Very few industries can match the amount of dedication, commitment and toughness required in the field of the commercial hospitability business, as a small mistake or misunderstanding in the kitchen can put a curtain on their profit-making hopes. Having specific equipment, such as stainless steel equipment with a dual sink, is essential for better management.

Double sink benches, also known as dual inlet or dishwasher bars, are among the most used devices in the commercial kitchen. These are used in commercial kitchens across the world. Their primary purpose is to fulfil the basic washing & cleaning needs of every food preparation workplace. This appliance helps give a beautiful look to your workplace & managing your tasks in a more effortless and organised manner.

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Working Process of Double Sink Benches

These machines are an indispensable part of the commercial cooking process, and the work process of the bars with a dual basin is also straightforward. A typical model has two bowls that are of precisely similar size placed side by side. One must store dishes on the side without the garbage disposal unit while using this type of model. Whenever you want to wash pots, pans and other containers, remove the food into the side with the garbage disposal, put the dishes on the counter and fill the other side with detergent and water. Now you can enjoy the dual benefits of soaking and washing the containers on the side with water and rinsing them on the other side once done with washing.

Process of Cleaning a Double Sink Bench

Stainless steel is a durable material that can provide you service for a long time. However, it needs proper cleaning and maintenance. The double sink benches made of high-quality steel must be cleaned frequently to ensure impeccable hygiene and no formation of corrosion or rust on its surface. The stainless steel surface is coated with a thin layer of chromium oxide to get protection from corrosion. The upper part can be cleaned by washing it using warm water and a mild detergent. You need to mix these two and clean the surface with the resultant mixture. Do not forget to wipe it thoroughly. You also need to take care of the formation of streaks on the surface due to improper wiping; therefore, ensure that the surface is adequately wiped. If you want your equipment to shine & give a squeaky clean look, you can use pure white or cider vinegar to wipe the steel surface.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Sink Benches with Double Sink

Saves Space on the Counter

The steel model with dual basins proves to be beneficial in saving space on the commercial kitchen counters. The food preparation counter space is often filled with items related to storage, decor, and ingredients. If your kitchen sounds the same, this equipment is for you. The dual basin provides you with the option of putting the drying rack in the bay instead of placing it on the counter. It enables you to wash & dry the dishes and bowl simultaneously without requiring counter space.

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Can be Installed Easily

The double sink models enable hassle-free installation. These models consist of two drains that require connection with each other. The only concern during installation may come from the fact is that while one side of the machine has a garbage disposal unit, the other side does not have it. Additionally, faucet placement is a tricky aspect for double basins, as it needs to be located to fill both sides if both sides of the product are used for washing. However, with the swift service of Simco, who supplies double sink benches to Sydney & Brisbane, these issues are quickly resolved.

Easy to Maintain

Like some solid surface or copper, some covers show wear and tear with more prolonged use, and their maintenance is a tricky proposition. However, as mentioned earlier, the maintenance of double sink models is significantly easier. You have to clean it frequently with soap water, and it will serve you for many years to come.

Features of Double Sink Bench

Some of the features provided by Simco, the leading double sink benches supplier, are the following:

  • The fabricated sink bowl added to the wet bench.
  • Pre-punched waste hole to suit 90mm waste.
  • It is supplied flat packed ready for assembly.
  • 150mm splashback height.
  • 41mm diameter and 1.2mm thick round stainless steel tube legs.
  • Bowl size 450mm*450mm*300mm bowl size, which is available left, right, or center.
  • Adjustable stainless steel feet fitted as standard.
  • It is designed for the suitability of fitting a dishwasher underneath it and also supplied with leg braces.

Where Can We Use Double Sink Benches?

These bars are the lifeblood of any commercial kitchen due to their catering-related importance, and their requirement as a piece of draining equipment is everywhere across sectors. Irrespective of the location being a hotel, restaurant or any small kitchen with a workplace, these appliances are a must-have for you.

Some of the locations where you can use these models:


Every hospital needs equipment to clean the dishes hygienically and safely. That is why these machines are essential. It makes the functioning of a kitchen better with its benefits and organises the workplace better. This machine is a vital part of the kitchen & therefore reduces the workload of the employees and help in proper cleaning & maintenance of dishes. You can visit Simco, the leading double sink benches supplier in Australia, for any queries related to the purchase of this equipment.


The stainless steel model with a double basin can also prove helpful in cafes. The cafes are generally famous for serving their customers swiftly, and continuous orders of their patrons may result in the plates and bowl not being cleaned at the right time. This area is where the appliance can work wonders, as it is one of the best cleaning devices for any kitchen.

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Families & Households

It may seem laughable at first, but tasks in a household are by no means inferior to the work done in commercial workplaces. Working in a home can be a stressful and straining proposition. If you have a large family, it means that the number of dishes racked up on the basin will also be huge. This situation is where this equipment of Simco, the double sink benches supplier to Melbourne & Perth, is beneficial for you. It helps you clear the clutter of the basin and makes your life easier.

Hotels & Restaurants

These appliances also perform an essential role in hotels and restaurants. These establishments have a massive inflow of customers resulting in large piles of plates and other utensils. These machines are designed with a particular focus on efficiency and are adept at handling such significant loads quickly. Having these devices result in high profitability as they keep your staffs supercharged and help in significantly increasing the rate of operations.