One of the investments that change your kitchen's look entirely and efficiency is selecting a new kitchen bowl. You need to consider many things to ensure you're making the right decision before making the final decision on your perfect stainless steel sink. We have curated some information about the titular product to serve as a quick guide on components you should consider before buying this item for your kitchen.

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What is the Perfect Size for your Pantry?

If you want to ensure that you are not selecting something too small or too large, take care of the size of your basin. It is always better to have more washing space than less as a general rule of thumb, especially if your pantry has numerous staff who utilise this area. It would be best also to consider your budget limitations before selecting the size, as the best quality single or double sink always comes at a higher price. Size also matters when you think about the aesthetics of a place. For example, a large, prominent basin will look slightly awkward in a tiny restaurant kitchen. You can easily accommodate your requirements with a standard offering if your restaurant is designed to cater to limited people or cook fewer dishes. Using this process, you can invest the extra money you would have spent on a more sizeable double bowl basin or any other appliance or equipment.

Size your commercial stainless sink in accordance with your kitchen window if you have this space available above your product location. This fact doesn't mean you have to complement the width of your window with your selected basin; it just implies that it can look awkward and out of place if you have a super-large variant installed below a narrow window and vice versa. A sizeable divided-bowl offering with an integrated drainboard is excellent if you're an enthusiastic cook who prefers hand-washing dishes to using the dishwasher.

What Choice of Substance is Preferable for your Kitchen?

You can get kitchen basins in a range of distinct materials, such as stainless steel, porcelain and cast iron. One of the most popular substances for modern kitchen basins is stainless steel. This product mode is hardwearing and looks excellent when paired with granite, stone, or wood countertops. Substances such as porcelain and fireclay are the favoured alternatives for more traditional kitchen renovation styles such as Hampton or Farmhouse. These are primarily white in colour and only showcase a single basin. However, they can be divided into two independent reservoirs in some personalised designs.

Which Mode would You Prefer - Undermount or Drop-In Design?

In today's competitive scenario, the leading kitchen sink designs in the market are Drop-in basins, also called self-rimming or top-mount. Such a product has a visible lip around its circumference that rests directly on the countertop. In contrast, an undermount basin does possess a rim, but you can’t see the edge since it makes itself stable against the bottom of the bench. Undermount sinks are deemed a more luxurious and high-end alternative, whereas a drop-in variant is a more cost-effective option. While undermount options won't unnecessarily interfere with your bench space, you can easily clean drop-in sinks. In addition, you can use drop-in basins for all benchtops, whereas undermount variants are said to be more appealing for resale. For more details, visit Simco – the leading stainless steel sink manufacturer and supplier in Sydney & Melbourne.

Which Variant would you Select – Single or Double Bowl?

A double bowl basin makes food preparation more segmented and organised since it typically possesses more room. These premium sinks are suitable for larger kitchens, especially those that serve delicacies to prominent patrons. The double bowl lets you easily wash those larger pots and dishes, which you may not want to clean using the dishwasher. In contrast, a single bowl sink doesn't take up much bench space. Therefore, it is better suited to smaller kitchens. Many popular restaurant chains typically prefer an extra-wide single bowl basin that looks aesthetically pleasing and provides high performance due to its deep and significant design.

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Why Should you Opt for Stainless Steel Sinks?

Most Durable for Commercial Kitchens

One of the most long-lasting options available to commercial kitchen owners is the steel bowl. Unlike other substances, such as porcelain or enamel, these items do not crack, peel, or get damaged. Furthermore, a couple of significant advantages of these products are that they are rust-resistant and don't let stains affect them. However, it would be best to take care to prevent contacting the stainless steel sinks with muriatic acid, chlorine bleach, solvent and other abrasive or harsh agents, as they can ruin the finish of this material. Most experts agree that component thickness determines the durability of a product. This fact is another reason to choose this item, as it is designed to be solid and thick, resulting in the scratch and dent-resistant properties of the bowl.

Offers Cost-Efficient Items

These items also provide the advantage of providing less costly items. You will find that the cost of the steel bowls is significantly less than the items designed with granite, porcelain or cast iron. Such cost takes all the technical aspects like bowl configuration and gauges thickness into account. This fantastic element also saves your capital in the long run due to its durability compared to other less durable products and may need replacement.

Provides a Multitude of Options

Another benefit provided by this material is that bowls made of this substance are available in various dimensions, configurations and basin variants, including single, double and corner variants. These products are available in many alternatives, such as drop-in and undermount creations. Furthermore, you can also explore a wide variety of thicknesses in the market, also known as gauges. The substance's thickness is dependent on the gauge number. The lesser your number is, the more robust will be the element. It is interesting to note that an 18-gauge sink is almost twice as broad as a 23-gauge substance variant, although the statistics do not differ much. This 23-gauge material is thinner and less long-lasting compared to an 18-gauge model, but it is less expensive. You can check out such offerings on Simco, the leading stainless steel sink supplier in Brisbane & Perth.

Proves Rust-Resistant to Ensure Longer Use

Stainless steel items are highly efficient in preventing corrosion due to their rust-resistant features. That is why they are predominantly employed in the hospital environment and food preparation & processing segment. However, it is recommended not to use them in places where high chlorine or acidic contents are kept. Even the comparatively low-quality stainless material resists nitric acid and sulfuric acid at moderate temperatures and concentrations. The item is also resistant to organic chemicals, dyestuffs, and a wide variety of organic substances.

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