Commercial Char Grills: Importance & Points to Verify Before Buying

If you want to add a distinctive barbeque flavour to your food, a gas char grill rock is the appropriate device for you. This product has proved its usefulness in places such as steakhouses, domestic kitchens and commercial restaurants. Many restaurant owners fail to grasp the difference between a gas griddle and a char grill. However, there is a crucial difference: the griddles come with a solid flat plate installed at the top for cooking. Contrastingly, the char grill has grates installed at the top to create fantastic grill marks on the food and adding a smoky texture. It means that a griddle would not be able to do the work of a grill. Earlier, coal usage for grilling resulted in the appliance taking a lot of time to get heated. This lengthy procedure is the reason behind the gas variant's emergence. It takes less time to heat, proves very efficient and is easy to use. In the following paragraphs, we have discussed the importance of char vents.

A commercial kitchen also needs other equipment apart from the ones mentioned here. For example, you need top-quality benchtop catering equipment if you are a restaurant or a similar establishment. If you want to get more details about the appliance, visit the website of Simco.

Importance of Commercial Char Grills

Helps in Providing a Pleasantly Seared Look to Your Food

One of the paramount importance of these griddles is giving you a wonderfully grilled and seared food item. These products provide a wonderfully scorched appearance by changing your food item's structure. Though a slightly charred look transforms the desirability of many different cuisines, this doesn't mean that these items are burnt or possibly overdone. It means that they comprise an appearance that looks like someone put them over a fire. The look & taste of most dishes such as chicken breasts, hamburgers, charbroiled mushrooms and even certain vegetables is loved by people. You will get dark lines just like a barbeque on your food item after using this equipment.

Gives a Different & Vibrant Colour to your Cooking

While transforming the appearance of multiple food items might be enough for many restaurants, the importance of commercial gas char grate doesn't stop at that point. It also gives the food you are preparing in the commercial kitchen a vibrant and positive flavour. For example, you will find that the taste of cuisines such as steaks, pork chops and various other delicacies acquire a different and better flavour when they are cooked on the grid in place of a flat-top griddle. As the customers are the life-blood of a business, you should seriously consider adding the roasted meal's excellent taste to your menu. This addition will make them crave your food, return to your restaurant repeatedly, recommend it to others and upload glowing reviews on various web platforms. You can browse the products on Simco, the leading commercial gas char grill supplier in Sydney & Perth.

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Provides your Kitchen with an Additional Cooking Platform

One of the reasons why a commercial coal skillet holds such importance in a commercial kitchen is that it provides a different platform to prepare your food items. For example, suppose you are preparing food on any commercial version appliance; if you quickly stuff it with food items, there would be a severe backlog of orders in the kitchen, and the customers have to wait a long time for their food.  However, you could use a coal griddle for making items such as burgers, steaks and chicken breasts, among other things, when you buy it for your kitchen. The emergence of an additional cooking space frees the other equipment for usage. This facility will ensure no bottleneck and keep other pieces of equipment free to prepare different necessary cuisines.

Things to Verify Before Buying Commercial Char Grills

Check the Relevant Style of Grills

Gas char grills come in three different styles – countertop, free-standing and outdoor. As the name suggests, The countertop variant, as the name suggests, is installed on a balanced and levelled countertop. The other variant - the free-standing charbroilers – is available with legs and can be used to keep small things by including a cabinet below. The countertop style broiler stainless steel leg stand can be placed in such a way to function as a free-standing unit. The third variant, namely the outdoor grill, is mainly used in cookery work with the chef on display. You should check the version most suitable for your kitchen and then decide to buy one.

Select the Appropriate Type of Product

You also have to select your preferred choice of grid. The char grills are available in two most popular types - gas char grate radiant and gas char grill rock. The significant difference between them is in the way they prepare food items. The burner is put under a metal piece called a radiant in the first type. The metallic body channels the drippings and grease away from the flame into the drip pan. The heat is also directed towards the food by this plate. It constitutes flare-ups that assist in food preparation in a more controlled way. These models are also easy to clean and maintain compared to the other variety.

In contrast, The rock type broilers include fitting of lava stones instead of metal. The fire generating from the stove warms the stone and guides it upward towards the food. The porous rock doesn't channel the drippings and grease and absorbs them instead. This variant attaches more flavour and deliciousness to the food due to the smoke & flare-ups created by the drippings. Now that you have known the nitty-gritty of the two types, it will be easy for you to choose.

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Select the Grate Material

The next big thing to consider is selecting the grate material. Depending on the metal utilised, three different grate types are available in the market– stainless steel, coated aluminium, and cast-iron. Each of the mentioned variants has its advantages depending on the place they are going to be used. You can find the best-in-class products on Simco, one of the top commercial gas char grill suppliers in Brisbane & Melbourne.

The coated aluminium variety is thermally responsive and the most economical of them all. However, its main drawback is its quality which prevents it from lasting for a long time. Grates made of aluminium turn weak over time and degrade swiftly.  The variety of cast-iron variety enables uniform cooking by maintaining a constant temperature on the surface and is a decent and trendy option. It retains the heat for a long duration and is known as a good conductor of heat. But one drawback of this variant is that it can't withstand thermal shock and tends to crack after some time. In addition, it also demands frequent cleaning. Stainless steel is the final variant, and it is the most expensive material. However, the material is very durable & resilient and easy to maintain, overshadowing its inability to retain temperatures for long.  You can easily choose steel with closed eyes if durability and easy maintenance are your primary buying points.

Check the Burner and Radiant Component     

Once you are satisfied with the grate material, you must check the burner's components and radiant. It is essential to guarantee a suitable burner substance for the charbroiler, just like gas burners with an oven. Here, you have cast iron and stainless steel as your two options. Cast iron has the disadvantage of quickly rusting and corroding compared to the stainless steel variant, even though it is less costly. While stainless steel is not cost-effective, it is commonly preferred in the commercial kitchen, as it can provide you with long-lasting service with minimal maintenance. The ball is in your court now, and you have to choose diligently to purchase your gas char grill rock.