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How to efficiently maintain your commercial kitchen equipment?

Any professional food outlet's success depends on top-quality and powerfully functioning commercial kitchen equipment. May owners are under the impression that maintenance of such appliances is not necessary for running a business. While you may survive in the short run without the upkeep, such negligence would make you suffer in the long run in form of an increase in costs, reduction in product utility, enhanced wastage and low revenue margins. All the above factors ultimately result in higher expenditure for you, especially if the appliance malfunctions at a crucial time. According to a study, critical savings in the kitchen are significantly linked with adequately functioning devices.

Regular upkeep of your product is crucial to prevent any last-minute hurdles. In addition, cost-efficiency is another feature of industrial appliances. Recent survey analyses that establishments with fully-formed competitive procedures, know-how and available human resources spend almost 50% less on machine repairs than the average cost prevalent in the industry. In the following points, we will provide you with some tips to maintain your kitchen items so that they can last longer and provide you with faultless service for a significant duration.

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Always refer to the User Manual

In most cases, such products' caring and maintaining requirements are unique and specific for each different appliance. Therefore, the best way is to refer and review the user manual for increasing familiarity with the restaurant device. Instead of assuming a solution for a grave problem, always refer to the manual for the precise maintenance methods. It is better to go through the guide than ruin the appliance by doing something unnecessary. Following this step helps you correctly understand the system to operate and clean the machine.

Do Not Forget to Repair or Replace Damaged Parts

Another crucial tip is to instantly take care of any strangely behaving or broken machine component. As it is natural for the parts of an appliance to suffer from wear & tear after their use for many years, it is your responsibility to get repairs done by calling reputed and professional technicians if you notice any noisy or ruined component. Being proactive concerning your kitchen device and frequently doing upkeep work will keep the machine in good stead and make it functional for a longer time. You can find the best items on Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Sydney.

Ensure Planning Scheduled Professional Upkeep

If you want your machine to function in a superior manner, contact a professional repair technician to maintain your cooking or refrigeration equipment regularly. This procedure helps with safety measures and ensures that your kitchen equipment runs at peak performance, minimising unexpected interruptions for your business.

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Ensure Clearing the Vent, Duct and Hood

It would be best to eliminate grease, dust and dirt from your commercial kitchen equipment by cleaning the vent, duct and hood. You should perform this cleanup at least once every six months by availing of the services of a leading dealer and technician. However, the six-month gap doesn't mean that you need not clean the machine in between and the visible components should be wiped and kept maintained.

Clean the Grease Filters

Cleaning Grease filters is another crucial tip for your commercial equipment maintenance. These filters amass grease from the vapours travelling to the duct. While you can still manage duct cleaning, you still need to clean the cleaners frequently, or there may be a severe fire emergency. You must wash the filters at least once a week and more often if cooking involves more greasy food.

Keep Your Device Clean & Sterilised

Cleanliness and sterilisation of your food preparation equipment are crucial. As mentioned earlier, machines not experiencing any maintenance and upkeep jobs wear down quickly over time. However, ensuring to sterilise and clean your device frequently and carefully could effortlessly enhance its life and prevents the risk of unannounced breakdown. You should complete the cleaning process by using water mixed with soap. Following this process helps prevent the accumulation of dust, grime, debris and food particles resulting in unretrievable device failure. If you are still not confident about the correct cleaning procedure, you should contact Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Melbourne.

Keep the Automatic Extinguishing Systems Handy

In the case of a fire hazard, your automatic extinguishing system must be ready to work in an instant. It would help if you got this system inspected by a qualified contractor at least once every six months for that to happen.

Check the Deep Fryer Closely for Any Issues

You must maintain and clean the fryer as per the seller's guidance, as this commercial kitchen equipment is considered the biggest fire issue in any industrial kitchen. In addition, it would be better to get the fryer inspected by a specialised commercial cooking equipment technician at least 12 months before its usage for five years. The verification is crucial as it will include items that are inaccessible and potentially dangerous to untrained staff.

Maintaining your Commercial Kitchen Appliances

Reading the blog until now, you must have realised the importance of frequent maintenance of the devices in your commercial kitchen. Staying up-to-date on maintenance and inspections for your products like fridge, freezer, fryers, cooler, cooktops, griddles, and grills can help prolong their life and reduce breakdowns. In catering organisations, lost time equals lost revenue. Below are some specific tips for maintaining standard commercial kitchen equipment units.

  • If you want the warranty to be applicable, thoroughly check the warranty details and fill out and return the card in time. Often, the seller considers a contract valid only after you have filled and returned the warranty card in the quantified time. However, most people sidestep this procedure and do not bother to go through the details. Because of this, they can not avail themselves of the warranty benefits, and even regular maintenance becomes an expensive affair.
  • Train your employees in proper equipment maintenance procedures. They must know how to use this equipment, leave it after use, and clean it at the end of the day. If they find it difficult to do so, contact Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Perth & Brisbane.
  • While you should clean all equipment regularly, there are certain items for which deep cleaning is required, and you should prepare a schedule for their maintenance. This schedule will depend on the maintenance needs of each restaurant equipment and should ideally follow a cyclic pattern. It would be better to stick to a fixed schedule of food establishment appliance upkeep after creating the same.
  • You should not try to resolve the issues in the device by yourself. If you feel that a component requires attention, contact a professional technician irrespective of the seriousness of the problem. Trying to fix a product may inadvertently cause more damage which would be costly to resolve. Additionally, you should remember that most warranties are deemed null if self-repair is attempted on the product, so never try to repair a product irrespective of the temptation.
  • Never assume that every agent is similar and ensure following all the chemical guidelines. You may realise to your horror that an agent working wonders on a machine may damage the other product. This fact is considered true in the case of stainless steel, out of which most restaurant appliances are made. Prepare your staff to use the chemicals wisely, or the equipment may just get damaged beyond repair.

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