Single Sink Benches – All You Need to Know

Commercial catering and hospitality business requires a level of commitment, toughness, and dedication that is unmatched by a handful of industries. There is so little scope of a mistake in the kitchen that a small error in judgement or misunderstanding can put a stop to your business and your money-making ambitions. Therefore, having valuable appliances for every task, such as stainless steel bars with a single basin, is crucial for better work performance.

Single sink benches, also known as inlet or dishwasher benches, are among the most used appliances in the kitchen workplace when we talk about washing dishes, tools and equipment. These products are utilised in commercial kitchens all around the world. They decrease unnecessary movement around the kitchen and help you manage the washing chores in one corner of the workplace. This appliance fulfils all your primary washing and cleaning requirements, provides an elegant look to your workplace & enable you to manage your work in a more manageable and standardised manner.

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Working Process of Benches with Single Basin

These machines are a crucial component of the commercial food preparation process, and the working process of these bars with one basin is also very uncomplicated. These products function at their optimum best if the volume of utensils and pans to be washed is manageable. These machines also have a priceless addition in the form of a storage shelf, and you can use the sideboard to dry the dishes, pans and other cutlery. Our basin bars come with a splashback; therefore, they are used primarily in commercial spaces. This feature prevents potentially unwarranted and dangerous spillage that could leave a smudge or stain on the equipment and maintain cleanliness. Therefore, if you consider buying one of these models to relieve yourself of extra hard work and provide neatness to your kitchen, it is recommended to take the next step towards owning the commercial basin benches.

Cleaning Process of Benches with Single Basin

It is essential to wash and maintain the product once you’ve bought it. Therefore, we have provided you with some washing and wiping tips to better take care of the basin bars.

  • Use a soft, clean cloth and hot water for regular cleaning. Stainless steel single sink benches do not get damaged with frequent cleaning, unlike some other components. However, as most detergents and soaps contain chloride, it is advised that you wash the basin after every use.
  • Ensure drying the basin with a cloth to avoid the formation of water spots, as the minerals in the water can leave unflattering marks that ruin the beauty of the appliance.
  • Wipe in the direction of the polish lines to get a flawless finish. Try to wipe the sink with a microfiber cloth if possible, as it improves water absorption.
  • For tough spots, you can use a mild detergent added in warm water.
  • You can remove the fingerprints easily from the basin using a glass cleaner. Next, spray it on a microfiber cloth and ensure wiping in a circular motion. When you are finished, wash with clean water and dry thoroughly.
  • Harsh and abrasive cleaning products should be avoided as they leave ugly scratches permanently.
  • Do not use bleaching products to clean the basin.
  • Steel brushes also leave scratches on the product. Therefore, try to avoid using them.
  • Kindly take special care of rinsing, cleaning and drying the workplace thoroughly. Ensure that there are no remnants of cleaning products on the surface as these can damage the equipment.

Features of Benches with Single Sink

Sink benches provide the following features:

  • The splashback height is approximately 150mm.
  • The commercial bars with a sink are available with depth options of 600mm and 700mm.
  • Equipment is available with adjustable feet.
  • The top is grade 304 and available in thickness of 1.2mm.
  • It comes with a 41mm diameter
  • Available with round legs made of stainless steel that are 1.2mm in thickness.
  • It comes with a fabricated bowl
  • Popular typical dishwashers are wholly compatible with this design.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Sink Benches with Single Sink

Saves Space on the Counter

The steel model with dual basins proves to be beneficial in saving space on the commercial kitchen counters. The food preparation counter space is often filled with items related to storage, decor, and ingredients. If your kitchen sounds the same, this equipment is for you. The dual basin provides you with the option of putting the drying rack in the bay instead of placing it on the counter. It enables you to wash & dry the dishes and bowl simultaneously without requiring counter space.

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Enables Effortless Installation

Installing and sealing the equipment is crucial to avoid leakage and to ensure proper support for the sink. As an entire utensil basin can get very heavy, you don’t want the sink pulling apart and crashing to the floor. The single basin models enable hassle-free installation. These models are generally attached with a two-part epoxy adhesive and sealed with silicone caulking around the perimeter. Additionally, faucet placement is also easy for single basins, as you can wash in only one basin instead of the double sink bars. Ensure hiring the services of professionals such as Simco, the leading single sink bench supplier to Sydney & Melbourne, as they know their job and can fix the bars very quickly.

Maintenance is Easier

Like some solid surface or copper, some covers display increased damage & wear and tear with their use for a longer time, and their maintenance is also a headache for the owners. However, as explained earlier in the cleaning process, it is significantly easier to maintain a single sink model. You have to clean it frequently with a soft cloth, hot water and detergents, and it will take care of your requirements many years to come.

Places Where We Can Use Benches with Single Basin

Single sink benches are essential for every catering-related business; therefore, they are considered indispensable for a commercial kitchen across sectors. Whether the place is a restaurant, hospital or any medium-sized kitchen with a workplace, these products are a must-have for you.

Some of the locations where you can use these models:


As every hospital needs to maintain hygiene and cleanliness, it requires equipment like single bars to clean the dishes frequently & efficiently. These sinks make a kitchen function better with its advantages and shrewdly manages the workplace. This machine decreases the employees’ work and assists in proper cleaning & maintenance of dishes. Therefore it is considered an essential part of the kitchen. You can visit Simco, the leading single sink benches supplier in Adelaide & Perth, for any information related to this equipment.


The cafes can also use the services of the stainless steel model with a single basin. These places are ordinarily famous for serving their patrons quickly, and utensils may not be cleaned at the right time due to the frequent orders of the customers. So again, this area is where the product can be helpful, as it is one of the best cleaning machines for any catering workplace.

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Hotels & Restaurants

Restaurants and hotels can use the bars very proficiently. These outlets handle a tremendous volume of customers, which results in large piles of dishes and other utensils. This equipment is developed with a particular focus on efficiency and is adept at handling such significant loads quickly. In addition, owning a single sink bench keep your employees happy and help in vastly enhancing the rate of operations resulting in high profitability.