The amount of dedication, commitment and toughness required by commercial hospitality and food preparation business is on another level, and very few sectors can compete with that intensity. The industry has a minimal scope for error, and any misunderstanding can force you to close your business for good. Therefore, if you want to be better at your work performance, owning some precious appliances for every activity is paramount.

When one talks about washing utensils and other equipment, Stainless Steel benches are among the most utilised machines in a commercial kitchen. They assist you in managing the washing duties in one corner of the kitchen and reduce irrelevant movement around the workplace. This appliance takes care of all your main washing and cleaning need and gives a lovely look to your kitchen.

Whether it be a commercial or household one, sinks are an integral part of any kitchen. A chef can use the sink to wash dishes, clean the vegetables, and cut meat. These types of sinks are typically located beside the dishwasher for the cook’s comfort. Many kinds of sinks made of this material are available for your business in various sizes.

Stainless steel shelves are equipment that can be installed or mounted at any place you like or just can be kept at an appropriate location. These shelves are very beneficial as they provide extra space to store food essentials in an organised manner that results in a less scattered kitchen.

Simco also provides other long-lasting devices such as Double Sink Benches, a worthy addition to your kitchen. Visit the website of Simco to check out its range quickly.

Features of Stainless Steel Benches

The benches made of steel provides the following features:

  • Compatible with the most popular brands of commercial dishwashers
  • 600 and 700mm depth appliances available
  • available
  • 2mm thick top, 304 grade
  • splashback of 150 mm
  • Available as left or right-handed exit
  • Supplied flat packed ready for self-assembly
  • Splashback height of 150mm

Features of Stainless Steel Sinks

The sinks provide the following features:

  • fabricated sink bowl included with the wet bars
  • Thick top of 1.2mm
  • 2mm thick round tube legs with 41 mm diameter
  • Standard (2100 & 2400) fitted adjustable feet as variants supplied with six legs as standard
  • 450mm x 450mm x300mm Bowl size that is available left, right or centre
  • Contact your representative distributor or dealer for the feature of fitting a dishwasher below the sink benches supplied with leg braces
  • 90mm waste with appropriately suited pre-punched waste hole
  • Packed ready for assembly supplied flat
  • 150mm bench Splashback height - please specify L, R or C on order

Features of Stainless Steel Shelves

The shelves provide the following features:

  • Top mounting on benches with the help of single & double tier shelves
  • Thick tops of 1.2 mm
  • Reinforced backing to over-shelf with 3 mm zincalume coated steel
  • Flanged feet with covers for fixing to benchtops
  • Packed ready for assembly supplied flat

Things to Check Before Buying Stainless Steel Benches

Check the Mobility of the Equipment

The stainless steel benches in the kitchen can be fixed or mobile. The fixed top variant are mostly fitted on the wall. These appliances can be more prominent in size and, as per your needs, may even be installed on the whole length of a wall. However, one disadvantage is that you cannot move them quickly as they are stationary. It affects any plan of remodelling the place for new equipment, and you have to rely on a professional for help.

On the other hand, the mobile variant is light on its feet and can be easily moved around the kitchen without any issue. It is made more versatile due to the presence of castors under your kitchen counter. Most kitchen requirements can be met with mobile tables with fixed legs, but the mobile variety would be a better choice most of the time, depending on your situation.

Easy mobility of equipment is essential for the ease of work, like our Flat Workbenches, which are long-lasting, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Visit the Simco website to learn more about the product.

Measure the Dimension of the Product

It is essential to measure and verify the precise dimension of the stainless steel devices. As per your kitchen requirements, you can select from various options of width and depth. The width of a bar can vary from 300mm four-legged model up to 2400mm six-legged variants. You can find the available preference for death between 600 to 700 mm. You may be tempted to select a more extended appliance. However, always remember that longer equipment will restrain your control from redecorating the kitchen. Opting for more than one comparatively shorter bar that fits appropriately with each other without leaving any space in between will provide the same functionality with the flexibility to arrange the equipment as per your requirement if you need ample space. Check out the location where you will install the appliance to decide the depth. Opt for a slimmer option (the 600 mm depth version) if the place is not wide enough. You can visit the website of Simco, the leading stainless steel benches supplier in Sydney.

Check the Type of Material Used

When it comes to devices used in commercial food preparation units, one of the essential aspects of a bar is its durability. Therefore, always make sure to select a suitable component. However, we are talking about a product made of stainless steel, so the material is already established. The next thing is to check the appropriate stainless steel grade according to your requirements. Typically, the widely used steel grades include 430, 316 and 304.

While grade 430 is economical and cost-effective, it scores significantly less in durability and corrosion resistance. The 316 variant, on the other hand, is the most elite and strong model in the range, but its cost is too steep. It leaves grade 304, which provides admirable durability, and its price is less than 316. Therefore, it is often the perfect component for kitchen equipment. Look for special coating on the stainless steel benches for maximum longevity and ease of cleaning & maintaining equipment.

Comprehensively Check the storage-related Options

One of the essential aspects to verify is the storage preference provided on the equipment. The appliance can be available with or without underneath shelves. The equipment with shelves under them provide sufficient space for keeping anything on the racks. You can store dishes, pots and pans or keep multiple packs of supplies in this space according to your requirement. However, cleaning the part underneath might be challenging as the space between the undershelf and the floor is minimal.

On the other hand, you will miss the precious and off-the-floor storage space if you select an undershelf free variant with leg bracing. However, you might be able to put an under bench refrigerator or dishwasher under it.  You can browse the multiple options on Simco, the top stainless steel benches supplier in Melbourne.

Apart from the benches, shelves and sinks, some organisations require wall mounted shelves to keep necessary ingredients, and Wall Mounted and Overshelves are the suitable appliances for them. Visit the Simco website for more information.