Tips to Get a Perfect Square Glass Cake Display

Your foodservice establishment can get a shot in the arm by installing a square glass cake display. Such a platform always proves helpful if you are running food joints such as a bakery, patisserie, or cafeteria with the option of display marketing. However, an establishment needs to pick the perfect product to get the best return on investment. If you strategise well and in advance, you can surely get your hands on such a desirable unit. We have provided you with a few helpful points in the coming paragraphs so that you can make your dream of owning such an item come true. 

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Determine the Amount of Food you Wish to Show 

How much food you will show in the case at one time will be the critical factor in determining the showcase's size. Do not think about the quantity or volume of the product but the number of varied cuisines you would like to showcase. It is best not to treat the product as a specific refrigeration solution and keep a large quantity of a single items inside it, as a display's principal aim is not to store the items but to showcase them attractively. Instead, one should always use fresh products and fill the empty shelves with a single piece of each item. Also, displaying a considerable quantity of the same product will lead to more storage duration, and you should use the item for temporary storage only. 

Determine the Place to Put the Display  

The next point is to determine the place in your shop to keep the machine. You might consider putting it beside the window in your shop to attract even the casual patron and get new consumers. You can also put it at the shopfront to entice customers with a direct view from the entry gate. You might think about fixing the display in between if you have benches or tables set up in the shop. You can also consult Simco, one of the foremost square glass cake display suppliers in Sydney.  

Ensure considering the component of light apart from your choices. While you should go for proper lighting and buy a showcase with LED illumination, kindly consider the present lighting of the shop while deciding the position. If required, you might add a few new lights in the shop to ensure that the unit has perfect visibility. 

Find Out the Appropriate Display Size for your Cakes  

After you have decided on the square glass cake display location, the next step is to determine your available space. Find out the length and breadth of the appliance by measuring the area cautiously. Remember that the actual measurement of the unit will be more than the showcase volume of the showcase. You will be typically provided with width options like 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm and 1700mm, along with the compact benchtop version, unless you select a personalised item. Do not forget to consider the vertical space covered by the equipment while checking the available floor space. The four-tier and three-tier model will differ from each other on account of height. The three-tier models with two shelves typically come with around 1200mm, while the unit with four tiers and three shelves will have about 1350mm in height. So, consider both the floor and vertical space it will take before deciding on the model. 

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Decide the Appropriate Style for Cake Showcase 

The style comes next after deciding on the product size details. Curved glass and square glass cake display are the two prominent available styles. Both these variants consist of several advantages and drawbacks. The curved variant provides you with less space, even though it looks slicker than its square counterpart. In addition, the width space on the top of the curved unit will be much less and might not be suitable for usage. 

On the other hand, you will get more showcasing space with the square cases, and the depth on top would be similar to the flat area. If you want to buy more than one item, you can opt for a combined version of both styles depending on the space in your kitchen and specific requirements. A combination of a full-sized cake showcase and a compact benchtop version might also work for you.   

Find the Ideal Seller, Supplier or Dealer 

You should buy a high-quality product only from an esteemed commercial kitchen equipment supplier. You can find a vast and thorough collection of cake showcases with the top square glass cake display suppliers in Perth, such as Simco, who provide support and service through a chain of registered technicians across the country. Use search engines to view and check out all the famous dealers in your location. Ensure selecting a supplier who provides the most extended warranty on branded products. The final point to note is to verify the supplier's online reviews and recommendations before shortlisting them for your requirement. 

Find Out the Best Quality & Durability Parameters 

Always think about splurging on a top-quality item that will last longer and provide the best service with minimum upkeep expenses while buying a showing case. Be sure to check the quality of the frame and hardened glass. However, the one thing you shouldn't miss to verify is the appliance's compressor. The machine should have a branded compressor that should be efficient and dependable. A company shouldn't buy a unit with a local compressor fitted inside. You should also ensure that the product consumes minimum power for best performance and must be MEPS approved. 

Check Out the Other Attributes of the Showcase 

Every unit has some additional attributes complementing its other crucial features, which ensures that it fulfils the unit's purpose through efficient day-to-day operations. High quality LED lighting and sliding removable doors are some of the necessary components for a deli case. Automatic condensation removal is also a required characteristic of such devices. Therefore, you need to check if the square glass cake display has heated glass with the above features. Also, consider if you will like a unit with castors for easy mobility.  

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Plan your Estimated Budget 

One should not compromise on any specifications of a kitchen unit, nor should one settle for less regarding quality. Quality is paramount whether the appliances are small, such as a full-size dishwasher, commercial gn pan, or oversized items. Therefore, it is vital to plan your budget since it will give you the freedom to check out your purchases. You can contact the top square glass cake supplier like Simco to get an idea about the product's price and ask them about their best deals. If a product seems like fitting your requirements, but its price is higher than your budget, don't compromise on your choice but strategise your finances accordingly.

Now you have the all-inclusive guideline for planning your square cake showcase purchase. Consider all the aspects and make the right purchase for your needs. You can visit Simco, one of the top square glass cake display suppliers in Brisbane, for any purchasing requirements.