What are the steps to select a perfect commercial freezer?

Everybody in the catering & hospitality venture knows the importance of commercial fridges. Caterers and restaurateurs cannot run their businesses successfully without refrigerating systems. The refrigerator helps a caterer preserve the quality of their perishable items and is also the go-to equipment for storing the soft drinks served to the patrons. No food business can properly survive the competitive market without refrigeration appliances. Maybe they would be running at a loss or probably having frequent lawsuits for serving the public with unhygienic meals.

You can't underestimate the impact of a fridge in restaurants and catering institutions. It remains an ideal investment that you can make while launching or upgrading your venture in the hospitality industry. As a product that offers so many benefits, you need to provide full attention and care to ensure that you get an ideal appliance for your kitchen. However, if you don't know the process of buying a perfect commercial freezer, the quest may become futile and frustrating. In addition, you may also get confused with the presence of many brands in the market. We have offered a few tips for our users that you should consider while purchasing a commercial refrigerator for your restaurants.

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Decide on the Precise Model You Want to Buy

The refrigerator is only a broad term describing all equipment used to keep things cold and preserve perishable food substances. However, these refrigerators are in different forms, each unique feature. For instance, display fridges are best used for displaying cakes and drinks to customers in a cake shop, café, or bar. The commercial freezer is made with transparent glass and other attractive qualities to draw people's attention to whatever is inside it.

On the other hand, deep freezers are best used in storing fish, chicken, and food preparation substances that are raw and yet to be made. This device is incompatible with cooling drinks as it keeps a sub-zero temperature, resulting in the drinks getting solidified or broken after being in storage for long at that intense temperature. A chest freezer is there for any venture that needs a large refrigerator for storing and preserving bulky items. Meanwhile, drawer freezers are perfect for those establishments where chefs have to keep their food items in a cupboard. In contrast, you should be looking for various options in a counter fridge with a glass door if you offer self-service in your restaurants. For this reason, a kitchen owner or restaurateur should first determine the purpose and causes for the venture to buy a refrigerator or the purpose of purchasing such an industrial appliance. Doing this will guide you in selecting the right refrigerator choice for your business and prevent wasting capital.

Find Out the Correct Product Size for your Kitchen

It is essential to buy an ideally sized device, as it can save you from spending unnecessary money on an item of a more significant dimension. You can also get rid of your regret on buying an appliance smaller for your operations. However, you have to think about a couple of factors mentioned below before deciding on the dimension of the industrial freezer you want for your catering service or restaurant.

  • The number of items to be stored

The quantity of the food substance kept in the device will dictate the internal fridge size to be bought. Meanwhile, this decision rests solely on the size of your restaurant and the number of customers received daily. Another thing to influence the number of items stored in the refrigerator is the number of food on your menu. A fridge of significant size will reduce the number of times a restaurant has to order food products that quickly get spoiled, and they will not run out of materials sooner. But in the case of a large catering establishment with many professional chefs, it is better to have small appliances installed in different kitchen areas to work freely without interrupting each other. You can visit Simco – the leading commercial fridges supplier in Melbourne & Sydney for your requirements.


  • Available space

Before buying a commercial freezer for your business, you must consider the available space to position it. An upright freezer will assist you in maximising the small hole in your cake shop, while a sizeable deep freezer can stay in the kitchen or garage.

Consider the Price of the Product

The price of such commercial freezers varies with their size, number of shelves, and additional attributes. Display refrigerators with double glass partitions are typically the most expensive, while an organisation searching for a cost-efficient device could opt for chest freezers. If you want to change your old appliance and buy a new one, it is recommended not to go through loan availability issues and buy a used product instead. A second-hand commercial refrigerator can be a better replacement for a defective device. In addition, it could also serve as a possible way for a beginner to start the venture. Therefore, you can decide on your fridge options significantly influenced by your budget.

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Check for the Best Brands in your Vicinity

Another crucial consideration before buying the product for your business is to analyse and research the top refrigerator brands in your vicinity. You can perform this procedure by seeking precious insights from reputed technicians and specialists. You can also go on the internet to read reviews left by the customers who have brought the refrigerator. You can go for reputable brands from customer reviews because they offer reliability.

Check for the Availability of Castors

While it is a crucial point, this attribute is more helpful to the kitchen owners who may have to visit outside their registered address to offer their services. A freezer with castors will move from one place to another quickly. And with it, restaurant staff can quickly load drinks in the kitchen and then push them out with ease. Many variants are available for the product at various commercial refrigerator suppliers in Brisbane.


Confirm Whether Spare Parts are Easily Available

Whether it is a used freezer or a new refrigerator, you have to worry about the availability of spare parts around your locality. It is not recommended to buy a freezer that will require you to order spare parts from another country, as your business will suffer significant losses during the estimated shipping period of the said component.

Other Miscellaneous Factors to Consider

Fridges that are promoted and advertised should be environment-friendly and must include some attractive attributes such as lighting. It would be best also to remember to verify the electrical ratings of your fridge. It is not recommended to buy a refrigerator that utilises lots of electrical energy as it will significantly increase the power expenses. Therefore, you should opt for a refrigerator that consumes less power and delivers high efficiency from various alternatives provided by SImco – the leading supplier providing commercial fridges in Perth.

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