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Stay on top of the game with new commercial kitchen equipment

So all set for your unique catering venture? Many of us wish for a successful business when we aspire to plan and execute its blueprint. But how many of us pen down the tangible aspects that are responsible for the success of it? Business owners hustle to cut down on expenses and create profit bubbles. Capping on employee costs, maintenance costs, commercial kitchen equipment, and facility expenses are prime. The conventional approach towards curbing the heavy investment in catering appliances is to purchase used equipment. But many are unaware that this kind of saving will make unexpected costs to raise their heads.

To stay on the top of the game, a deep dive into the catering industry is imperative. One must jot down both small and big details while deciding on the appliance. The more research work, the more balance would be the approach to buying new commercial kitchen equipment. If you require commercial kitchen equipment in Sydney, reach Simco showroom in the capital city of Australia or drop a message at You will find high performing appliances with them.

If you are looking for commercial catering equipment for your Sydney restaurant, check out the impressive inventory at Simco.

It would be best if you involved the following when you are planning to shop for your facility kitchen:

Internet: Online data and information give you a varied insight into the job you are about to do. A wide variety of professional bloggers and industry-relevant people share vital information that will prove helpful in the process. You will also find what guidelines and protocols you are expected to follow while you step into this business.

Physical visit- You should personally visit Food control offices, local inspectors' offices, and markets that supply raw materials to catering facilities. It would be best to look into the manufacturers' showrooms that cast commercial catering equipment.

Another restaurant owner- Try to meet other restaurant owners who might happen to be in your friend's or family circle. They might give you tips and tricks which fit well in your plan.

Catering association- In many places, groups and associations of the food industry are set up. Join them, and you would feel better guided and directed. Commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne is quite famous amongst the associations there.

The sales team of the brand- Do ask your commercial kitchen equipment supplier to visit your facility. While looking at the place of installation, many calculations and designs will come on the table. Considering them will give you a clear insight into the purchase plan.

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The kitchen army- The staff has to hustle in the food work area to achieve the rush of orders in your restaurant or facility. Make sure your pool in their suggestions. This will give your list and choice a technical edge coming straight from the horses.

Comparison of deals of multiple brands- Do calculate and compare the prices and offers of more than two brands. Comparisons will help you choose the one your facility requires. Keep a critical eye on warranty, services, safe delivery and emergency services.

Why NEW?

Used equipment is available after rigorous usage and repairs. You have no idea how it was being used and in which type of catering facility. Many owners make the mistake of purchasing used equipment to cut down expense. But they often end up paying even more in the long run. The more repairs the appliance has undergone, the lower the performance of the same.

It is often possible, to save money, you might end up shopping for equipage that you do not require at all. Or maybe that does not suit your menu type. Further, equipment might not prepare food for the kind of method it is supposed to be. Used equipment might fail you with breakdowns in peak hours or rush hours. 

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Usually, used equipment fail when it comes to warranties and replacement or service of parts. And this can prove to be a nightmare for the owner of the facility and the staff.

No owner wants this sort of a mess when in the virtue of running a successful venture. Allow us to share critical facts that would prove to be milestones for your upcoming or existing facility.

Longevity: Used equipment has already exhausted one part of its life. In a short period, you might have to replace it. But new equipment will carry on for several years without the need for much repairing and service.

Warranty: This fact tops our list because of its importance. New commercial kitchen equipment comes with warranty policies. These cover significant costs and repairs required within the warranty period on equipment like commercial refrigeration, commercial gas cooktops, benchtop catering equipment.

Cost of operations: Brand new appliances are energy efficient. They require less power than used equipment. Thus the new apparatus reduces the operational cost.

Free from defects and damages- As these equipment come directly from the catering equipment manufacturer, they are free from any usage, imperfection, deformity or impairment.

Steady and stable: Delays or breakdowns put you in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. And no business can afford that. New equipage can be trusted. They are highly reliable, and you can vouch for steady kitchen operations with them. Brand new apparatuses undergo numerous tests and assessments, which makes them impeccable for your business.

Fully operational- You might be restricted for some of the functions in used equipment that you might need to prepare specific menus. Now, in this case, you might have to turn down your order which nobody wants. But a new appliance gives you the freedom of total control over the equipment with the complete cycle of operations. You can get your commercial kitchen equipment delivered safely and securely in Perth through Simco.

Commercial gas cooktops have known to add versatility to your facility operations. Shop for premium ranges at Simco.

Maintainance: You might have to pay for servicing and maintenance of used equipage constantly. But for the new ones, the owner is free from this hustle.

Save energy bills: As the new ones do not consume much energy, the cost of operation is low. Thus, giving you low numbers in your energy bills. Now that is a considerable saving in the long run.

Stress-free- You get your peace of mind when you know your staff prepares food with the new ones. You are the only user of the equipage. You can set the pattern of usage according to your menu and efficiency.

Get your ultra-modern kitchen: With the latest equipment installation, you tend to be updated in the relevant business, giving tough competition to your competitors. With the integration of the newest technology and engineering, your staff is regularly updated. Your chefs can invent new methods of easy and effective cooking. Likewise, your business benefits from maximum operations paired with technology-oriented functionality.

Give aesthetic sense to your facility: One of the unique factors of a professional kitchen is its engagement. Your choice of appliances will decide the impression your kitchen has on both the staff and the business. The new ones will motivate and excite your team to work good and work more. But the used ones will limit this factor in your new or running kitchen.

Builds reputation: Appliances directly from the assembly line to your facility develop your reputation as a brand. Seamless operations, happy staff and efficient output contribute to the growth and development of your brand. 

Orderly, spotless & ready to go- You can immediately start your food prep jobs with the new appliances without giving much of a thought.

Are you finding effective commercial refrigeration options for your Melbourne facility? Simco is famed for energy-efficient refrigeration manufactured for Australian environments. For more details, check our online inventory now.

You can market for your facility only if you can provide smooth services to your customers. Or else, you will end up in a more expensive bubble that could burst anytime. Installation of new appliances will help you build a decent and healthy relationship with your staff and customers. And this is vital for any facility business. Your kitchen staff will not look for job-hopping. Your business will be based on stability giving long term profit yielding goals.

Simco is an Australian brand that is seasoned in manufacturing commercial kitchen appliances. The brand rolls out services and warranties that match none to others in the country. With an expansive network in the country, get your latest equipage delivered anywhere in the country.

For your queries, team Simco is all set with a team of experts. Drop in your wishlist at We have a comprehensive range of benchtop catering equipment, gas cooktops, commercial refrigeration, stainless steel benches, shelves and sinks and exhaust hood canopies. All inventory under Simco falls in line with Australian codes and standards of the Australian Food Industry. They come with safety certifications and are passed after intensive testings.  

Happy Planning!


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