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Commercial Gas deep fryers- Issues, solutions, and preventive measures

Nations worldwide enjoy French fries in their staple way. The Belgians pair fries with mayo while the Canadian French fries are dotted cheese-curd-and gravy called poutine. But Aussies have their twist to the most loved side dish.

Australians love their fries with Adelaide born seasoning chicken salt. Initially used for rotisserie chicken, but today vegan versions are also available in the market. The crisp and crunch feel of your fries come from innovatively designed heavy-duty appliances. They are available in both electrical and gas driven mechanism.

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The locals of Australia love their fries to be golden crisp and seasoned. But if your commercial gas deep fryer does not function properly, it will give patrons a reason to slip away to other joints for a crisp fries affair. And no chef or restaurant would ever have to face that. Gas deep fryers come with manuals that support understanding, usage, troubleshooting, and preventions. You can always ask your commercial gas deep fryer supplier to guide you through it.

Regular inspection of the mechanism of the appliance and cleaning of oil is an important mandate you should create. Make sure your kitchen brigade follows the cleaning schedules.

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The following snippets will allow you to understand and fix faults that arise while operating a gas deep fryer in your busy kitchen. And further a small guide would support you in preventive measures to ensure the smooth running of your equipment. Let’s dive:

1.     Issue: Pilot Light doesn't last long

One of the most common issues is the malfunction of the pilot light. This setback does not allow the appliance to heat the oil. But the solution is easy.

Solution: Commercial fryers have thermopiles set into mechanism from where uninterrupted gas flows. If the pilot light does not stay long, then the thermopile is broken. We suggest that you should contact a professional technician who can replace the broken thermopile with a new one. A broken thermopile is the likely cause here.

2.     Issue: Some burner holes are not burning

This is another common issue chefs and butlers face. In this issue, all the burner holes don’t burn despite the gas knob turned on. This is likely due to blockages in the openings.

Solution:  Turn the flame off. Let it cool down. With the help of a wire or a wire brush, try to clear out the blockages caused by food spills, oil spills and food debris. Once you have cleared out, light the burner again. Still, if you feel that the flames are not coming out as they should, call your technician or commercial equipment supplier for professional support.

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3.     Issue: Temperature variations

Frying jobs are done at optimum temperatures. Chefs are very well-versed with the right temperature when they operate such types of equipment. Your fries might burn to dark brown if the temperature is too high. And can turn your food items into soggy if the temperature is too low.

Solution: Your thermostat can tell you the exact temperature of the oil. If you feel that it is flicking, then check with the wires. They either might be detached or might have worn out. If detached, connect again and check the flickers in the temperature of the oil. But if worn out, then you need a replacement. The best way to get this done is to call your brand service.

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Follow these preventive measures to maintain your commercial fryer

Your rush hour can turn into a big mess if your commercial equipment troubles you with its functionality or quality. So don’t compromise while investing your hard-earned money into this. Commercial gas deep fryers are known to be a crucial block of the busy kitchens and other hospitality categories. A problematic appliance will not only make you lose profits but will leave your reputation stained.

To keep busy cookhouses running smoothly, make a habit of the following:

1.    Don’t miss the operational manual of the equipment

The restaurant business is very demanding in terms of time and attention. And you might find it difficult to read the manual. Prioritize this habit of going through the manual so that you can fix an issue when it arises. Sometimes if you don’t know the issues, you might drain a lot of time calling technicians thus leading to delays in orders. But if you have read it carefully, you might fix it on your own. This practice will save you money, time and hassles. Knowledge is power. So get it. 

2.     Daily cleaning of the appliance

While working with this type of equipment, you need to understand that the medium, oil, is of a messy and sticky nature. It can easily travel to small cracks and corners which would become breeding grounds of food contaminants. A daily cleaning regime will give you the advantage of maintaining it. It also facilitates coming across any rising maintainence issues. Other parts of the appliance like burners and the vents should also be wiped out regularly for optimum performance of the equipment.

3.     Weekly, snooze off the oil

Again, follow the brand’s instruction manual to boil off the oil tank of the equipment every week. This will help you get rid of carbon residues and reinforced fat. If you ignore this, the internal area of the fryer will start getting corrosive, thus creating havoc.

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4.     Keep the oil clean

With the continuous usage of the cooking equipment, food deposits, leftovers are a usual scenario. Ensure to sieve them with a fryer net regularly. This will keep the taste of the food consistent and eradicate polymerisation. It leaves a huge impact on the quality of the oil of sieving is not performed. A quick tip. Do not place seasonings on the top of the oil tank in fryer baskets. Neither should you place fried food in the same place. Avoiding these too will make your customers happy with good taste and health. You can also keep oil test strip handy to track the crystalline quotient. And you can plan a filtering regime accordingly. 

5.     Keep an eye on the life of part of the equipment

You have to keep a check on the wear and tear of the appliance parts. The moment you feel its time for a replacement or you can’t get rid of an issue, ask your technician to replace it. Parts like thermopile, safety valve, vent, thermostat are the areas to monitor.

Commercial faults can be fixed easily if you understand and read the manual carefully. Chefs usually have expertise in doing so as they spend long hours with them. But preventive measure can surely minimize the onset of issues. You can always ask your cooks to accompany you when you plan to buy commercial deep gas fryers are on sale.

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Stay tuned for more on commercial kitchen equipment.

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