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Buying a Commercial Refrigerator? Know what you should look for

commercial refrigeration solution is an expensive but essential investment for any commercial kitchen and catering business. Keeping the raw ingredients and the prepared food fresh for a longer duration can be a challenge without a proper refrigeration system. If you are launching a start-up in the foodservice industry, you must spend on a dependable refrigeration unit.

Can you imagine a kitchen and catering business operating efficiently without gas cooktops? No, you can’t, and it is the same with refrigerators. These are necessary equipment for the foodservice business, and even the smaller ventures need them to operate efficiently. 

In commercial kitchen appliances, quality is a paramount factor. A device that is not reliable, is never suitable for business. 

When buying a cooling solution for your foodservice business, you should check out the following,  


Find the best brand 

A renowned brand will stand for the quality of its products. A reputed brand with a product range designed for commercial kitchen applications will always ensure the best value for all their appliances, including the refrigerators.  

But choosing the best brand is not easy, and it is easier said than done. There are several brands in the market, and while some of them are the market leaders, some brands might fall short as far as the quality or after-sales service is concerned.

To select the best brand for a commercial refrigerator, invest some time in online research. Check out the various brands manufacturing commercial refrigerators, their history, product range and customer reviews. Brands like Atosa stands for excellent quality and gives real value for money.   

Selecting the right brand can solve many problems at one go and make sure that you invest in a product that gives you the best service for an extended period. 

Choose the right type and size 

Refrigerators come in a wide range of varieties. There are storage fridges as well as the display ones and even walk-in models. Specialized refrigeration solutions like pizza prep tables, bar fridges are also available.


Choose the refrigerator according to your specific requirements. Consider the refrigerator's purpose, and you will get a clear idea about the type you will need. The type of food you will store in the appliance should also be taken into account.

The cooling solutions come in different shapes, sizes and specifications. Starting from the number of doors to the unit's width, height, and depth, there are plenty of options to choose. The wide range of available options can also make the task of finding the right model confusing.

To decide the best size, consider the volume of food you would like to store and the available space where you would install the unit. Keep in mind that the actual storage capacity of the cooling solution will be less than its dimension.

The arrangement of racks and boxes inside the refrigerator will also affect how much food or raw ingredients you can store in it. Consider your stock purchase and the number of customers you serve on a daily basis to determine the right size. 

Verify the quality

The quality of a refrigeration solution depends on the parts and the structure. The best quality commercial refrigeration units always come with branded compressor and controller.


A fridge or freezer is dependable only if it has a branded compressor that can deliver efficient service for years. The same goes for the controller. Before purchasing a cooling solution, always verify that it has branded compressor and controller.

304 stainless steel exterior and interior is popular in commercial refrigerators. This material is resilient, resistant to corrosion, easy to clean and maintain. In short, it has all the properties to suit the heavy-duty demands of the food service business.   

Check for essential features 

While the features of a refrigerator will naturally vary according to the type and use, the following are the standard features that should come with a good quality fridge or freezer designed for use in a commercial environment.  

  • Auto defrost – The automatic defrost system prevents ice build-up in the refrigerator, ensuring the proper working of the device. Manual-defrost can be a problem in commercial environments. Missing out on defrosting at the right time can prevent the unit from working correctly, leading to the deterioration of the food stored in it. Auto-defrost eliminates the chance of manual error and ensures that your system is functioning at its best. 
  • Self-closing doors – This feature is essential for cooling solutions used in restaurants and foodservice. The door is opened several times in a day. Not closing the door properly, every time, particularly during a hurry, is only expected. A self-close door will make sure that it is closed when the staffer is not accessing it anymore. This will help to maintain the interior temperature more efficiently.


  • Gastronorm compatibility – Gastronorm compatible cooling units can make storage simple for large-scale kitchens. You can directly store the gn pans that you are using in the oven or in the buffet in a gn compatible refrigerator, which will naturally reduce the hassle of changing the container to store a food item. 

Energy efficiency  

Every commercial kitchen equipment, be it a steel hood or a fridge should be energy efficient. The price of the device is a onetime investment, but the power bills are a recurring expense. The cooling system is most expected to stay on for days without any rest, and unless it is energy efficient, it will lead to massive electricity bills. In addition to that, an energy-efficient device is also environment friendly.  


Even the best quality equipment can not last forever and will need service eventually. So, you need a device that can provide uninterrupted service for long and can be serviced quickly when needed. The reputed commercial refrigerator suppliers from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Hobart offer coverage for years on parts and labour. The best suppliers also maintain a network of registered technicians who can service the appliance as per need. 


Considering the above points, while buying a commercial refrigerator can help you to make the right choice.   

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