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What to Consider While Choosing a Square Glass Cake Display?

In the present cut-throat scenario of the food business, it is essential to showcase your cuisine preparations attractively. This feature will provide your customers with the advantage of seeing your practices and then ordering them. You can show and name them by placing a card at the corner of the item. If you follow this procedure, your business will boom exponentially, and you will be greatly appreciated. Therefore, a square glass cake display is essential for your business if you agree with the abovementioned points, as it will significantly increase your business.  The square glass shape of a cake platform also comes with an added benefit of a shelf top that is flat in form and provides additional space for displaying or stacking your products. However, what things you should consider before buying such an article. We will discuss it in the following paragraphs.

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Find the Right Place for Equipment Placement  

It is crucial to be clear in your mind about the item you’re going to buy before going shopping. When you think about the product, keep your food workplace in mind and decide on the precise spot you intend to place the device. In contrast to thinking about buying an under bench freezer where you have to strain your mind about the required space and ease of access, the square cake display gives you an added thinking point – visibility. It would be best to choose that spot for your collection that attracts maximum visibility from the customers. You can select various options for the placement, such as the left side of the entry door, just in front of it or near the glass windowpane, which is an appropriate location to catch the attention of patrons and passers-by. In addition, a display should also be kept in proper lighting, and one should take care of the same. 

Get the Measurement of your Kitchen Space 

Getting your hands on the precise size of the device is not challenging once you decided the ideal spot to keep your display. The next step is to determine the measurement of your commercial kitchen. It is wise to double-check the length and width of the area as you can’t be careful enough when buying equipment for your kitchen. Talking of the square display item, it is readily available in a multitude of size preferences, and you should consider your specific requirements before choosing one of them. You can get one for yourself through Simco, the leading square glass cake display supplier in Sydney

Think About the Number of Products to Showcase 

Another point to consider before buying such equipment is the number of items you will showcase in it. It is not prudent to show your whole stock and take care of swift re-filling of dishes once they start getting sold out from the shelves is the better option. However, it is wise to showcase all your items if your menu contains a long list of delicacies and you want your patrons to look at each one of them. This process will make it easier for your consumers to view and check an item properly before buying. If you have a shop with more than enough options to promote in a single freezer, it will be an excellent option to opt for multiple square glass cake displays of varying sizes for each of your items. This arrangement will provide you with more flexibility and set up the units as per the available space. You can get the cake options in multiple tier options as well. You can choose the variant with more tiers if your food outlet has more products. 

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Select the Appliance Design  

The interior décor of the shop gets impacted through the cake showcase. Therefore, you must pick a product that enhances the overall aesthetic sense of the place and matches the settings. You have two apparent preferences for you in this department – square glass display and curved glass display. The curved glass variant seems like a suitable choice because of its aesthetically appealing exterior. However, the device is a hassle for serving and other activities due to the non-existence of a worktop. So, it is a prudent choice to go for the commercial square glass cake version.  You can also select from the different tier options in design. While a showcase with an enhanced number of tiers is excellent to hold more products, you should choose one based on the number of items you would like to exhibit. 

Take a Pick Between Dry and Wet Cake Showcase 

There are a host of points to consider while deciding on purchasing a cake exhibition variant. Before buying such a product, one of the most crucial decisions is whether to opt for a dry bakery presentation case or a refrigerated or wet bakery demonstration case. Usually, a refrigerated showcase item is used for any product containing degradable ingredients such as milk, fruit items, custards and whipped cream. One can also store deli articles and meat in these refrigerated showcases. In contrast, you can ideally showcase cookies, loaves of bread and pastries in a dry exhibition case as it does not require refrigeration. You can find this appliance on Simco, the top square glass cake display supplier in Perth & Brisbane

Ensure Checking the Appliance compressor  

Another critical point to consider is to check the device compressor properly. Even if you buy the square glass cake version from a reputed supplier, you should not ignore this feature. When you decide to buy any commercial refrigeration product, you must check whether the compressor is branded or not. While it is true that the branded compressors will enhance your fridge cost significantly, a non-branded one will impact you more in the long run when you start to use it. The refrigerated showcase products with low-quality compressors suffer from the twin issues of inadequate cooling and sudden breakdown, leading to significant losses for your establishment. 

Always Check the Power Consumption 

The operational expenditure of a device can be minimised only by keeping a tab on the power consumption of any device, as the costs can add up significantly in the long run. The minimum energy performance standard specifications guarantees that the machine consumes minimum energy for performing the task, which is essential to minimise operational expenses and the environment. Always look for MEPS approved models when you are buying a square glass cake display item.

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