Whether you are a newly launched establishment in the market thinking about the ways to advertise your restaurant to local people or have established your name but are aiming to attract more customers & patrons to your joint, you can always avail a host of methods to entice the local people to your delicious cuisines. Every kitchen owner wants their venture, commercial kitchen equipment, hospitality and menu items to be famous all around the block, and you can entice users around you & make their mouths water in multiple ways. If you don't possess a promotional strategy to get people residing nearby at your door or your plan hasn't provided the anticipated results, we have provided a few tips to market your restaurant locally. With these methods, you can generate community buzz and enhance the chances of diners choosing to eat from your establishment with these methods. While it is a fact that online marketing is the preferred promotional medium, you can still grow your business from scratch through various offline and local restaurant marketing ideas. So, don't wait further; check out the following points and boost your local restaurant business.

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Use Old-School Ways to Communicate with the Audience

While email and social media promotional campaigns are undoubtedly effective, the best mode of promotion still is the old-school communication with the local community you will cater to. While it is advised to include social media marketing as part of your advertising campaign, you must also publicise in home-grown magazines & papers and distribute & put the flyers in the surrounding area wherever possible. If you want to advertise your takeaway menu around the neighbourhood, you can take the help of various web flyers templates for takeaway and customise them as per your requirement.

You can also use local TV & radio channels if you have an adequate budget. Such a way of promotion significantly enhances the visibility of your restaurant. This advertising method also helps the establishment strengthen its roots in the community & more people start talking about it. You can design a special menu and host a theme-based night to commemorate a public holiday or any other festival celebrated in the area. You can provide your business with a more friendly exterior by adopting a more hands-on approach. This approach will make it more attractive and accessible than promoting solely online from a distance. For more information, visit Simco – the leading commercial kitchen equipment in Melbourne & Sydney.


Partner with Other Ventures

Another fantastic method to enhance the buzz and create curiosity among local audiences is collaborating or partnering with another local organisation for a special event or campaign, such as a fundraiser. Once you collaborate with other known businesses in your vicinity, it will enhance the sense of togetherness and provide your business with an accessible & friendly disposition. That is true of the general public and other business owners, giving people more incentive to come in through your doors.

Use Online Methods to Promote your Establishment

If you want to promote your restaurant in the surrounding location, you need to use social media, which plays a crucial role in this aspect. For instance, if your company uses channels like Twitter, it is a must to have geotagging. Localised hashtags will play a significant role in making you visible in the surroundings. In addition, you urgently need a Google Business profile if you don't have one yet.

Use Google for your Business

Google can provide businesses with a massive boost. You can make customers view your business by searching locally for food items. Therefore, ensure that you keep your details precise and upgraded. In addition, if there are any changes in your menu, it is your responsibility to implement the tweaks quickly in the profile. Additionally, you must add images of your delectable in-house expertise to make the audience drool. You must contact Simco – the top commercial kitchen equipment supplier in Brisbane & Perth – for more clarity.


Almost all of us have looked & searched for something on Google. If you are one of these people, you must have seen the "near me" option while opening the home page. This attribute takes anything relevant with positive testimonials and brings it to your attention. So, please don't bottle your emotions when getting the opportunity to politely request your users to give suitable feedback on the restaurant's quality of meals and services.

Leverage Facebook to Attract Customers

Your restaurant's Facebook page must always be up-to-date: opening times, menus, reservation details, images of commercial kitchen equipment, take-out, and delivery stipulations if you provide that service. Keeping social media platforms up-to-date is paramount. If you don't, you only lead your users to perpetual disappointment. As a result, they will bypass your restaurant in the future.   You can also use Facebook's Start Order CTA button and the ordering link to add an online ordering button to your Facebook page.

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Create your Web Page

If you have a restaurant, there is little doubt that you also have a website for your business. It is an obvious statement, but ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly can help you market your restaurant locally. More often than not, people use their phones to find somewhere to eat. That's usually because they are on the move or have decided to plan a night out suddenly. Ensuring your webpage is optimised for viewing on mobile phones is essential – but it's a detail that can be easily overlooked or not even considered. Having a restaurant website will allow you to use promotional tools, which will help generate leads and increase sales.