Most commercial kitchens face a similar problem of keeping theirs under bench fridge clean and tidy. If you’re not aware enough, you will find that the refrigerator is stocked with spices and condiments that are past their sale-by-date, leftovers from a long time ago and rapidly deteriorating vegetables. Such lack of space is why organising the freezer is essential for better management of the pantry. No patron will wait for you if you waste time searching for the precise ingredient to prepare food for them. If you have a particular place to keep every food item, it will help in keeping things organised. Typically, it is advised to deep clean your refrigerator quarterly or four times a year. Irrespective of the difference in every freezer, you can keep things orderly by following specific methods. This blog will provide you with certain tips to keep your freezer organised.

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However, you should follow the below-mentioned procedures before starting to organise the device.

Clear the Entire Refrigerator

It is crucial to clean all the stains, debris and spills effortlessly. Therefore, you should remove every item inside the refrigerator. If your freezer houses many perishable goods and you are worried about their safety, you can wipe the device into segments. You can also store some perishable food ingredients temporarily by putting some ice in a cooler.

Thoroughly Clear All the Surfaces

Clean all the surfaces of your refrigerator, including inside the door cubicles & all shelf compartments, by using a sanitising wipe or some paper towels and an effective spray. You should also take the drawers out and let them immerse in some warm, detergent laced water before washing them down and putting them back in. Simco, the leading under bench fridge supplier in Melbourne, can provide you with specialised guidance in this area.

Rearrange the Fridge and Put a Deodoriser Inside

You can remove any unpleasant odour lingering inside a freezer by putting a deodoriser inside. For example, you can use baking soda as a fantastic deodoriser. Some unique refrigerator packs are also available that stick on the wall, but you can also keep an open container in the back of the appliance.

Tips to Organise the Refrigerator

Set up a Lazy Susan or Rotating Tray

The food in the under bench fridges often gets forgotten by the chefs due to being prepared a long time ago, being put at the far back end of the refrigerator or blocked by other products. Set up an appliance that rotates items inside your refrigerator so that it can display everything you have kept inside at a quick and subtle glance. Lazy susan is one of the best ways to clean and manage the device.

Check the Situation of Leftovers

The sheer amount of leftovers make the management of the food and space troublesome. Always ensure writing an ‘eat by’ date on the food container to decrease the chances of food rotting in your fridge. If you have leftovers in the device by any chance, ensure putting them in front of other products so that you remember to consume them before they start emitting a foul odour.

Use Bins to Organise Prepared Items

Storing the perishable and other cuisines in labelled bins is one of the great methods to manage & organise the equipment. Placing identical products in the same container will make salvaging them easier and show you when you need to stock up on a particular food group. You can get these items on Simco, the top under bench fridge supplier in Brisbane.

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Use Easily Washable Mats to Prevent your Shelves from Being Dirty

It is a treacherous and uncomfortable experience to clean a spill on the rack by bending over and making all other efforts. Such an abundance of dirt also makes it impossible to deep clean the refrigerator. Decorating your shelves with easily washable mats helps secure your fridge’s built-in shelves and enables you to remove the mats and quickly cleanse them in the sink.

Keep the Food Containing Liquid Particles in a Container

If you have opened the packet of any food item containing liquid, it is not wise to store them as it is, and you should use a container to keep them inside the under bench fridge. Open packets like covered chicken or bacon often drip and can even ruin other ingredients in your device. Putting them on higher shelves or in tightly sealed containers reduces this risk and keeps your fridge from smelling.

Decide the Items to Kept in Lower & Upper Shelves

Another tip to properly organise the appliance is to sort the items according to their place in the lower and upper racks. For example, if a food item requires higher temperatures to be prepared, such as chicken, you should keep it on the lower or bottom shelf. Keeping them in such a place would prevent contamination of other products in case of any spillage. You can also access your ready-to-eat meals and leftovers on the top shelves quickly and conveniently. Keep fruits and vegetables like Cucumbers and Bell Peppers in the lower device shelves so that they’re preserved at a lower temperature and secured from any drips or raw meat. Following such a procedure would make your freezer organised and prolong its life.

Unload the Device by Keeping Spices & Non-Dairy Beverages in the Door

It is to be noted that the door is the hottest place in the device. Therefore, certain ingredients that can survive at such a temperature, like spices, dressings, and non-dairy beverages such as juice, should be put there. Having all your spices stored in one place also makes for better organisation and quick retrieval. You can get guidance from Simco, the leading under bench fridge supplier in Sydney & Perth.

Do not Keep Everything in the Fridge

Not all items are created to be kept inside a fridge, and they taste great when left on the countertop. Therefore, you should keep a list of things that could be kept outside the refrigerator. Some of these items are Tomatoes, Onions, Garlic, Basil, Squash, Honey, Apples, Peaches, Nectarines and Pears, to name a few.

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Know About the Process of Airflow Impacting Quality

For some farm items—like mushrooms, Bell Peppers, and Cucumbers—it’s crucial to avoid excess water to keep them fresher in the under bench fridges. Simply folding the opening of a container a few times still allows air to enter into the bag, leading to condensation. The best way to seal these products and avoid spoiling due to condensation is to secure the box with a clip or a tight knot. Proper airflow is essential for preserving quality and lengthening their life for other produce items, including citrus and Tomatoes. For these types of produce, an open container or loose mesh bag is the best way to conveniently and securely store them.