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Why Are Prep Fridges Considered Essential in the Commercial Kitchen Workspace?

Modern cooking procedures demand the presence of commercial prep fridges or counters in the kitchen or catering space. You can prep and serve unique cuisines like salads, sandwiches and pizzas by making these appliances function as the fulcrum of operations. You should determine your exact requirements before deciding on an ideal top-quality freezer. This device provides multiple options, offers numerous advantages and assists in swiftly concluding the food cooking and serving procedure, thereby decreasing the waiting time of the patrons.

These food readying stations typically provide a surface for preparing and organising foods combined with refrigerated storage space for ingredients underneath. These platforms offer you a customised workplace with the advantages of an under bench chiller and freezer. You can fulfil multiple industrial kitchen requirements through these perfect and efficient solutions. In this blog post, we will find out the reasons why this appliance is considered a must in your pantry.

These products work wonderfully in any food outlet. However, if you are looking for more adjustable, space-saving and efficient equipment, browse the wide range of Under Bench Fridges & Freezers on Simco. 


Benefits of Prep Fridges

Systemised Work Location With Storage for Refrigeration

A specified area in the kitchen for arranging your food items and ingredients helps you do your work efficiently. However, it would be better to consider that any tabletop couldn’t meet this requirement. A chef needs to get a cutting/chopping surface that is robust enough not to get scratches from any sharp object and should be spacious to perform your tasks without any hassles. There are particular cuisines using flour. Therefore, the table should also be appropriate for kneading and spreading the dough. In short, a cook needs a device to complement their requirements, and the prep counter is the ideal choice. You can get this appliance at Simco, the leading commercial prep fridges supplier in Sydney & Melbourne.

Many variants of these machines are available with gastronorm pan space on the top, ensuring all the fresh ingredients are at a comfortable distance. You can also securely take care of your storage needs through the devoted freezer beneath the table, where you can put all the sauces, doughs, food items, and other ingredients. The platform provides a fully sorted workspace which is paramount to cooking delicious dishes for your customers. 

Provides you With Assured Freshness

The freshness of the food items is a severe concern of food and hospitality operations. If you don’t have adequate refrigeration facilities in your organisation, it can be tough to maintain and preserve the quality & taste of the ingredients. These commercial prep fridges are perfect for storing raw products, cooked food, meat and other components in an appropriate condition so that there is no change in the experience. In this regard, the product is unlike the curved glass cake displays that assist in keeping the freshness of the displayed end-product intact.

You can efficiently enhance your available space by owning the industrial worktop refrigerators with gastronorm pan space on top. These products provide proper chilling space for all the fresh and cooked products while ensuring that the raw items are kept at an ideal temperature, irrespective of taking out some of their portions. You will also get a lid to prevent the ingredients from being coated in dust and soot. However, if you fail to purchase one of these units, you have to continuously take the entire raw material out of the freezer, even if you need a small amount. So, if you are concerned about maintaining efficiency in your kitchen, this refrigerator unit with a customised benchtop is what you require.  

Freshness and upkeep are attributes that are taken care of minutely at our organisation. We provide maintenance-specific help on every premium equipment and refrigeration item, like Upright Display Fridges & Freezers. You can garner more information by visiting the website of Simco.


Enhance the Functional Efficiency

Another essential advantage of this device is the enhanced functional effectiveness it provides the kitchen by arranging food in the best manner. This equipment can carry all the items you require in one location, such as dough, raw meats, sauces and other raw products. While the perfectly equipped tabletop provides you with an ideal space to focus on your routine activities, the refrigeration device ensures the availability of every product near your reach within the same closeted area. Owning this device provides you with everything you need at an arm’s length right when you require the same. And you can perform your best as you don’t need to rush around everywhere to get the different items, which can be a hassle. It will also speed up the process and enable you to make high-quality dishes within less time, adding to the overall operational efficiency. You can browse the whole range of such items at Simco, the foremost commercial prep fridges supplier in Perth.

Available in Multiple Varieties

You can fulfil your different cuisines and hospitality industry requirements through these fridges available in numerous varieties. These options are exhaustive and available for categories such as sizes, number of fridges beneath the table, door type and material used to design the tabletop. There are multiple configurations, and you can select the best for you per your specific needs. However, the range of choices can be confusing unless you know your needs and which exact setting is the most appropriate to serve them. Discuss with your commercial prep fridge dealer to ensure that you get the right equipment for your commercial kitchen.

Available in Varied Styles

You can get the commercial prep fridges in wide variants and styles. In addition, you can also personalise your device from a few selected suppliers if you want. There are profound changes in styles, and some suppliers will even customise the equipment as per your need. The most purchased types include the items explained below.

Pizza Table – These useful tables can be gastronorm compatible or provide an extended wide surface for food arrangement. If your pantry serves large-sized pizzas, the ample work surface might be more appropriate. Otherwise, it is an acceptable option to select a sandwich bar. The refrigerated well for the gastronorm utensils will either sit in an open position or on a raised top. The pans are perfect for holding pizza toppings and are usually provided with a cover or lid. The refrigerated cabinet storage is available underneath.

Saladette/Sandwich Prep Table

This variant generally comes with a larger gastronorm pan capacity and smaller work area. If you are looking to launch a salad bar, these appliances are essential in the scheme of things. The GN pan well may be in an open position or raised to suit particular choices. The lid or cover over the well safeguards the ingredients and keeps freshness intact. The standard refrigerated storage cabinet underneath is ideal for holding sauces and replacement ingredients. Check out the vast collection on Simco, the top commercial prep fridges supplier in Brisbane.

Prep chillers can be utilised in numerous locations. However, if you require something particular for displaying beverages in a bar, restaurant or café, check out our collection of Commercial Bar Fridges on the Simco website. 

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