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How Can You Manage the Purchase of Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

If you have sorted and assembled a puzzle before, you will identify the process of creating the pantry of your dream catering establishment as similar. You need considerable time and planning to strategise your every move, and the results would be forthcoming only if all the pieces gel together. You can't afford any missing links, as it would not look pretty, easy to figure out and detrimental to your organisation leading to a harmful impact on your finished item. Commercial kitchen equipment is one such piece of the puzzle in the kitchen and a crucial one at that. You can't imagine the setting without any of them as every item, from the relatively small gadgets like mixers and food processors to larger ones like fridge and cooktop, plays a significant role in transforming your pantry and enhancing customer satisfaction preparing delicious cuisines. As the stakes are so high, you need to think smartly and deal strategically to make correct decisions using every bit of available information while buying these products. In the following paragraphs, we have compiled some points to help manage your purchase of these appliances.

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Ensure to Involve the Chef

The restaurant menu plays a significant role in the requirement and eventual purchase of the appliances you'll need for the kitchen. Therefore, there is nobody better than the chef to guide you about the menu. They are responsible for designing and implementing the dishes once you formally launch your food establishment. It is a given from your end to ask them about the specific appliances they need for commencing operations. However, if you get them to provide valuable inputs on particular items and brands, it would benefit your pantry and the customer experience in the long run.  The specific insights they share about the devices would be priceless while comparing the services and functionalities of two eligible products. An intelligent chef may even provide you tips to not spend unnecessarily on a machine feature that would be practically useless when the kitchen operations eventually commence.

Prioritise the Product Necessary for your Kitchen

Suppose you don't have a proper plan regarding purchasing the equipment and spending adequate capital. In that case, you may not get the best deals, buy something not necessary for your pantry and risk footing an expenditure that is way more than what you intended to spend. Always ensure sorting your product list by focusing on the appliances that are urgently required in your pantry. This process will help you decide which items should be bought urgently and which ones could wait for a later time. This point would also require the interference of the cooks, as they would be able to guide you towards the equipment you should purchase. You can get many such items at Simco, the leading commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Sydney & Melbourne.

Check the Energy Efficiency for Each Appliance

It is not enough to consider only the upfront price of each item while purchasing a host of commercial kitchen equipment. One also has to include the additional lifetime expenditure incurred during their functional life period, including each device's energy effectiveness. This point is crucial when choosing the products that need the most energy, such as your refrigeration & freezer units, which will be functional throughout the day! Selecting a more efficient model with low energy utilisation will surely save you money in the long term, even if it means investing a bit more initially.

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Ensure Complying to the Regulatory Framework

Numerous rules, regulations and codes are enforced by the authorities to secure the well-being of their patrons, employees and the general public. If you want to run a business, you must remain compliant with all those codes and rules, and food establishments having commercial kitchen equipment is no different. In addition, they have an added responsibility of maintaining hygiene and cleanliness that they should fulfil with the help of top-quality equipment to ensure that there are no issues from the customers. These regulations will be provided by a set of governing authorities that could differ based on your current location. It will help if you start by becoming privy to some of the fundamental directives set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Measure your Kitchen Dimensions 

One of the crucial things a kitchen owner must do is measure the workplace's dimensions before buying any appliance, as not doing so might backfire later. For example, suppose you have selected a large-sized freezer for your pantry that is perfect for your requirements and within your budget. However, you have not measured the pantry dimensions and found to your horror that this product will not fit in the kitchen, leading to the unnecessary hassle of returning the said item. Therefore, measure & mark the space you have allotted for each item, and go shopping afterwards with a clear idea of getting for your food preparation operations. You might be inclined to adjust the overall layout of your pantry to make space for the unit you have your eyes set on. However, that will probably trigger a chain reaction of changes that eventually make building the pantry space more difficult.

Select Equipment to Complement your Kitchen's Processes

The type of services provided by a pantry depends on the flow of activities occurring there. Therefore, the products purchased by you in a pantry must be selected as per the said tasks and activities. You need to visualise the movement of food items and staff through the preparation area and the items that would efficiently enhance such actions. For example, you might buy a traditional oven for keeping things on the menu at a convenient temperature. However, if you own a swift service restaurant that continuously prepares dishes in a manner resembling assembly line payout, the device will not be suitable. In such a situation, you would be advised to select a conveyor oven to keep the food items moving correctly and in an organised manner while cooking. Follow a similar thought process for each crucial piece of equipment in your pantry to analyse how it will improve its overall efficiency. You can commence the selection process on Simco, the top commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Perth & Brisbane.

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