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How to find the best supplier for stainless steel benches?

Benches – in different styles and forms – make an essential part of every commercial kitchen. Starting from the flat workbench to the sink counter, they come in unique variations and customizations to serve specific purposes. Like most other equipment, benches in commercial kitchens, are commonly made of stainless steel to ensure the best longevity. A good quality stainless steel counter in any form is always a great addition to your cooking space.

However, to get the best product as per your exact requirements, it is essential to collect the unit from a reliable source, in this case, a renowned supplier. If you are planning to replace an existing steel bench with splashback or going to get the first bench for your new kitchen, a renowned dealer of commercial kitchen equipment can help you. The seller will assist you in choosing the best product and will also offer valuable suggestions. So, before you go looking for the bench to suit you, firstly spend some time to find the best dealer near you. Once you have done that, the rest will naturally fall in place.

Read on to know how to find the best stainless-steel bench supplier,

Start your research with a Google search

Checking out the best businesses near you is not a hectic task anymore, thanks to Google. If your laptop is not close by, your smartphone is always at hand. Place a search on Google for “best stainless steel bench supplier” and the search engine will come up with results. Do not forget to include the name of your area or “near me” in the search term to get more targeted results that you can use. 

Now you have a list of names of stainless steel bench with splashback suppliers, but your task does not end here.  

You need to check the details of these suppliers to shortlist a few from the lot. First, visit the website of the business and check out their collection for the type of kitchen equipment you are looking for. If the website has the right collection as per your need, continue and choose the brand that you prefer.

Knowing your dealer is the best thing you can do to ensure that you spend your money in the right place. Always pay attention to the features of the product and the manufacturer while searching for the single sink bench or any other equipment for your commercial kitchen on the supplier’s website.


Shortlisting the best distributor from the Google search result might take you a little more time, but we are here to help you with some easy tips.

  • Check the “about us” page on the website. It will give you a clear idea about the business, their mission and vision as well as information about their experience and expertise in the field. If the company is a direct partner of some international manufacturers or hold their manufacturing units, you can get all that information from the “about us” section. It is a great way to know the business before you become a customer.
  • Another crucial point to check on the website is the warranty and servicing. A renowned stainless steel bench with splashback supplier in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide or Brisbane will always offer a warranty. The well-known dealers ensure the best quality of their products, and they stand by what they sell. If the company is providing a warranty on the product, you can be assured that the distributor trusts the quality, meaning that you can trust the quality as well. Consider if the warranty is available across Australia because this ensures that the distributor has a vast network to provide you with any support you might need after purchasing the product.
  • The third and another vital point to consider while shortlisting the best supplier is the reviews. Check the online reviews on the business. They might be available on the website itself or Google or some other review sites. Reviews from the past customers are a great way to know if the supplier can deliver as per the claim.   

Once you have shortlisted the suppliers depending on your research and the guidelines provided above, you can call the supplier directly to know more details and finalize the purchase. 

Points to keep in mind while buying counters

Before you finalize your stainless-steel items, consider the following to ensure that you buy the right product at the first go,

  • The space you have – Counters for commercial kitchen are available in different shapes and sizes. You need to find the correct one for the area you have in your kitchen.
  • Product specifications – The different types of commercial kitchen counters come with different specifications. For example, if you are buying a double sink bench, you need to consider factors like the bowl placement, presence of splashback, etc. The splashback is a vital feature as it prevents water splattering and keeps the space clean.
  • Steel quality – Every stainless steel is not the same though they might look alike. Type 430 stainless steel is cheap but not resistant to corrosion, and heavy-duty use of commercial kitchen can ruin it easily. Type 304 is the standard and most used stainless-steel type in commercial kitchen equipment. Type 316 is also high-quality steel, but it is very expensive, and not generally needed.
  • Underneath storage – You can use the space under the counter for storage. Check out if it comes with undershelves and leg bracingThis simple addition can improve the functionality of the kitchen bench to a great extent. Undershelves might come as solid shelves, or pot-racks, and they can provide you with a lovely space to keep utensils, plates, and supplies. 
  • The cost – We understand that the price often works as an essential determining factor while buying a kitchen tool as it might not be the only investment you need to make for your kitchen. However, spending on a low-quality product is never the way to go. You can talk to your supplier for the best deals on benches.

So, once you have selected the best supplier and you are clear about your requirements, it is time to buy the product of your choice. Simco offers a wide range of 304 stainless-steel benches, check our website to know more.  

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