A commercial kitchen is made up of all kinds of equipment and appliances. The smaller items in the kitchen are ignored most of the time for larger machines like the refrigeration or the stove used in the catering space. However, these comparatively smaller items also play a crucial role in the smooth working of a pantry and hold notable importance. One such example is the commercial gastronorm pans.  It is impossible to think about running a commercial kitchen and catering establishment without gn containers and dishes. Any organisation functioning in this sector requires a horde of these appliances rather than one. Any food outlet will vouch that it is a crucial and standard piece of equipment. In addition, the owner may also require more stock of new trays and pots to cater to the customers as the business grows. Though these products are not very expensive, you have to incur a high cost if you decide to purchase an extensive collection. Therefore, you need to verify a few things before buying the product.  Some of these points are mentioned below.

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Zero-in on your Requirements

It might be best if you did not go shopping around without knowing what exactly you require. The first thing is to consider your own needs in the kitchen. It would be best to have a clear idea about the available sizing and styles and the proposed use of the equipment. Select the size, type and number of the pots as per your necessity. You have to check the size chart of available gn pots for knowing the precise scope of the appliance you intend to use.

Every gn pan consistent equipment or appliance should have consistent sizing. The dimension 530mm x 325mm is considered complete GN or GN 1/1. There are other sizes available in the commercial gn pans as well:

  • 325mm X 265mm Half GN – GN 1/2
  • 325mm x 176mm One-third GN – GN 1/3
  • 265mm x 162mm Quarter GN – GN 1/4
  • 176mm x 162mm Sixth GN – GN 1/6
  • 108mm x 176mm Ninth GN – GN 1/9
  • 530mm x 162mm Two-quarter GN – GN 2/4
  • 354mm x 325mm Two-thirds GN – GN 2/3
  • 650mm x 530mm Double GN – GN 2/1

Determine the number of gastronorm pans you need for each size as per the above chart. It would help if you considered the proposed utilisation of the said device in a detailed manner. For example, you need to get gastronorm pans of an appropriate size to fit the device if you are using a gn compatible bain-marie. It would be best to consider all such components to determine the number of trays, lids and pans you will need. As you can look for yourself, the chart only specifies the length and the width of the utensil, not the depth. So, after deciding the size, you also need to determine the volume of the vessel as per your requirements.

Verify the Material of the Equipment

There are three distinct kinds of material in which gastronorm pans are simply available – stainless steel gn pans, polycarbonate, and melamine. You have to select any available variants as per your supposed appliance usage because each of these varieties has its advantages and drawbacks. Typically, a commercial kitchen setup employs a piece of equipment bought by a commercial gn pans supplier in Sydney that combines all the types mentioned above. Let’s look at each of these elements one by one.

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Stainless steel

The hospitality sector is mainly known for utilising the 304-grade stainless steel gn pans, trays, drain and lids. The best-quality steel appliance provides service for a long time even after rough and heavy-duty usage & is highly long-lasting, corrosion-proof, and easy to preserve. The top advantage of steel gn containers is that you can use them in cooking, food preparation and display for the buffet. This multi-tasking reduces the requirement for swapping the container constantly. The only disadvantage that one can think of is that the top cannot prevent food spillage during storage as it does not fit tightly enough. In addition, the steel utensils also can’t be used in a microwave.


The other material used in the making of the commercial gastronorm pans is polycarbonate. It looks lovely on display and is considered to be food-safe. One of the enduring advantages of this component is that its melting point is very high, due to which these transparent polycarbonate boxes are microwave safe. However, its downside is that you cannot use them over an open flame. Polycarbonate made Gn containers made of polycarbonate is also a desired choice for storage as it promotes perfect visibility.


This item is another element used in making pans. It looks like ceramic and is cost-effective compared to the other options. However, the thing that melamine lacks is the power and durability of polycarbonate or steel. If you plan to use the pans to keep cold items or put food items for storage or display at average temperature, you can spend your money on melamine gn containers. 

Get Hold of the Best Supplier

Only a reliable distributor and supplier will offer you a high-quality collection of the best quality commercial kitchen equipment. It would be best to find a reputed commercial gn pans supplier for purchasing the intended product as part of things to verify. A good supplier may also be able to assist you with more details that might be impactful to select the precise kind of gn containers for your requirements. You can search for the best suppliers on the internet if you do not have the details of a good distributor in your area. Always think about the brand’s market status, online testimonials and the other brands it has connections with to find a renowned supplier. The warranty provided can also be a good indicator to select a genuine supplier. A good brand will always offer an extended warranty on kitchen products like the curved glass cake display. If you are searching for a distributor, you can contact Simco, the leading commercial gn pans supplier in Perth & Brisbane.

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Get the Best Deal for your Workplace

Getting the best deals for your kitchen is not a  problem once you have explicit knowledge of your needs and got a fine distributor. You should never forget some tips that will assist you in getting the best offers on your purchase of commercial gn pans. You should always go for bulk purchases to get the best deals when looking for commercial gn pans for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, or Adelaide. Buying the entire stock of equipment together can be helpful to secure the best deal as you will always need gn containers in the kitchen, and it makes no sense to buy in small quantities.  In addition, ensure getting all the products together from the same seller if you are buying some other kitchen appliance like gas cooktops and refrigerators. It will minimise your efforts and provide you with the best offers.