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Maintenance of Commercial soup kettles- Why is it important?

Commercial kitchens consider the soup kettle as proper equipment for serving hot beverages, sauce, and soup. As a highly versatile appliance, the commercial soup kettle can effectively keep hot curries and broths at the correct temperature for an extended time. Businesses often use a ten-litre unit for food and catering. However, these are still available in various sizes in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Importance of Soup in Our Diet

As a nutritional powerhouse, soup is full of antioxidants, fibre, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates. It can be relatively easy to have soup prepared whenever you need it. You need to put all of the ingredients inside the slow cooker, and you will eventually have a steaming bowl of soup for the whole family until nighttime.

Here are the reasons why soup can be an incredible asset to anyone's diet:

  • Soup can be great for a person's health: Whenever a person eats a bowl of soup, it can allow them to quickly fill up the recommended vegetable servings for the whole day.
  • Soup can comfort anyone: Having a warm bowl of soup can help in soothing a person's soul and taste buds. Nothing else can be better than having a hearty bowl of soup whenever the evening is cold. Because of the flexibility of soup, you can have your favourite ingredients added to the basic recipe. It can even be possible to have any existing recipe modified. You can also start from scratch and use your imagination and creativity.
  • Soup can help people feel better: Do you remember the taste of the chicken soup that your family serves whenever you feel sick? Soup has a lot of vital antioxidants and vitamins that are capable of hastening the healing process.
  • Soup and its affordability: Since soup is so affordable, it can be the best choice for people who have a tight budget for grocery. For just a small amount of cash, anyone can buy beans, lean dome meat, vegetables, and soup stock. Allow those ingredients to get mixed with some spices and herbs so you can have a hearty meal. You may even begin by using some of your veggies and leftover meat.
  • Lose weight with soup: Since soup can make anyone feel quite full, they don't feel tempted to overeat. Allow your hunger to get curbed with an appetiser soup whenever you start having meals. Doing this can make you eat less of any other offering that you have on the table.

Since soup is an excellent food for any season, you can try having cold soup full of fruits during the summer and a warm creamy soup whenever its winter. Having soup can be great for your body and soul, which is why you would need a soup kettle. However, is it recommended to buy a commercial soup kettle?

If you are considering putting up a new business or don't have it in your restaurant, you may have to think about this first. Having a soup warmer or commercial soup kettle has a lot of purpose in a food joint or restaurant that you can think of first.

  • Approximately 30 to 35 servings are what a 10-litre kettle can easily hold. Having this can considerably increase your serving capacity so you can have your business scaled up.
  • Since having this appliance can make it possible for anyone to keep a hot broth pot that you can serve for a long time, you wouldn't have to get engaged with one staffer or burner to hold it warm continuously.
  • Since these have a lightweight construction, they come with easy and sleek portability that lets them get used in the kitchen. You can even have soup served upfront right beside your cake display!
  • Having these appliances can help minimise the time between serving and order placement that could eventually make your customers satisfied.
  • It can even minimise the risk of taste deterioration or food spoilage because of heating repeatedly.
  • Since it comes in a compact design, it becomes possible to serve many customers without having to use so many containers or excess space.
  • Having this appliance is highly advantageous as it can serve large batches of beverages, curry, and hot broths that can heavily add to the serving accessibility and convenience.

Since you are now aware of why a warmer is essential whenever you serve hot beverages, broth, and curry to customers, the next thing you need to know is how to use it. Here is how you can use a soup warmer or commercial soup kettle:

It may be not that complicated to operate this appliance as it uses the bain-marie principal to warm up your food and have it kept at a steady temperature so that it will be perfect for serving. In case it's your first time to use a new warmer, you may have to carefully go through the instruction manual first before you use it.

You can typically have it used by having it filled up with water at the recommended amount in an outer container. Then, have a smaller inner box placed inside it. The next thing you may have to do is include a beverage or curry inside the inner container. Allow the lid to get closed afterwards. Finally, you need to have the food's desired temperature set. Always remember that this appliance may not suitably cook your food.

Make use of the recommended precautions

  • Since the unit may become hot while you use it, make sure that you are following the precautions while you touch it.
  • Always have the plug connected to an outlet that is properly grounded before you use it.
  • Ensure that a minimum gap of 5" or more gets maintained between the wall or other objects and the appliance.
  • Have the device placed on a stable, level, non-skid surface far from flammable items and sinks.
  • We recommend that you make the new device commissioned through methodical testing before using it. 
  • Make sure to have it operated in an adequately lighted area to be away from visitors or children.
  • Avoid keeping the warmer 'ON' for a prolonged time or for the whole period that you're not using it.
  • Never operate an empty warmer as it could lead to additional hazards and damage the device.
  • Whenever you feel challenged to have the appliance installed or something doesn't seem to add up, seek help from the commercial supplier of soup kettles.
  • Try not to use the broth warmer whenever there is a fire or open flames nearby.

How can I have our soup kettle maintained and cleaned?

The key to making sure that the kettle operates at its best efficiency is regular maintenance and cleaning. It's not that complicated to have this device maintained and cleaned. Doing this may be simple, but you need to do it with utmost care to avoid getting into any hazard. Please ensure that the machine gets switched off, unplugged, and completely cooled down before you have it cleaned. Avoid having the outer container immersed in water. It may not be suitable to have the appliance get in the pressure washer for cleaning. You need to use a sponge and mild detergent. Make sure to avoid using harsh detergent, steel wool, or scrubber pads. Cleaning the kettle's inner part after every use would help. Aside from maintaining the appliance, it would be best to make sure that the beverage and food you store and warm have the right quality and taste. Have the inner pot taken out of the container, remove any of the stuck food, and use normal water to wash it thoroughly. Use a bar of mild soap when needed. It would help if you had the appliance's body cleaned every day after using it. Whenever the unit becomes thoroughly cooled, let the water empty out, and wipe it dry with a clean and soft cotton cloth. Use a fabric that is soft damp to wipe off the machine's outer surface. Avoid water stains by following it up with a dry-wipe. You may also have to clean the knobs and controls every day but avoid using water. Make sure that a dry and clean cloth is what you use to wipe it off.

  • commercial kitchen equipment   What is a commercial kitchen equipment?
  • Commercial Kitchen Equipment is heavy-duty kitchen appliances that is designed to withstand repeated tasks of food preparation procedures. This equipage is most suitable when bulk food orders need to be produced. This equipment could be a gas cooktop, planetary mixer or a refrigerator.
  • commercial kitchen equipment supplier melbourne   Is a commercial kitchen equipment different from the ones I use in my home kitchen?
  • Yes for sure! The domestic appliances are designed to function at a frequency that is quite low as compared to commercial ones. A domestic cooking/refrigeration unit has a low output according to the number of family members or guests which is occasional. You can not replace commercial catering equipment with domestic ones to run a food business.
  • commercial kitchen equipment supplier   How will I know which equipment suit my requirement?
  • You will have to identify your type of catering business according to your choice of menu items. For instance, if your menu items have more bakeries, then you will have to invest in a planetary mixer, gas stove with oven and refrigerated glass displays. But if your menu items have Italian dishes like pizzas and portions of pasta, you will need a pizza prep table along with prep fridges. You will also have to measure the floor space of your cookhouse so that you purchase the equipage that fits perfectly. Our Simco team guides and coaches you about all the details when you reach us for inquiry at
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