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Commercial Soup Kettles – Usage, Cleaning & Factors to Consider While Buying

A soup kettle is a beautiful piece of equipment to store the soup you prepared and maintain it at a warm temperature. These appliances are handy whenever the guests are needed to serve by themselves. This commercial kitchen equipment comes with a large container filled with warm water to keep the liquid at precisely the right temperature.  The machine has a large inbuilt hinged lid which has a recess that makes a spoon rest comfortably. The handle of the spoon is kept cool while the bowl sits inside the equipment. However, please note that this boiler can be used only to keep the delicacy warm and not manufactured to prepare or heat it.

Despite the beliefs of various organisations and the fact that it is called a soup steamer, you can use this tremendous kitchen equipment to store any liquid-based food, such as Bolognese sauce. This attribute makes them the ideal device to have in a kitchen, especially a food preparation unit that cooks food for many people over a single day. Another advantage is that the boiler is small, portable, and very lightweight, which means that it can be taken to any occasion and can fit into tiny areas in your kitchen with ease.

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Usage of a Soup Kettle

A commercial soup kettle keeps the cuisine warm by using water. First of all, the large metal basin is required to be filled with water before you can use the equipment. You can find out the required levels of water needed by using the indicators on the side of the device. The next step is to place the large metal pot on the device and attaching the lid to the pot. At last, fill the pot with the freshly made delicacy and set the temperature you desire. If you are storing clear broth, then selecting a higher temperature is ideal. On the other hand, a lower temperature setting is perfect for broth with a cream base. Once all the above is done, close the lid and serve accordingly.

Cleaning Process of a Soup Kettle

It is not difficult to clean a boiler filled with delicious liquid. As the steamer parts are made of stainless steel material, you can easily wash them in a dishwasher. Ensure that the device is turned off and no plug is fastened in the electrical circuit before cleaning the equipment. The following action is to pour the water out of the basin and wipe the inside part with a wet or damp cloth. You can clean the outer section of the broth steamer using a solution of a damp piece of fabric and a mild detergent. The final step is to let all the components of the machine dry and then reassemble the device. Once the process is done, preserve the boiler so that it can serve you next time.

Factors to Consider While Buying Soup Kettles

Find Out the Precise Kettle Size for Your Kitchen

The first thing you want to consider before buying this equipment is determining the required steamer size for your kitchen. You need to know the amount of broth these appliances can hold. Make sure to get the model which is perfect for your requirements. You also need to factor in your soup sales to find out the appropriate boiler size.

For example, you will need a large boiler to hold stew or sauce if you own a soup kitchen. It will have the added advantage of making life easier for your workers to prepare the stew once and keep it in a single location. On the other hand, these boilers are also helpful for kitchens where soups are served in smaller quantities, such as buffet style salad bars or catered events.

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Identify the Equipment Purpose for Your Kitchen

Although these steamers are designed to serve a specific purpose, these devices can also have unique properties that can make them integral to many different businesses. Therefore, you must determine the requirement of such an item before purchasing it. There are many variants of stew boilers available that are perfect for restaurants and cafes, clubs, pubs and bars, food production companies, supermarkets and hospitality venues. Following this method will help you select from fewer options and assist you in picking the product best suited for your catering needs. You can find various options on Simco, the top soup kettle supplier in Sydney & Perth, for all purposes.

Check Out The Temperature Control Features

Commercial stew steamers have thermostatic temperature controls that allow you to set temperatures according to your need and ensure that heating and holding of food items is done at a secure temperature for display locations. Broth kettles maintain a precisely specific food temperature, expels the bacteria and other possible food contaminants by providing heating power. However, it would help if you memorised that steamers that only have an on/off switch are advised for short-term use rather than all-day operations.

Choose Between Dry & Wet Heating Options

Most of the modern soup kettles today are available with both wet and dry options, and you do not need to choose or decide between two preferences. However, there are some models that are still available in either wet or dry option only.  In such a case, you have to choose very carefully. Dry heaters have encased heating elements and can be easier to use. But they do not give the same level of heating as the boiled water or wet units. That is why you have to think about the relevant requirement in your kitchen and choose the best option.

Check the Material Employed to Make the Kettle

One of the crucial factors to consider while buying a boiler is checking the components of the concerned product. There are different types of stew steamer on the market, and they are all made with a variety of elements. However, stainless steel is the most popular material and is known as the most durable and secure material used to make this kitchen device. This material is more beneficial than its competitors because it helps in heating your food quickly and ensures that your food remains hot. You can find kettles made of stainless steel at Simco.

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Check the Feature of Electricity & Food Inserts

Commercial stew boilers typically need electricity and food inserts of a precise size, unlike the traditional steamers. This requirement arises because the inside part of the broth kettle itself is not an approved food contact surface. Usually, the units are available with these inserts. However, if the inserts are not included with the equipment, you can use any standard size round insert. For gaining more information regarding these inserts, you can contact Simco, the leading commercial soup kettle supplier in Sydney & Brisbane.

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