If your commercial freezer makes a sound, it isn't very reassuring, especially when customers are in your restaurant. It is a given that there would be a particular noise present in your equipment, whether you have an entirely new or old product. Since your fridge needs to function all day and night long, it is only natural that you will experience frequent din. In most scenarios, the majority of the clamours your appliance produces are just normal, and they prove that your fridge is working. However, you have to limit the din coming from your refrigerator or the condenser in some cases by employing several methods. This blog will talk about some tips to decrease the sound your industrial refrigerator makes.

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Some Probable Reasons for your Refrigerator Making Excess Sound

The kitchen owner must identify the problem first before attempting to fix an issue. The following are some reasons your device might be making some weird noises.

  • Hissing or water trickling din are mainly associated with the natural flow of oil or refrigerant inside a condenser.
  • An animated noise is usually the result of your compressor or fans inside your appliance vying to perform well.
  • You can also feel a vibrating noise that may indicate that your refrigerator is not levelled correctly to the floor. You can also hear a rattling noise coming from your device due to loose handles or doors. Fastening those parts of the equipment back in place will usually help you get rid of that issue.

Tips to Reduce the Sound of the Appliance

Silence the Refrigerator Compressor

A compressor is usually made within 70 dba and 90 dba noise range. A noise level less than 75 dba is a good sign that your compressor is relatively silent. However, that doesn't mean it does not make the slightest noise. These components are usually quite costly. For this reason, you shouldn't think about replacing them until you don't have any further options. Luckily, some prudent methods can assist you in making the compressor of your item soundproof. If you wish to buy such things, visit Simco, the leading commercial freezer supplier in Sydney & Perth.

The first method is to put some rubber on the compressor's motor, as it is a prevalent material used as a classy insulator, capable of soaking and eliminating noise. Putting some rubber perforations on the refrigerator's motor will help the vibration produced by the operating engine get absorbed. Another method is to wrap the condenser component that is probably the reason for making all that sound: the motor. Use some sound eliminating mat to cover the motor and reduce its noise. Mass Loaded Vinyl is what one should use in an industrial environment because it acts as a sound deadener and acts as a sound blocker.

Ensure Setting up an Intake Silencer

Every commercial fridge technician will confess that intake is one of the crucial noise sources from a refrigerator compressor. Setting up a silencer is the best way to reduce the sound level coming from that compressor component. This device can also work as a mixture of two essential parts - silencing equipment and an effective air filter.

Another option to negate the freezer clamour is to extend the intake part outside the restaurant. It is a cost-efficient and helpful solution to counteract the noise from your compressor. You can achieve that by using a pipe to enhance the intake and putting it just outside your restaurant. Indeed, you need to have the fridge placed in an appropriate location that offers the required space outdoors if you wish to try out that solution. Although it's not as efficient as employing a soundproof substance around the motor, it can help you significantly.

On the other hand, you can also develop a small room around the compressor using a soundproof substance. Although that method is a bit more complex, it's more effective in helping you reduce the noise. If you want to employ such a technique, you need to have two fundamental things in mind. The first is to use high-quality din deadening panels to ensure proper insulation. The second one is to provide adequate and effective ventilation to the area you want to create around your compressor. Otherwise, your compressor life would be in danger & it may die of overheating.

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Think About Putting the Refrigerator in Some Other Place

The location where you choose to place your refrigerator can significantly impact the din that reaches you. Therefore, putting the equipment in another place may be a straightforward yet efficient solution. Suitably, select a dent in the wall that can be effectively covered with some acoustic heatproof foam deadener. Currently, you will find various panels in the market, based on the amount of money you want to spend. After you have taken the required measurements based on the dimension and shape of your fridge, you can put the acoustic deadeners on the walls and ceiling that encompass the dent to eliminate the clamour that comes from your refrigerator. It is important to remember that these deadeners play a dual role - they can soak the weird din that comes from your device to a great extent and dampen vibrations that are probably coming from the refrigerator's compressor. Such fridges are available at Simco, the foremost commercial fridges & freezers supplier in Brisbane & Melbourne.

Employ Mechanisms to Make your Fridge Sound-Proof From the Inside

Another helpful solution would be to make your refrigerator soundproof from the inside. Although you could use many substances for this purpose, the most famous is the so-called mass loaded vinyl, as mentioned above. This material can expertly deprive the clamour coming out of your fridge, being a component that can efficiently block the transmittance of the din around a place. For better results, you could also place some mass loaded vinyl around the fridge's motor. If you wish only to use this material, you could also put it on the refrigerator wall instead of placing an acoustic deadener. Placing a thin piece of the vinyl below your fridge will ensure that no clamour escapes from there, as well.

Ensure Frequent Maintenance & Cleaning of the Compressor and Fans

One of the prime causes of disturbing noises can be a fan or compressor in desperate need of cleaning. There is a straightforward method to deal with this issue. You need to frequently clean the dust and debris from those two parts of your commercial fridge every time they look filthy. You should also monitor the coil and check whether it's working correctly.

Employ Vibration Pads Underneath the Device

Another effective method is to use vibration pads if you notice that your fridge vibrates or makes some shaking noises. Those pads will help keep your fridge steady, and they will decrease the amount of din created due to unnecessary vibrations.

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