In today's time of increasingly toxic lifestyle, people are increasingly embracing healthy food. It has come down to a point where the customers prefer to have nutritious fruits and vegetables to balance their calorie intake while sitting down for the central cuisine. This fascination has resulted in food joints and restaurants innovating their food list by adding salads to the menus, giving birth to commercial salad bars. In fact, retail food outlets like restaurants are not the only ones adopting the fruits and greens bars, but any institution with a requirement of healthy eating is embracing it, such as colleges, university, hospitals and corporate dining campuses.

Features of a Commercial Salad Bar

  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Ideal for fast food outlets, kebab, pizza, hot dog, food trucks available in many sizes
  • Suitable for any type of food preparation
  • High-Quality countertop refrigerated prep unit
  • High-quality stainless steel exterior & interior construction
  • Structure of Glass sneeze canopy guard or steel canopy structure
  • All units take 1/3 GN pans OR 1/4 GN pans
  • Italian Dixell digital controller equipped with temperature display
  • Static cooling system

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Benefits of Commercial Salad Bar

Brings a Change of Taste to Your Menu

The main advantage of a commercial salad bars display is that it can transform the look of your menu and add variety to it, which can be attributed mainly to its self-serving process. Many food joints provide rich dishes to their clientele as most of the diners go to these places to enjoy themselves. However, plenty of patrons wish to eat light and benefit from the variety of greens. These diners may never enter your restaurant if you serve regular fare. However, adding green leafy items will open your gates to these fitness-conscious people. The most satisfying part about these appliances is that the customers can indulge in creating unlimited customised options for themselves from as few as ten items on a veggie bar. It means that although the bar is listed as a single menu dish, you can create multiple options out of it.


Beneficial in Increasing the Check Averages of Your Outlet

Increasing the number of check averages is a continuous effort that should always be kept in priority. It is not a tiny target for any restaurant owner. Though the food outlets periodically attempt to increase it through upsell options like adding a complimentary dish, it doesn't always have the desired benefit. However, adding this dish to your menu is different as it is healthy and completes the meal according to most patrons.

In addition, you can significantly enhance your check averages because a customer would prefer the addition of a side green vegetable to provide balance to his/her meal compared to an extra appetiser, desserts or any other dish. A great looking bar attracts people who feel enticed to observe it on seeing other customers. Additionally, a customer always wants his/her experience to be personalised, and this equipment provides exactly that customised feel. If you are interested in these bars, visit Simco, the leading commercial salad bars supplier in Sydney & Brisbane.

Builds a Captivating Experience for Customers

Many customers love the process of leaving their tables to view the bar and create their preferred version of the salad. This way, it also offers a beautifully engrossing experience. As it is not a feeling that the patrons get ordinarily, they look forward to coming to your food outlet and being surprised by the varieties of the platters. 

In addition, commercial salad bars increase camaraderie. Creating a dish from fruits and vegetables alongside fellow customers can encourage conversation & excitement, prompting queries regarding the ingredients they selected and telling about their combination of vegetables. Patrons are also inspired by other dishes to have added motivation to try them out the next time.

Exploring a salad bar is also beneficial for the owner as well. While walking to the said equipment, the customer gets the full view of the restaurant that may get him attracted to additional services which can benefit the owner. The customer also gets a peek of the kitchen and other tables occupied by fellow patrons, which exposes him/her to various tempting dishes that can result in additional visits to the restaurant.

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Provides Healthy Nutrients Like Fibre

The leafy greens and raw vegetables used to make salad are an excellent source of fibre, which has several health benefits. The fibres in salad help decrease LDL or bad cholesterol, control blood sugar, and assist in weight loss and subsequent health maintenance. Fibre also helps to fight irregular bowel movements and aids in the prevention of bowel disease. In addition, intake of salad full of fibre is helpful to prevent the occurrence of many types of cancers such as breast, colorectal, throat, oesophagus and mouth. Having a commercial salad bars display is instrumental in customers adopting healthy options resulting in the frequent occurrence of diseases.

Beneficial for Institutions Such as Schools

Apart from commercial kitchens and food outlets, the machine has many benefits for school children. According to research, integrating this equipment into lunches at school enhances the children's fresh fruits and veggies. Children react by trying new items, adding greater variety into their diets, and increasing their regular consumption of fruits and veggies when they are offered healthy food options. These early positive experiences help the students prepare for continuously healthy living. Several schools have responded and are installing the appliance in schools to better the children's health. If you are interested in buying one for your institution, visit Simco, the top commercial salad bars supplier in Adelaide & Perth.

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Requirements of Creating a Great Salad Bar

  • A generous amount of fresh vegetables, including many greens and leafy veggies
  • Dry and organic fresh fruits.
  • Other food assortments such as cheese are also required. Cottage cheese is preferable.
  • Add a lot of protein-rich items such as eggs, tofu and green and red beans.
  • Earmark a row for seeds and nuts.
  • Select virgin olive oil and lemon juice for a rush of fun dressings.
  • Choose the specialities- olives, grilled meat, roasted nuts and grams, ethnic ingredients, artichokes.
  • Select vegetables and fruits of different colours, shapes and sizes.
  • Make all the items engrossing by presenting them playfully and artistically.

What to Do for Amazing Commercial Salad Bars?

  • Try to pick seasonal and local products for your salad.
  • Always show a balanced line of food items like proteins and kale.
  • Arrange customised in-house soups with a dash of unique speciality.
  • Get red pepper flavoured hummus.
  • Get high-quality palm slices and sprouts.
  • Procure freshest fresh fruits and avocados.
  • Add Asian and Latin taste enhancers like black beans, roasted corn, jalapeño, soba noodles, and toasted sesame dressing
  • Add green and fresh picks of herbs

While salad is a healthy option and should be integrated into the lifestyle, there is no harm in trying delicacies like pizza once in a while. Bring the Pizza Prep Tables from Simco to your kitchen for customer satisfaction. For further details, visit the website of Simco.