A commercial Bain Marie is integral to the modern catering & hospitality industry. It is a type of appliance that uses the process of surrounding the food with hot water to prepare food at low temperatures. The term "Bain Marie" is believed to be derived from ancient Roman customs & practices that used hot water in large stone containers with a fire burning underneath them to boil the water inside.  In French, this specific product is typically called a 'double boiler,' meaning the presence of two vessels.

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Revisiting Bain Marie

We can connect the history of this fantastic offering to many hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago to the Romans in ancient times. The people in Rome used this appliance as their homes did not have ovens. Therefore, they had to make an open fire outside and prepare their food in pots & pans. But, since this method was hazardous and irrational, they came up with the strategy to utilise warm water in a container that would perform the task of being a heat-proofing agent and simmer the preparation at a far lower temperature than boiling it directly. That was the period when this product came into being.

Prominent Bain Marie Variants

While the offering executes fundamentally similar functions, you will find two primary variants of the equipment - Countertop Bain Marie & its Undercounter models. We will look into both these variants one by one.

Countertop Bain Maries

These premium items can be crafted into your pantry or purchased as a separate piece of equipment. Typically, the countertop models are easy to move around in the kitchen and are the most popular because of this reason. These models also have a large surface area that is perfect for preserving sauces at the ideal temperature to stop them from splitting or curdling. It can be used to keep dips warm without letting them get too hot and runny and kept warm until other dishes are ready. This item can be bought from Simco, the leading Bain Marie supplier in Sydney & Melbourne.

Undercounter Bain Maries

These equipment variants are suitable for commercial kitchens with a lot of space to move around, unlike the stuffed household kitchens. These products also possess a large body and can store more ingredients & items than its countertop variant. Such factors make them an appropriate choice for cooking off batches of sauce to go with numerous dishes. There is also no danger of the food drying out as one can top up the water if it gets low.

About the Product's In-Built Insulation Process

The item comes with a unique process for insulation, meaning one can keep the beverages for a significant duration at a precise temperature. Such control enhances the quality of cooking and ensures the perfect preparation of cuisines every time. There is an emersion variant available that uses conduction to warm the drinks. This feature makes the offering suitable for every cookware.  As this procedure heats the beverages using direct contact, one drawback of the product is the risk of damage to the pot & Bain Marie faces if the utensil boils dry or becomes too hot after simmering above boiling point. Therefore, one must take special care of their pantry equipment while it is being used to prevent such mishappening.

What are the Uses of This Item?

There are multiple ways through which the product could be used in the kitchen. Some of them are given below.

Preserving Sauces at Accurate Temperature

You can prevent the sauces from curdling or unscrambling by keeping them at precise temperatures. Therefore, the next time you prepare the hollandaise or béarnaise, never forget to use this premium device.

Warming the Dips

You can help the dips not become too fluid and liquid by keeping them warm in this fantastic item. With this feature, you can afford not to reheat them and serve them to the customers right away. You can get the equipment at Simco, the top Bain Marie supplier in Brisbane.

Keeping the Desserts Ready to Serve

You can save the desserts like ice cream from melting and perishing before they are served to the customers. Use the equipment to place the desserts, and your items will remain fresh. In fact, this item is used as an additional cooking medium for specific pastry creams, such as Millefeuille that requires the cream to be prepared in the instrument. Many other such dishes can be cooked using the product, and you can search for the same.

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Things to Consider While Buying Bain Marie

There are some vital things to be considered when you go to purchase this particular item. It would be better if you thought about these factors, such as the ones mentioned below.

The Capacity of the Product

Think about the number of people you expect to cater to and the type of products you want to prepare before ordering the item. It would be better to have a side handle in your Bain Marie to effortlessly lift it out of a low oven or filled with hot water without burning your hands. The pans need to be large enough not to overflow when placed near the top but small enough & not too high for easy removal from an oven.

Depth of the Machine

The typical depth of such an item is about 6 to 7 inches, which should be enough for most catering purposes. However, if you intend to cook large chunks of meat and whole fish on your device, you can choose a deeper variant.

Substance Used for Designing the Product

Focus on the substance used for creating the item. Check whether the pot has heavy & thick walls to hold the heat well and cook uniformly. As various substances transfer warmth at differing rates, checking the product's material and especially the handle is crucial. Some chefs may prefer to opt for separately created components such as handles or pots but make sure they complement each other before purchasing them together. If you are looking for a highly reliable brand that offers high construction quality and more durability, consider buying from Simco, the leading commercial Bain Marie supplier in Perth.

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