Upright Storage Freezers: How Are They Different from Chest Freezers?

Space is one of the most significant points of contention in a commercial kitchen. Every food establishment strives to provide the best storage space for the ingredients. The ideal storage should have the ability to store large amounts of items for food preparation and offer innovation in its display. The upright storage fridges come under such storage units. These appliances are created to function wonderfully well to cool food items and take less floor space.

These fridges are vertical units that are available with solid doors. These upright storage freezers are adept at storing things and easily capable of maintaining and cooling the food items inside them. These devices are highly reliable & skilful and offer fantastic storage options for commercial kitchen needs. However, they have often been compared with chest chillers that are rectangular in size and open like a deep cooler. In the following paragraphs, we will see the difference between these two variants of coolers.

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Difference between Chest & Upright Storage Freezers

Product Features

The main feature of the deep chillers is that they assist you in organising the contents of the fridge with the help of at least one wire basket. However, they help adjust large and odd-shaped items that may be hard to store in a vertical chiller. However, one drawback of such features is that one needs a lot of moving, bending and reaching for frozen foods to find the exact material for preparation. You can manage the contents of a cooler better by separating different types of foods using cardboard boxes.

On the other hand, organising the frozen foods better is probably the best expediency feature of a vertical refrigerant. It helps in keeping frozen food current by making it effortless to check and swap contents. Some vertical models consist of adjustable and removable door storage bins, sliding, adjustable shelving, and pull-out baskets or containers with versatile storage systems. All these elements enhance the ease of arranging and storing contents.  If you are looking for such a product, you can find it on Simco, the leading upright storage freezers supplier in Sydney & Melbourne.

Product Appearance

Chest coolers consist of a door on top of the chiller that can be lifted when you need to use it. These doors are often extended and lower to the ground as compared to an upstanding cooler. However, many mini-deep chillers may need a bit more vertical space and less floor space. Many deep coolers enable mobility through their caster wheels. Though you will find most deep chillers with a white finish, you can also find a few rare stainless and black finishes.

In contrast, an upright storage fridge consists of a single front panel door that opens just like a fridge. The length of it will also be the same as a refrigerator. The finish of most of these products is white like the deep coolers, but you can also choose from the available selection of stainless and black stainless finishes. You can also find several other styles of chillers that will add a vintage look to your kitchen. An upstanding chiller will seamlessly integrate into your kitchen or additional high-traffic living space since it looks like a refrigerator, whereas a deep cooler often looks more practical and is usually most suitable for garages, basements, or other out-of-the-way areas.

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Size of the Equipment

There may be differences in storage capacity in the same-size deep and erect coolers model, but both kinds of chillers are generally available in 5- to 25 cubic-foot sizes. While these chillers are readily available, you should also confirm about the self-defrost models as not all refrigerants consist of this facility.

Care & Maintenance Facilities

Most deep chillers only provide the facility of defrosting manually, even though a few models of chest equipment have frost-free or automatic defrost features. Manual defrosting requires multiple hours or even a whole day to complete and is an arduous task. However, the maintenance part is simple as fewer elements inside a manual defrost chest cooler will need maintenance.

On the other hand, significantly more components in the upright storage freezers than the chest refrigerants require care and maintenance in the long run since most of these chillers are self-defrosting. The parts requiring maintenance may include hoses, automatic heating elements and drip trays. However, one benefit of these appliances is that you won't need to manage the somewhat laborious task of manually defrosting the cooler, and most kitchen owners agree to bear the minimal maintenance of a vertical refrigerant due to its self-defrosting feature.

Noise Generated by the Device

Chest chillers having manual defrost features are less raucous than upright coolers. However, you will hear some sound if the chest has an adequate and high-speed compressor, and you may also hear the normal contraction and expansion of the liner. A self-defrosting upright refrigerant makes more sound than a manual defrost chest chiller as it consistently cycles on and off. , You will hear normal noises like whooshing and whining several times throughout the day as the cooler cycles, and the compressor also makes infrequent noises. Therefore, decide on the place to put the upright refrigerant after considering the sound factor.

Usage of Energy

Chest chillers cling to their chilly temperatures very well due to the in-built sidewall insulation. This benefit makes them use minimal energy to function. In addition, more energy is utilised during its functioning. An unplugged chest cooler can keep the items frozen for two to three days. It depends on the quantity of frozen food during a household move to another locale, or power outage, as long as the cooler lid is not open. In contrast, most upright refrigerants are very expensive due to their self-defrost feature. An auto-defrost feature in an upright product works similar to a refrigerator auto-defrost which cycles off/on to keep the appliance free of ice build-up. You can search for the products on Simco, the leading upright storage freezers supplier in Brisbane & Adelaide. Select a freezer that is energy star qualified for the best energy efficiency. If you opt for a chest freezer with a manual defrost, it may use half the energy of a self-defrosting upright freezer. Both vertical and chest freezers can carry an energy star rating.

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Installation Process

The width of a chest freezer differs depending on its size. Therefore, even a small chest freezer has a larger footprint as compared to an upright variant. When you plan to install it, ensure adequate space to put it and enough headspace above the fridge to open the door fully. You need to check the size of the equipment before buying to ensure installation in the kitchen. Since the product's dimension is heavy, you need to calculate the exact pathway from the outdoors to the installation spot.

The size of an upright storage fridge is almost like a standard refrigerator. In contrast, an upright freezer is significantly smaller than the chest models. Therefore you should consider installation if your kitchen can hold a refrigerator. In addition, the item requires room for width, height, door swing space and at least an inch behind it. Also, check which way the door swings and whether it is reversible.