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Commercial Gas Char Grills – Features & Benefits

Char grills are the best option to add that distinct barbeque flavour to your cuisine. A commercial gas char grill uses a skillet with a heat source which usually is gas. These appliances have become quite popular in domestic kitchens, steakhouses and commercial kitchen equipment. Earlier, one used to heat the traditional coal griddles with heated or burning coal. This coal usage resulted in the equipment taking a lot of time to heat, and it was a prolonged process. This tedious process is the reason why the gas variant has come into the picture. They are easy to use, takes very little time to heat and are very efficient.

Features of Gas Char Grills

The following are some of the features of Gas coal machines provided by Simco, the leading gas char grill supplier in Australia:

  • High-Quality constructed frame
  • Long-Lasting burners and standby pilots
  • Flame failure
  • American Robertshaw valves and controls
  • Built with 304 stainless steel
  • ¾ inch pipe gas inlet
  • Four stainless steel screws on adjustable legs designed to sit on a bench
  • A drip tray which can be removed
  • Manual controls
  • Easy manual ignition for all the burners
  • Separate controls for all the burners
  • Available in Natural Gas and Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
  • Corrosion-proof
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • It stands to suit all available griddles in stainless steel
  • Australia-wide Two-year warranty on parts & labour
  • Additional Two-year warranty on parts (when registered online)
  • It facilitates requirements of big restaurants as well as medium and small-sized delicacy establishments.

Apart from these appliances, there are other requirements in a commercial kitchen. If you are an eatery or similar establishment and require high-quality benchtop catering equipment for your perusal.

Benefits of Commercial Char Grills

Provides a Deliciously Charred Appearance to Your Food

These products transform the texture of your food item into a beautifully burnt appearance. There are many different cuisines that can look more tempting from a slightly burnt look. However, this doesn't mean that these items are burnt or potentially overcooked. It means that they consist of an appearance that looks like someone put them over a flame. Most people love the look of charbroiled mushrooms, chicken breasts and hamburgers, while certain vegetables are also made palatable by cooking in this manner. Your food item will have dark lines, just like a barbeque when you use this machine.

Provides Added Flavour to Your Cooking

While the gas char grill rock changes the appearance of various food items, it does more than that.  It also provides a positive effect on the flavour of what you're preparing in the commercial kitchen. For example, when you cook delicacies like pork chops, steaks and many other popular items in this way instead of on a flat-top griddle, the taste of all these food items increases manifold. The business of the restaurants depends on the patrons. If you want them to crave your cuisine so much that they return to your establishment often and recommend & give positive reviews online about your food joint, the delicious taste of slightly roasted food can help in this matter.

You can add flavours through other offerings, such as Commercial Gas Cooktops, apart from the one mentioned here. Simco takes utmost care of equipment performance and providing requisite taste to the patrons. To browse our whole range of cooktops, visit Simco.

Adds Another Cooking Platform in Your Kitchen Repertoire

One of the advantages of a commercial coal skillet is that it gives an additional surface to cook your food items, thereby freeing the other machines for usage. For example, suppose you are preparing food items on any appliance, such as a commercial variant. In that case, you might swiftly stuff it with food items and have other customers waiting a long time for their food due to a backlog of orders in the kitchen. When you purchase a coal griddle for your kitchen, you could use it for preparing items such as burgers, steaks and chicken breasts, among other things. This facility will keep other appliances free to prepare different essential cuisines, thus ensuring no backlog.

Burn Hotter than Other Preferences

Another advantage of gas char grill radiant is that their burning capacity is better than their other counterparts. It burns hotter than others and provides with the crusty and crispy outer part and tender delight from the inside. In the hands of an excellent chef who knows to use the machines to his or her benefit, this commercial kitchen equipment will provide enormous advantages. In addition, these roasters allow the food to be cooked slowly for a long time. It results in a tempting flavour of smoke capable of melting every food lover's heart with the moist goodness of the delicacy.

Cost-Effective & Value for Money

When a gas roaster is manufactured using coal, the design becomes more straightforward and less expensive. The reason behind this simplicity is that gas coal grills have very few components and, therefore, very cost-effective. Their simple design makes them less costly to manufacture and value for money for all the buyers. In addition, there are very few chances of a coal roaster failing due to reduced points of failure. This feature makes them last longer, thereby making it a great return on your investment. Another reason for this preference is that coal itself is inexpensive in most locations and can be purchased easily anywhere. This attribute makes the gas char grills more convenient for every food outlet.

Many other products are equally cost-effective and a decent return on investment. One of these is our Commercial Refrigeration options. To check out more variants of our freezers/fridges, feel free to visit Simco and select your favourite model.

Best for Multi-Zone Cooking

Another of the crucial benefits of charcoal grills is that they are ideal for multi-zone cooking. While regular gas and electric roasters require several burners or components to get diverse cooking zones, the feature is seamlessly built into the design of the gas char griddles. You only need to distribute your coals in the way you want for isolated cooking zones. If you put most of your coals into one area of the equipment, it will provide you with more direct heat than its other counterparts. It also allows you to indulge in slow cooking the food items away from the direct heat or cook various lovely delicacies over varying temperatures. You can check out the whole range of these grills on Simco, the leading gas char grill supplier.

Avoids Flare-Ups & Keep You Safe

The dangerously rising flame may look lovely on a cooking grill, but it is very unsafe. However, the gas char grills also are less likely to cause flare-ups as compared to charcoal grills. The principal reason behind this is that when you cook with a charcoal grill, the food oils and other juices & liquid particles from the items get immediately vaporised, which is not the case with the standard gas grill. Naturally, it leads to a more safe & secure food preparing experience as it decreases the chance of getting burns on your face, hands or other body parts.

Keeping you safe and secure by providing continuous service of our machines to you is our goal. The longer life of devices is the dream of every food outlet, and Simco is known for its long-lastingness and top-quality. For checking out the catalogue of our items, such as Stainless Steel Bench.

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