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Factors to Consider When Getting Curved glass cake display

Are you opening a patisserie or deli? Let’s design it for success with the right display.

You don’t only need the best baking equipment in the kitchen but also the perfect place to showcase the fine items you make.  Visual merchandising is the ‘sneaky trick’ of the foodservice industry to boost sales. To use it, you need a display solution that gives you an edge.

Curved glass cake displays can be your companion to entice the customers to get to your shop and try the fresh items. However, every round cake showcase is not the same, and only a branded product can make a dependable companion. So, before you start looking for the right device, check out the factors you need to consider, 


The size 

The size of the showcase is one of the most crucial aspects. It would help if you got it right in the first try, exchanging the unit or changing the interior of the shop to accommodate the unit, can lead to unnecessary delay. So, how to get the right size in the first try? Read on, 

  • Decide the place
  • Measure the space  
  • Consider the menu 
  • Consider the demand 
  • Decide the height 

First, decide the place where you would like to place the unit – in front of the large window in your shop to charm even the casual passer-by or just opposite to the shop entrance or close to the sitting area or maybe some other more apt place in your shop. 

It will naturally vary depending on the size of the shop and the type of the business – grab-and-go, sit-and-eat or both. You can also opt for multiple displays according to the need. 

Next, measure to confirm how much space you can spare for the device in your desired location. 

Now, consider the number of items you would like to present in the case as well as the expected demand. You don’t want to keep the items in the showcase for long as that might result in deterioration of the taste and texture. Keeping the racks empty will not look good either. 

Also, keep in mind, a square glass cake display will naturally have more space than a curved glass model. 

Deciding the height of the unit is another crucial factor. The cake showcases are available in 2, 3 and 4 tier models. While the ones with more number of tiers will naturally give you more storage space, they will also cover more vertical area.  

You need to consider all these aspects before finalizing the size and adjust as per need.

Temperature range 

Cake showcases are available in different temperature ranges depending on the intended use. The displays for cold storage typically maintain a temperature from +2 °C to +12 °C. The exact temperature range varies from one model to another. These models are perfect for storing cakes, pastries, mousses, and jellies. 


The frozen display is the other variety. These units maintain a temperature in the sub-zero range and are used for storing items like cake ice creams.

It is essential to consider the type of food you will showcase as well as the outside temperature before deciding the right temperature range for the showcase.

Compressor and controller 

For any refrigeration unit, be it an upright storage fridge and freezer or a patisserie showcase the compressor and the temperature controller make the most vital part. It is only a good quality compressor and controller combination that can provide the desired service. Always make sure to spend on a unit that comes with branded compressor and high-quality controller. 

The cooling power, as well as the power efficiency of the equipment, primarily depends on the compressor. Opting for a device with a non-branded compressor will undoubtedly save on budget, but you will have to spend more on the operational expenses and maintenance, which can add up considerably over time. 

More to the point, a refrigeration solution with a non-branded compressor is not dependable, and sudden breakdown or improper working during a busy workday can have a severe impact on your business.


Having low-quality controllers can also cost you dearly as it won’t maintain the precise temperature as per the changing outside environment, leading to quick deterioration of the food. 

Frame and shelf material 

Resilient and easy to clean these are the primary factors to consider. You need the unit to be tough enough to survive the daily wear and tear and also easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel frame and toughened glass shelves are preferred in cake displays. 

Stainless steel is highly resilient, hygienic, easy to clean and maintain. The same goes for high quality toughened glass shelves. Stainless steel also has a natural smart look that patches well with glass.  

In hot and humid weather, condensation on the glass can be an issue. Hence, quality models should come with heated glass to remove condensation and maintain proper visibility.

Choosing the right material for the display unit is essential as it is directly related to the longevity of the unit. 


Lighting has a crucial role to play in the display. So, always get a glass showcase that comes with proper LED lighting. The colour of the light can be white or yellow, and you should pick one according to the type of food you will present in the case. 


There are customized lighting options that let you highlight a particular item displayed on the case. Choose as per your need. 


Mobility is another point you need to consider while buying a curved glass cake display. You are not supposed to move the unit when it is filled, but it should give you the option to change place when empty as per your changing needs.

Showcases fitted with castors are always easy to move. Buying a unit that comes with castors will make moving the unit quick and simple.


The other thing you need to consider apart from the ones discussed above is the supplier. You should find a reputed curved glass cake display supplier in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, or Hobart to buy the equipment. Also, make sure that the device comes with a warranty on parts and labour. 

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