to the burners. So when you turn the knob of the burner on, the pilot lights the burner.

  1. Spark Ignition

This ignition is also known as Electric spark ignition. In this mechanism, along with electricity, gas is also used to spark a flame.

Spark ignition performs the activity of spark when the knob is turned on. Once the knob is turned, it allows gas to flow out of the pilot hole. This gas mixes with the air. Along with this activity, a turned knob sends electricity to the igniter, making it spark. When the spark meets the gas-air mixture, the gas ignites and the burner of the commercial range is now lit.

  1. Hot Surface Ignition

This type of ignition is treated as a gas ignition and an electronic ignition because it uses both components to create fire. Hot surface igniters utilise a glow bar or coil as the igniter. A hot surface or glow bar is a component that heats (using electricity) to the ignition temperature of the gas. As the glow bar reaches the correct temperature, a sensor is placed that opens the gas valve.

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  1. Induction

Electromagnetic induction is shortly known as Induction. In such type of mechanism, the cookware is heated that is generated from electricity and magnetic forces. A copper coil under the cooktop is triggered by electricity. When you turn on the commercial range an alternating electrical current goes to the copper coil wrapped around an iron core and produces a fluctuating magnetic field. The mechanism of warms the content of your pot or pan.

  1. Electronic Ignition for Raised Coil "Burners"

In this type of ignition, when the knob is turned on,  the electrical currents flow through the outlet to the hearing element of the range. The heating element is a wire inside of the steel burner.

  1. Electronic Ignition for Glass Ranges with Coils

This type of ignition is similar to the of the raised coil burners. The only specification is that in flat surface rangetops the coils are placed under the tempered glass-ceramic material. The coils pass on the heat into the glass. The glass then radiates the heat into the utensil placed above it.

  1. Electronic Ignition for Glass Ranges with Halogen Bulbs

Quite similar to the flat the electronic ignition for flat glass-ceramic ranges with coils, this ignition type comes with innovative engineering.  The specific difference is that the halogen bulbs are prominent in place of coils.  Once the knob of the gas burner is on, through electricity the halogen bulbs are activated. Upon this, the infrared radiation and light are emitted by the bulbs. This mechanism facilitates quick-cooking and reduces delays in orders, as the radiant heat quickly warms the utensils placed on the cooktop.  A combination of radiation and conduction mechanism takes place in this type of ignition. You can find many models on this mechanism where top brands display commercial gas burners with an oven on sale.

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