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15 types of commercial refrigeration solutions sold by Simco

No commercial kitchen can operate efficiently without a proper refrigeration system. Simultaneously, the need for refrigeration varies considerably depending on the model of the business and the type of menu prepared and served.  

Refrigerators and freezers are the two basic types of commercial refrigeration solutions used in the foodservice industry. The refrigerators maintain an inside temperature in the range around -2°C to +8°C, while the freezers maintain sub-zero temperature (around -22°C to 17°C). The exact temperature range depends on the particular application of the unit.   

Simco is known for its range of premium quality commercial refrigeration solutions. The Atosa refrigeration sold by Simco are highly reliable, comes with all European parts, maximizes usable space, and reduces energy consumption. 


Refrigeration range sold by Simco 

Simco deals in an extensive range of refrigeration solutions. The top varieties include, 

Top-mounted solid door refrigerators/freezers 

In this type of cooling/freezing appliances, the compressor unit is mounted on top of the device. The purpose of the system is to store ingredients or prepared dishes at the right temperature. 

Complete stainless-steel construction with self-closing and stay-open doors ensures longevity, ease of cleaning and use. The models come with pre-installed castors for better mobility. 

Top-mounted refrigeration solutions are available in single, double, and three-door models. There is also a compact version ideal for smaller establishments.  

Dual temperature, all-in-one fridge and freezer

This top-mounted, solid door model combines a fridge and a freezer in the same unit and serves a dual purpose. White PVC heavy duty shelving holds food trays and pans with ease. The model can work efficiently in the busiest kitchens.   

Top-mounted glass door refrigerators/freezers

The glass models are also used for storage and they offer a clear display. It helps to find the stored items quickly without opening. 

Fan-forced cooling and auto-defrost are the other two notable features of these models. Available in single and double door options. There are also compact models with single and double doors under this category. 

Bottom mounted display refrigerators

These commercial refrigerators are specially designed keeping the display needs of businesses in mind. Best used for storing beverages at the right serving temperature. These are ideal for use at the front of the house and store outlets to promote visual merchandising. These are perfect for customers to check and pick the item of their choice.

These fan-cooled units maintain a temperature in the 0°C to 10°C range.  Digital control with LED display ensures precise temperature setting as per the changing weather. Double layer, tempered glass is used to ensure the best longevity.

Internal LED lighting and LED light box provides perfect visibility of the stored products. It is available in Single and double door models.


Solid door cooling/freezer tables   

These heavy-duty refrigerated tables with zero-emission insulation foam have 43°C ambient working temperature. The device uses a fan-forced cooling system and has the auto-defrost function for ease of use. 

The top table provides sufficient space to work on. GN pan compatibility makes these devices ideal for commercial kitchen use.  

There are two, three and four-door models in cooling/freezer tables. There is also the option of customizing the freezer table with drawers. 

Glass door cooling tables 

The glass variant of cooling tables has the benefit of easy visualization of the items stored in it, which helps to find ites quickly. 

The features of glass cooling tables are similar to their solid door counterparts, only here high-quality, tampered, double-glazed glass is used on the door to ensure better visibility within the cabinet. 

Two, three and four-door options are available. 


Compact undercounter refrigerators/freezers

Undercounter refrigeration solutions are great at saving space. You can have them in your storefront for quick storage and access to food items while ensuring the right storage temperature and quality. 

The appliance comes with stainless steel interior and exterior with galvanized back panel. Complete environment friendly and perfect for commercial applications. Available in multiple door options. 

Sandwich prep table refrigerators 

For businesses selling sandwiches, a sandwich prep table from Simco's collection is an ideal cooling solution. It gives a worktop, wide enough to prepare sandwiches and a cooled, covered counter well to hold the fresh ingredients. 

The refrigerated lower section can be used for storing more ingredients, sauces and bread in bulk.

These prep tables maintain a temperature range between +1°C to +8°C and are available in single, double, and three-door variants.

Pizza prep table refrigerators     

Simco has launched a comprehensive collection of high quality and customized refrigerated pizza prep tables. The flat-top workspace in these refrigerators is wider than the sandwich tables. These are designed to hold the pizza ingredients in a refrigerated and covered top counter well. 


The unit maintains a temperature range of +1°C to +8°C and is available in single, double, and three-door variants. One can customize the tabletop material and counter style as per requirements. Customizing the doors for drawers is also possible. 


Simco boasts of an impressive saladette range with unique customization options. These are designed to serve in the hot environment of Australia. It uses gas 134A refrigerant and zero-emission insulation foam. 

A temperature range between -2°C and +8°C is maintained inside the refrigerator. It is cooled by a static cooling system and uses manual defrosting. Available in double and three-door variants. Can be customized for drawers and different benchtop materials (Marble, stainless steel, etc.) as per needs. Sliding lid saladette and other countertop customization are also available. 

Refrigerated cake showcases 

Simco's wide range of refrigerated cake showcases can meet the unique needs of cake shops, patisseries, cafes, and restaurants looking for a refrigerated display solution. Two and three-tier square and curved glass cake showcases are covered in the range.  

It also includes compact tabletop showcases that can work as excellent benchtop catering equipment in foodservice outlets. The cake showcases come with sliding and removable doors, high quality LED lighting and heated glass for ease of use and visibility. These appliances work in the +2°C to +8°C temperature range. 

Chest freezer 

The chest freezer range has a working temperature of -18°C and is available in solid door and sliding top models. These environment-friendly freezers are designed for low energy consumption and are perfect for commercial use. The glass sliding flap model also comes with interior LED lights as standard. 

Back bar refrigerators 

Refrigerated back bar coolers are available in self-contained, side mount models. They come with digital temperature control, epoxy coated shelves and magnetic gaskets. Comes with locks to ensure complete security. 

Keg coolers   

Can you imagine an operational kitchen without a gas cooktopNo, it's difficult. The gas cooktop works as the workhorse in every kitchen. Similarly, a beer bar cannot operate efficiently without keg coolers. These specialized cooling solutions chill and store a large volume of beer that can be quickly served to the customers. 

High-quality keg coolers with dual tap tower standard in different size specifications are available from Simco. 

Chef bases 

The low base chef's table collection maintains +1°C to +8°C working temperature. These are provided with drawers that roll smoothly and can be taken out easily for cleaning. They serve the dual purpose of a worktop and refrigerated storage together and delivers the best efficiency in commercial environments.  

Simco is a renowned commercial refrigerator supplier in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, and Hobart. They have the widest collection of refrigerators and freezers. Apart from the 15 variants mentioned above, there are also customized models available to suit specific business needs.


If you are looking for a high quality, branded refrigeration solution and you are in Australia; we can provide you with the best options at the best price. Our refrigeration solutions are also covered by 2 years warranty on parts and labour + 2 years warranty on parts if you register with us. 

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