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Under Bench Fridges/Freezers- Give your restaurant a stylish look

When your restaurant floor speaks the style and mood of the patrons, consider it bang on. Your guests are bound to have a good time. And a good footfall of loyal customers is for sure. Any guest would love to be engaged and felt important. This can be done by improvising the functionality of professional kitchens.  

Tucked in a corner and displaying contents inside, under bench fridges are the most important members of your commercial kitchen crew. This appliance works round the clock and contributes to the health and safety of your customers.

When you require to buy from a wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment, you should shop carefully. It is imperative to understand that your requirement should match your choice and availability of the appliance. A guide that helps you understand the role and availability of commercial under bench fridges in Australia is quite a boon. And here’s one for you.

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Advice from experts for a new catering venture or an existing one strengthens the spine of a catering set up. They will help you in assessing your requirements based on your catering business type, menu items, size of your kitchen and the number of footfalls expected. This is where professionals like Simco come into the picture. Team Simco works closely with clients to narrow down the perfect appliance model that suits their preferences and delivery options across all metro cities and regional areas of Australia. If you feel you need any guidance on purchasing the perfect under bench fridge in Australia for your restaurant, café, food truck, community kitchen, hospital, school, club or bar, reach us at

Allow us to share how under bench fridge will escalate your restaurant service and business. You can thank us later.

Under Bench Fridge

If you notice a smart cabinet hidden under a counter loaded with cool and fresh servings, it is an Under Bench Fridge. While designing and manufacturing such appliances, customers are kept in mind. Also known as an Under Counter Fridge, this appliance is quite handy and performs extremely well under harsh Australian climate conditions.

Pizza prep tables are designed to facilitate quick pizza preps while you can stock toppings and sauces within the reach. Shop for efficient working of your commercial kitchen at Simco.

Under Bench Freezer

A compact case fashioned to store inventory at frozen temperatures is an Under Bench Freezer. Usually, they snuggle under the counters or benches as they function as storage appliances. This type of commercial equipment is chosen when you run short of space and you want your inventory to be kept cool. Under Bench Freezers is a logical option as it provides your kitchen staff space over the bench or counters to perform food preparation tasks while they can access the freezer under the counter. Its unique functionality and design ease the work of the kitchen crew. Bars, cafes, small-sized professional kitchens and mobile trucks find this appliance is extremely useful.

A very important kitchen crew member…

Designing and manufacturing of professional kitchen appliances have changed the trends of catering businesses. Under Bench Fridges facilitate guests or customers to serve themselves. Such trends can be seen in cafes, bars, mobile food trucks in Australia. This way not only does the pressure of serving ease on the crew but also allows the patrons to make their own choice. Fresh drinks, juices, milk products, mocktails, canned drinks, freshly prepared salads and many other kinds of food items can be served with convenience. Under Counter Fridges are available in steel and glass finish. Glass doors enable the guests to know the range of food items you serve at your establishment from outside without losing the cool air of the appliance. Steel finish adds a smart look to your catering space and is easy to maintain.

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A customer’s buddy…

Kitchen layouts, appliances, kitchen crew and catering setups have evolved over the years. Trends of ease and engagement of the patrons are on the rise. Manufacturers cast appliances that promote self-service and allows customers to make their choice. This way the restaurant staff focuses on the orders placed and chefs get a good amount of time for curating dishes. While you create a lip-smacking recipe, your customer can take a plunge into a colourful pastry displayed in the fridge. Under Bench Fridges can be placed at the convenience of the customers. You will find such types of appliances at gas stations, sandwich bars, bakeries, ice-cream parlours. Having their choice and preference within reach will keep them engaged. This type of atmosphere is quite loved in Australian restaurants, bars and cafes. 

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Combo appliances are heavy-duty performers…

If you wish to have a piece of professional equipment that does both freezing and cooling jobs, Simco Under Bench Fridge/Freezer is a perfect choice. These cabinets are created to keep the inventory safe from spoilage and breakage. One single compact cabinet performs both functions while it braves the tough conditions of the Australian climate.

What does an under bench freezer do?

Kitchen crew find under bench freezers very handy and easy to use. While they perform their food prep jobs over the counter, inventory is within their reach. Such appliances come in steel finish as they add to the attraction of a smart professional kitchen. Under Bench Freezers at Simco perform on low energy thus cutting down on energy costs. If your menu items require you to store inventory in a freezer and you have limited space for placing the equipment, Under Bench Freezers is the right pick for you.

Display colourful salads on your salad bar. Keep contents fresh and cruchy while patrons enjoy cool salads at your restaurant. Shop for fine quality salad bars at Simco.

Simco Under Bench Fridges and Freezers

Professional equipment at Simco is available with excellent warranties and delivery services across Australia. Types of equipment of all ranges and categories come with uniquely mechanised functionality that is suitable for catering businesses in Australia. All Simco equipment comes with 2 years of warranty plus 2 years of warranty (if purchased online).  The complete inventory at Simco is designed and manufactured as per Australian safety guidelines and standards. You can get appliances delivered at the place of your choice across the country. Simco delivers to metro cities and regional areas of Australia. Our delivery experts are experienced in delivering equipment without hassles.

Your kitchen crew is all set to perform an efficient meal prep with Simco Under Bench Fridges and Freezers. For any guidance on installing equipment, deals and offers on appliances, and planning queries for your professional kitchen set up, reach us at


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