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How to locate top dealers for stainless steel benches?

Every commercial kitchen requires quality benches of admirable durability in different styles and forms. The bars made of stainless steel ensure maximum productivity and long life like all other appliances in the kitchen made of the material. They come in unique variations and customisations from the flat workbench to the sink counter to serve specific purposes. A good quality stainless steel bench in any form is always a great addition to your pantry space.

If you are contemplating changing your existing counter or buying a brand new bench for your kitchen, you would need the expert guidance of the reputed supplier of high-quality commercial kitchen equipment. However, it is paramount to procure the unit from a trustworthy source and, specifically, a renowned dealer to get the best item per your exact needs. Such dealers will deftly assist you in selecting the best product and will also provide valuable inputs. So, spend your time looking for the best suppliers around you before zeroing in on the ideal bench for your pantry. Everything else will be fine once you choose your source wisely. In this blog post, we will provide some tips regarding finding trustworthy suppliers for purchasing products.

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Utilise Google Search to Commence your Research

It is not a dreadful and complex task to find out & locate the top businesses near you, courtesy of Google. You don't even require a laptop, as you can complete the search via a smartphone. Just search for the 'best stainless steel bench, sink & shelves supplier in Sydney & Melbourne', and you will find the search engine coming up with multiple results. Always ensure to add the name of your location or type "near me" in the search term to get more specific and targeted results so that you can choose from more options.

Upon completing the process,  you will get a list of names of the suppliers dealing in bars and counters made of steel. Ensure verifying the details of the dealers online so that you can select a few options. Prefer the ones having a business website. Visit their business page and see their collection of those appliances that you want to buy. If the website has the proper collection per your requirement, continue and choose the brand you prefer. Garnering information about your dealer is the best thing you can do to ensure that you invest your money in the proper channel. Always pay attention to the product's features and the manufacturer while searching for the single sink bench or any other equipment for your commercial kitchen on the supplier's website.

Shortlist the Candidates

It might take you additional time to select excellent product distributing candidates. Therefore it would be best to get some tips. Visit the 'about us page on the seller's website, as it would make you understand the seller's credibility, business vision and mission better. In addition, you would gauge details about their specialisation and skillset in the required domain of stainless steel benches. Whether the organisation is a direct collaborator of some foreign makers or hold their manufacturing warehouses, you can find all the details from the "about us" column. It is a great way to know the business before you become a customer.

Check for Reviews of the Dealers

The third in the list and another crucial element to consider while choosing the best supplier are testimonials and reviews. Always think about verifying the web reviews on the seller that might be available on its portal or some other review websites. The opinions of customers already using the products & services is a great way to know if the supplier can deliver as per the claim. 

Easy mobility of the device is essential for the ease of doing tasks, like our Flat Workbenches, which are durable, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. Visit the Simco website to learn more about the product. 


Check for Warranty & Maintenance

Servicing and warranty of a product is another essential component to verify. A renowned stainless steel bench, sink and shelves supplier in Perth & Brisbane, will always offer a warranty. The well-known reputed sellers ensure providing top quality products for their customers, and they take full guarantee for the items they sell. If you are getting a warranty on the appliance from the dealer, you can rest assured that the thing is durable and of top-notch quality to provide you companionship for a long time. In addition, check whether the warranty is applicable all around Australia. It guarantees that the distributor possesses a vast network of support specialists to tend to any potential issues your device faces after buying the product.

Once you have completed all the guidelines mentioned above and personal research to select the ideal supplier, you can garner more details and finalise the products by contacting the seller directly. However, before you make the payment for the items made of stainless steel, you must ensure buying the correct product for your kitchen by checking the below-mentioned requirements.

  • Your Available Space – You will find stainless steel benches for industrial kitchens in various sizes and shapes. Therefore, you need to choose the appropriate one for yourself to utilise it better in your workspace.
  • Check Product Details – There are different specifications for separate variants of items in the commercial kitchen. For example, if you buy a counter with a double sink, you need to check multiple factors like the presence of splashback and placement of the sink, among others. Ensure to purchase products with a splashback as it is a crucial attribute to avoid water as it prevents water splashing and keeps the floor clean.
  • Verify the Steel Quality – Though every steel material may look similar, there is a significant difference among them. For example, the Type 430 variant of stainless steel is cheap but can't prevent corrosion, and it can be easily damaged due to the rough use of industrial kitchen appliances. On the other hand, Type 304 is the typically used stainless steel variant in commercial kitchen equipment. Type 316 is also high-quality steel, but it is costly and not generally needed.
  • Check the Storage Underneath – Another thing to check is whether the product comes with leg bracing and undershelves, as it is essential to utilise the space under the table for storage. It is better to have storage as it can significantly enhance the utility of your kitchen. Undershelves might come as solid shelves or pot-racks, and they can provide you with a lovely space to keep utensils, plates, and supplies.

So, once you have selected the best supplier and you are clear about your requirements, it is time to buy the product of your choice. Simco is the top stainless steel benches, sinks & shelves supplier in Australia & offers a wide range of 304 stainless-steel benches.

Apart from the benches, shelves and sinks, some organisations require wall mounted shelves to keep necessary ingredients, and Wall Mounted and Over shelves are suitable appliances. Visit the Simco website for more information. 

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