Equipment and appliances make an essential part of any commercial kitchen. While often we focus only on the bigger appliances like the refrigeration or the range used in the kitchen, the comparatively smaller items also hold notable importance to ensure smooth operation. The commercial gn pans are a great example of that.  

You cannot imagine running a commercial kitchen and catering business without gn containers and trays. It is an essential and familiar piece of equipment in any foodservice, and businesses operating in this industry need a bunch of these utensils, rather than one or a few. As the brand continues to grow, you might also need to buy new gn pans and trays to add to the arsenal. 

These utensils are reasonably inexpensive, but as you must buy a bunch of it, the cost will naturally add up. So, striking the right deal is essential. 

Let us get into a bit more detail and explain how you can get the best deals in commercial gn pans.

Decide your requirements 

You should not go shopping around without knowing what exactly you need. The first thing is to consider your requirements. Decide the number, size, and type of the pans as per your need. You must have a clear idea about the sizing and styles available as well as the intended use. 

Here’s a quick guide on the size and type of gn pans available. 

Know the right size 

Every gastronorm compatible utensil or appliance should have standardized sizing. The dimension 530mm x 325mm is considered full GN or GN 1/1. The other sizes available in gn pans are, 

  • Half GN – GN 1/2 (325mm X 265mm)
  • One-third GN – GN 1/3 (325mm x 176mm)
  • Quarter GN – GN 1/4 (265mm x 162mm)
  • Sixth GN – GN 1/6 (176mm x 162mm)
  • Ninth GN – GN 1/9 (108mm x 176mm)
  • Two-quarter GN – GN 2/4 (530mm x 162mm)
  • Two-thirds GN – GN 2/3 (354mm x 325mm)
  • Double GN – GN 2/1 (650mm x 530mm)

Depending on the above chart, determine the number of gastronorm containers you need for each of the sizes. Consider the intended applications minutely. Suppose you are using a gastronorm compatible bain marie, so you need to get gastronorm pans of proper sizing to fit the appliance. Consider all such factors to decide the number of pans, trays, lids you will need. 

As you can see, the chart only specifies the length and the width of the utensil, not the depth. So, after deciding the size, you also need to determine the volume of the container as per your needs. 

Consider the material 

Gastronorm pans are readily available in three different types – stainless steel gn pans, polycarbonate, and melamine. Now, each of these varieties has its strength and weaknesses, and you need to choose according to the intended use. Often a combination of all the types is used in a commercial setup. 

Stainless steel 

The 304 stainless steel gn pans, lids, trays, and drain are the most popular in the hospitality industry. Good quality steel is highly durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to maintain, which ensures long service even under heavy-duty use. 

The best part about steel gn containers is that they can be used in cooking, food preparation as well as on display for buffet, eliminating the need for changing the container repeatedly. The only issue with these utensils is that the lids do not fit tightly enough to prevent food spillage during storage. You also cannot use steel in a microwave. 


Polycarbonate is the other material used. It is food-safe and looks great on display. More to the point, the transparent polycarbonate boxes are microwave safe because of the high melting point of the material. However, you cannot use them over an open flame. Polycarbonate made gn containers also promote perfect visibility, which makes it a preferred choice for storage. 


It is the other material which looks like ceramic and is cheaper compared to the other two. However, melamine lacks the strength or versatility of steel or polycarbonate. You might decide to spend on melamine gastronorm containers only if you are planning to use it to hold cold items or items at the normal temperature for display or storage.  

Now, as you know the pros and cons of all the types of gn pan materials, decide the intended use and the type of gn containers you need to buy accordingly. 

Find the best supplier 

To strike the right deal, you must buy the product from a reputed commercial gn pans supplier. You will get the best collection of the best quality commercial kitchen equipment only from a reputable supplier. If you do not have the details of a good supplier in your area, check out on Google. A good supplier will also be able to help you with more information that might be effective to choose the right type of gn containers for your need. 

To find a renowned supplier, always consider the brand’s market reputation, online reviews as well as the other brands it associates with. The warranty on kitchen appliances like the square glass cake display can also be a good indicator to select a genuine supplier. A good brand will always offer a long warranty on kitchen appliances. 

Striking the best deal 

Once you are clear about your requirements and have found the right supplier, striking the best deal is not an issue. Here are some tips that will help you to get the best discount on your purchase. 

When you are looking for commercial gn pans for sale in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Hobart, or Adelaide, always go for bulk purchase to get the best deals. You will always need gn containers in the kitchen and instead of buying just a few, getting the whole stock together can be helpful to strike a great deal. 

Also, if you are buying some other kitchen equipment like the refrigerator or gas cooktop, getting all the items together from the same supplier, is the way not only to minimize hassle but also to get the best offers.