For any commercial catering and hospitality business keeping the freshness of the food intact is an important factor as it directly contributes to the quality, taste, and texture of the item. While high-end refrigeration units like Simco’s upright storage fridges and freezers can easily take care of the raw ingredients and fresh produce, keeping the freshness unharmed can be a bit tricky for the displayed food items.

In the current circumstances, when many restaurant and catering businesses are shifting to the takeaway model, displaying your foods in the best way is important to catch the glance of the buyers. But keeping the freshness of the prepared food intact even when on the show can be difficult unless you have the right presentation unit. 

Striking a balance between ‘maintaining the quality’ without ‘losing on the show’ is all you need. If you are finding it difficult to reach this win-win spot, Simco’s commercial food showcases are the answer. Read on to know how Simco can help you to present more items in an eye-catchy way without compromising with the freshness of the product.   

Simco food displays

Combining advanced technology from Italy, Japan, and Germany with the latest Euro-style, Simco has brought to you some of the most advanced, efficient, and sleek units that meet the Australian standards and your all-round presentation needs. Check out the special features,  

Prevents drying

One of the primary problems with the common curved or square glass cake display units is that the fan which helps in circulating the air within the unit also dries out the item, making it stale, just the way a bread kept open in the fridge loses moisture quickly and becomes crusty. This heavily impacts the taste and the texture of the item, often compelling the owners to discard foods.

To address this problem, Simco has designed ‘soft air’ technology-driven showcases. In this design, the fan air is not directed on the food, but it helps in circulating the air properly within the unit. This technology gives a better shelf-life and prevents drying of the items.      

Fogging resistant

Fogging is a common problem with food showcases. It seriously impacts the purpose of display altogether. If the fogging is inside the glass, it can ruin the product as well. Eliminating this problem is not simple, particularly in Australia where the weather is hot and humid in summer.

To give owners an edge to fight this issue, all the glass showcases including the commercial square glass cake display by Simco have been made with double glazed glass which naturally prevents fogging.

Energy efficient

The cost of a presentation unit is a one-time investment, but the electricity bill is a recurring expense that can easily add up to a huge amount for commercial food and catering businesses. So, spending only on energy efficient equipment is a wise decision even if it costs you a bit more initially.

All the cabinets by Simco are MEPS approved and are highly energy efficient. We understand the pain points of the business owners and thrive to create solutions that address the issues with the help of the latest technology. 

Best quality compressor

We believe, any type of refrigeration unit is only as good as its compressor. But the units with branded compressors naturally tend to be more expensive than the unbranded ones. However, the sweetness of low-price fades away much quickly because of the inefficient service and regular maintenance issues that take up a lot of your time and energy.

Every presentation cabinet from Simco is fitted with a Secop compressor, a brand that is synonymous with quality and has been serving the industry for decades. The compressor lies at the core of high functionality and long, relentless service provided by our showcases.  

Style coupled with ease of use

The primary objective of food displays is to give the items an eye-catching presence in front of the buyers. Lights are always the most important factor when it comes to the right look. The units from Simco are fitted with high quality LED lights and are encased in a unique way to ensure the best safety.

Proper lighting adds to the presentation of the product and makes it easy to see clearly. To facilitate ease of use the cabinets are provided with easily removable doors. The upright showcases also come with castors for easy mobility.

Industry leading warranty

Simco stands for quality. Each of our products is made from high quality material using the latest technology to ensure long service and the best look. Be it the food displays, the salad bars, or the bar fridges, every product from the brand meets the best Australian standard. We offer a full 2-year Australia wide warranty on parts and labour. 

Different types of food displays by SIMCO

Simco’s collection is expansive. Irrespective of the type or style of commercial square glass cake display Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Hobart or any other specific variety you are looking for, we can help you with the best and maximum options. Some of the varieties from our collection include,

Square cake showcases – The square cake showcase range includes 3 tier and 4 tier varieties in different sizes and specifications. The 3-tier variety is lower in height and is perfect to have a clear view and to serve over it. The 4-tier variety on the other hand gives more space. The top can also be used for displaying products like muffins and croissants that are served at ambient temperature.

Curved cake showcases – Simco’s curved glass cake display range is ideal for adding more style to your shop. It is also very popular in Europe at the moment. The curved design saves space and allows the customers to lean over it for a better look. However, the top shelf can accommodate less food than the square variety and you cannot display anything on top of it. The 4-tier curved glass showcases are available in multiple sizes. 

Benchtop showcases -   Countertop showcases have been very popular in the food and catering industry particularly because of their sleek look and ability to accommodate in small spaces. The benchtop showcases can be placed on counters and are ideal for food vans. Simco’s countertop showcases are available in both square and curved glass varieties and different size options.   

Irrespective of the type or style of the display unit you need, Simco suggests to always spend on a quality product that meets Australian standards. If you are in search of a commercial square glass cake display for sale to save money, you may get in touch with the best commercial square glass cake display supplier in Australia.