Wall Mounted and Over Shelves – Benefits and Maintenance Process

If you are worried about the lack of space in your kitchen and need additional space to work correctly, commercial shelving is the answer. It is one of the essential components of any catering business. You can quickly and efficiently utilise unused space to integrate additional storage. Wall mounted and over shelves are commercial-grade storage racks that can be installed and fitted on the fences. These shelves are long-lasting and made of high-quality material. Therefore, they can survive and manage any requirements in the commercial kitchen. You can use these stainless steel shelves in many locations such as restaurants, libraries and other similar entities.

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A pantry is a cramped space as many items and ingredients lie scattered due to a proper storage box or shelf. Wall-mounted racks provide multiple benefits in such a scenario. We will take a look at some of these advantages in the following paragraphs.

Benefits of Wall-Mounted and Over Shelves

Provides Customisable Storage Options

Many catering businesses think of their customised requirements to buy a custom kitchen side mounted shelf. However, you don't have to affect yourself with this issue as the wall storage is available with customised designs. You can choose many references, and you will get wall-installed and over frames as per your requirement. You can calculate the potential things you need to store and then choose the precise sizing, materials and functionality of the equipment. It would help if you remembered that everyone's choices are different depending upon their storage needs, and what worked wonders for others may not work for you. You can get custom frames that can easily take the load of the things you want to stock by browsing the collection on Simco, the leading wall-mounted and over shelves supplier in Sydney.

Provides a Stylish and Beautiful Look

Many pantry owners have a perception that if a product is beautiful, it can't be efficiently functional. Therefore, many times they look at a great-looking product somewhere and do not buy it thinking it will not work correctly. While this perception may be accurate for most things, it is undoubtedly false for the wall-fitted racks. This product assists you in every task in the kitchen, and the best thing is that you don't have to surrender the functionality for style. Fence-fitted shelving is designed to be aesthetically pleasing as well as durable and able to withstand harsh environments. It will be a breeze to put away your ingredients in this stylish appliance.

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Prevents the buildup of Grime and Dirt 

The ability to prevent dust and dirt due to less space in its design is one of the fantastic benefits of the installed frames. It doesn't mean that dust doesn't collect on the shelf, just that it is easy to wipe and clean the same. In contrast, cleaning the cabinets and drawers is arduous as they attract more dirt than the racks. That is why most kitchen owners trust these racks to store items.

Clears the Cluttered Kitchen Space

Every kitchen staff will admit that their workplace doesn't have much space to put every ingredient in its place. That's where these frames come in handy. The kitchen is the centre of buzz in restaurants and food joints. This rush also means there is ample scope of mess and clutter all around the cooking area—usually, this clutter forms due to the inability of keeping things in their desired place. Personalised wall-mounted and over shelves allow you to store every necessary food ingredient on the shelf and prevent litter in the kitchen.

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Increases the Efficiency in the Kitchen 

The restaurant employees, cafe or bar, can achieve the highest efficiency and productivity due to not wasting precious time searching for what they require in multiple drawers and cabinets. Installing a side-mounted shelf saves time and clears the clutter, as explained earlier. Additionally, these racks can be quite helpful in assisting you to manage the optimal space organisation without reducing the size of the kitchen. A metal device such as the frames can fully replace ample cupboards, racks, and shelving solutions that take up invaluable space in the kitchen. You can check the collection of this equipment on Simco, one of the top wall-mounted and over shelves suppliers in Perth & Melbourne.

These Shelves Enable Easy Installation

The wall-mounted racks are very easy to install and do not require any person to mount. The only things you need are a drill, an average level and a measuring tape. You have to locate the studs on the side and put the support brackets in place. The next thing to do is to ensure that the shelves go on straight. In addition, another advantage of these shelves is that they can be mounted in a multitude of configurations. You can install a long bracket or hang them staggered to make the kitchen more attractive and add more flair to the storage space.

How to Maintain the Wall Mounted and Over Shelves of Stainless Steel?

The shelves installed on the wall are long-lasting and dependable. However, any equipment needs cleaning and maintenance to make it function effectively in the long run. You have to follow some tips to clean and maintain the shelf equipment that will surely be helpful to you. 

  • Keep the shelf in a dry climate to prevent rusting. In case it gets wet, dry it immediately.
  • Sanitise the surface by using a disinfectant cleaner to ensure the safety of the cover for food processing, 
  • You can wipe any spills and splotches by using water and a clean cloth.
  • Usage of mild soap and warm water is recommended for keeping the stainless steel wall mounted shelf shiny and clean. You can also clean tough stains and dirt with this combination.
  • The surface of the shelf should be free of moisture, and you have to ensure the same.
  • The fasteners of steel wall mounted shelves like nuts and bolts have the maximum chance of holding up grime and dirt. Therefore, ensure the tightening of these fasteners as frequently as possible.
  • You can remove the fingerprints by using the glass cleaner.
  • It would help if you always towelled dry after cleaning away the water streaks.
  • Try not to use cleaning solutions or sprays that contain bleach while cleaning the device, as they will stain and damage the shelves.
  • Try to remove stains using a simple cleaner.
  • Don't use steel brushes to clean the steel surface of the equipment, as it will make the product more vulnerable to rusting.
  • Ensure wiping in the direction of the grain to avoid leaving streaks.
  • Coarse cleaners tend to scratch the surface. Therefore, try to avoid these products.