What should you look for while buying cake display fridges?

If you own a premium food establishment that serves cakes as part of the menu, you will need a cake display fridge to keep them fresh for an extended period. The most crucial factor to consider in such a situation is that even if your outlet brings significant revenues, such refrigerators can be quite an investment.

As people love eating cakes and need to see the product correctly before buying, you will need a cake showcase unit if you are managing a thriving bakery business. Once you procure a nice unit like a curved glass cake display, you will notice a very positive effect on your business. You show off all the nice things you have to offer to the customers that need to be showcased in front of them for maximum exposure.

Appliances like bakery presentation freezers are an essential piece of equipment for cafes, bakeries, restaurants or any other food joint that wishes to present their live cake catalogue for their consumers. The temperature range of the cuisine showcase fridges is very different from the regular fridges because cakes need to be kept at a specific temperature and humidity level to stay fresh and tasty. There are several benefits to buying a bakery showcase fridge. It can play an essential role in enhancing your business sales.

Another overlooked point to note is that not every delicacy is supposed to be stored in refrigerators. Therefore, you must be aware of whether the said bakery item is appropriate to be kept in a cooling appliance or not. In this situation, you can get help from Simco – the leading curved glass cake display supplier in Melbourne. Such measures help maintain the texture and the flavour of the cake. The two most important factors governing the items are the temperature and humidity levels. If they are not set right, they can have a very negative effect on the bakery items. Let us look at other vital things to look forward to while buying these presentation appliances.

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Sort out your Budget & Exact Requirements

The first and foremost thing that is critical when you start your search is to decide on the money you want to invest and why you are buying this premium appliance for your kitchen. It will ensure food items are cold; however, do you want to keep other bits and pieces in it or want to keep them for display only? If you want to store other food items, including butter or prepared ingredients other than bakery items, you need to check for a showcase cabinet and an additional fridge underneath. It is unacceptable or unsatisfactory to customers to present these items alongside other delicacies.

Compare the Benefits & Drawbacks of All the Models

One of the primary points you'll see while searching for the said appliance is the standing posture of the devices. While chest freezers are designed to be placed horizontally, curved glass cake displays stand upright. With the above comparison, it is clear that the chest freezers will need enhanced floor area. For this reason, they are typically kept in a garage or utility room.

In contrast, presentation and bakery fridges can generally be identified with the remainder of your pantry products and are likely to be opted for by the organisation when there is limited allotted space. Their upright alignment also means that these devices can be more convenient for arranging food ingredients into separate segments to keep meat separate from vegetables. This kind of separation is not usually possible with chest freezers, so it can be more challenging to organise your stock efficiently.

However, display and cake refrigerators are cheaper to purchase than upright freezers, and you will undoubtedly get more storage space for a similar cost. If you have enough room in your pantry and are looking to spend less money, then a premium bakery showcase fridge maybe your best option. You should comprehensively consider the pros and cons and decide for yourself which is the best freezer type for your particular circumstances.

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Consider Environment-Friendly Appliances by Checking Energy Efficiency

Bakery presentation appliances from Simco – the leading curved glass cake display supplier in Brisbane & Sydney, are among the most energy-efficient of kitchen products because cold air tends to go down and stay at the bottom of the freezer unit. This feature means that when you open the door of your chest freezer, less cold air will be escaped compared to the air that gets out when you open the door to a traditional upright cooling device. Therefore, they need to consume less electricity and preserve low temperatures more effectively. This feature can be a great advantage for you if you experience multiple power cuts, as this device ensures your food ingredients will stay fresh for more duration.

You may have commenced searching for cold storage or considering purchasing any other kind of refrigeration unit, such as fridge/freezers, tabletop equipment, or even looking at commercial delicacy display fridges refrigeration. However, it would be best never to buy appliances that release chlorofluorocarbons (CFC gases), potentially ruining the ozone layer. In addition, try to avoid HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons), which may enhance global warming. Always ensure checking the Energy Star seal to ensure that your new freezer is efficient, energy-saving and pro-environment. The energy effectiveness of such devices is ranked on a parameter that starts from A++ and goes till G. Products with an A++ rating is the most power-efficient and are therefore the most cost-effective for organisations. G-rated devices use the highest power and should be avoided.

Check out Some Additional Attributes

You might want to look out for several extra features when buying the curved glass cake display appliance. For example, frost-free freezers save you the chore of defrosting your freezer at regular intervals because they prevent the freezer from icing up. Some models feature fast auto freeze, which is a security measure that is fully applied when the temperature in the fridge gets to a maximum level. When the food is adequately frozen again, it will automatically turn off.


Few Questions to Get the Ideal Display Fridge

There are numerous methods to commence searching for the display fridges, and one of the prominent ones is the web platform. By using the internet, you will get a clear understanding of the various brands available in the market right now, along with the variants, attributes, costs, and advantages. Once you figure out which supplier has the type of cake display fridge you are looking for; you need to ask the questions listed below:

  • Does the supplier have a sample variant that I could see in operation?
  • If I want to purchase a cake display fridge from your outlet, how much time it would take to get delivered?
  • What are the payment modes?
  • Is the equipment available with warranties?
  • What about your service and maintenance department?
  • Do you offer on-site repair and servicing facilities?

Once you get the answers to these critical questions, it’s a great idea to go and see the models available at their store. You can also visit Simco – the foremost curved glass display supplier in Perth.

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