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Going Digital – Why your foodservice business needs it?

Running a business is always challenging, and when it comes to the food and catering sector – be it a restaurant, a cafeteria, a salad bar or a catering company, the task might be overwhelming. Every business is now going digital to keep up with the changing times. So, do you also need to follow suit? Is it just another difficult addition to your business operations that will make the job even more cumbersome? Or your business will benefit from it? We will address all these questions in this blog, starting with why your business needs to go digital.

Why do you need to go digital?  

Do you know where your customers are? How are they deciding to pick your restaurant over that of your competitor to dine out? Before the smartphone wave seeped into the very fabric of people and culture, finding these answers could have been the most challenging job, but not anymore.

Reach your customers where they are

88% of the total Australian population is on the web now! Yes, you heard us right. So, irrespective of your target group, your customers or at least someone from their family is on the internet. It might be difficult and expensive to reach them physically through physical promotional campaigns, but reaching them online is simple, uncomplicated, and effective.

One of the very first benefits of going digital with your foodservice business is, it gives you a perfect platform to reach your buyers quickly, without straining your budget. In this fiercely competitive market, you cannot wait for your consumers to pick up your service by chance. You must reach them, convince them, and become their ‘preferred choice’ to bring the business home. And, going digital is the way to do just that with ease.

Proper organization is vital to utilize the full space in the upright storage fridge freezers in your restaurant. Similarly, to use the full benefits of going digital, you need an organized plan that fits your budget. Going the half-way or just doing it for the sake of it, will not yield results.    

Influence decision making

According to reports, 75% of smartphone users access restaurant information on the go. Going online will help you to be visible to your customers. That alone is not enough to influence their decision to dine at your restaurant and not that of your competitor. Here, online reviews will come into play.

Online reviews influence purchase decisions of as much as 93% consumers. The easiest way to convince your target consumers to select your service is to have great online reviews by your loyal buyers. Being on the internet makes it easy for your business to influence your customers’ decisions.

More to the point, curved glass cake displaysupright display fridges and freezers or any other food display unit can influence buyers through visual merchandising. Displaying the food is one of the primary and yet most effective ways to influence buying decisions. A whopping 86% of consumers check out the menus online before dining out. Keeping your business page updated with pictures of delicious dishes from your latest menu, can help a lot more to attract customers than you can imagine. 


Keep them informed

Staying in touch with your customers always pays off. A one-time promotion is great to get the attention and the first-time business but staying in touch is what pays off in the long run. Relationship building is vital to turn buyers to loyal patrons and staying in communication is essential.

An active presence on social media platforms is the easiest way to stay in touch with your client base. You can keep your followers informed about all of your updates and changes regularly through social media. Posting what is going on at your end on a day to day basis can be highly useful to build a relationship that will naturally lead to loyal customers.  

For example, say you are adding pizzas to your new menu. Post an image of the all-new, filled-in pizza prep table you have just arranged with beautiful, fresh ingredients and some fresh dough. It is as simple as that!  Posting direct reviews from your customers who have frequented your establishment, is another excellent way to keep your followers hooked and interested in visiting your restaurant.  

Offer better service  

Reaching your customers is essential. Influencing their decision is another crucial step, but you can only achieve success when you can satisfy your customers with your service. In this highly competitive food and catering industry, in the end, everything comes down to the quality of service. If you cannot satisfy the customers with great service, you will lose the business forever.

Going digital can considerably improve service quality. From online bookings which will eliminate any waiting time at your restaurant, to paying bills online – harnessing the full power of technology will naturally improve your service quality. It will streamline the processes and also help your staff work more efficiently and enhance your service.     

Now you know why you should go digital, but even though it will add one more task to your day to day work, it will be worth it and you will get a lot more in return. Going digital is the way to streamline your daily processes, improve your customer service, expand your branding and eventually, grow sales and revenue. So, if you are looking for success, it is time to explore the digital world. The best thing is, going digital and reaping its full benefits need not be a cumbersome process if you follow a structured plan from the very beginning.

When you are in search of the best upright storage fridge freezers in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, or Hobart, the first thing you do is to talk to a renowned upright storage fridge freezers supplier for a clear idea about the right product. Similarly, for a more detailed picture about going digital, you can always opt for professional assistance.  

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