Your refrigerator probably needs a good clean if you manage your equipment like most people. If you're not careful, the back of the fridge can become a haven for expired condiments, week-old leftovers and moulding vegetables. The reasons mentioned above are why it is essential to organise your upright storage fridge.

No one wants to spend time looking for a suitable ingredient when there is a rush of orders from customers. Every chef ideally wants to put their hand inside the device and effortlessly discover the item they're searching for to prepare a dish. One can keep things organised by having a designated place for every food item. It is crucial to deep clean your fridge about four times a year or quarterly. While every refrigerator differs from the other models, you can keep things clutter-free and organised using a few hacks. We will discuss some hacks in this blog to make your fridge look as manageable as you've never seen it.

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Steps Before you Start Organising your Fridge

You will want to clean and sanitise every surface inside your upright storage freezers before going into complete management mode. This process has more than just aesthetic benefits, as a sanitised fridge means less chance of foodborne illnesses and contamination. To quickly disinfect your refrigerator, follow these steps:

  • Effortlessly wipe away dirt, stains or hardened spills by taking everything out of the refrigerator. If you are concerned about your delicacies getting spoiled, you can also work in sections. Another alternative is to temporarily place your perishable food items in a cooler by putting some ice in it.
  • Sanitise all fridge surfaces by taking a disinfecting wipe or some paper towels and disinfecting spray. These surfaces include all the rack levels and the insides of the door compartments. Let the drawers soak in hot, soapy water after taking them out before wiping them down and putting them back in.
  • Having a deodoriser in your fridge can help prevent unpleasant smells from lingering inside it. Baking soda acts as an excellent deodoriser. You can buy unique fridge packs that cling to the wall, but you can also keep an open vessel toward the back of the device. For more information, visit Simco – the leading upright storage fridges supplier in Sydney & Melbourn

Steps to Organise your Cooling Device - Manage your Upper Shelves

You should always avoid keeping raw meat or veggies on your upper racks as they are the highest point in your refrigerator. The best things to keep on the top shelves are beverages, scraps and ready-to-eat items like cheese, yogurt and deli meats. These items usually have a shorter shelf life than condiments or oils and butter, so it's helpful to keep them well marked and organised.

Keep all your Almost Expired Foods in an "Eat Me First" Box

You must have lots of unused boxes in your kitchen. Take any one of them, write "Eat Me First on a sticky note, stick on it and place any item near its expiration date in this box. It is better to employ caution and put a food item in the box if you're unsure whether it has been spoiled or not. Properly tag all leftovers with the date they were prepared whenever possible, and google to know the duration they will last in your upright storage freezer.

Quickly Discover Food using Lazy Susan.

Lazy Susan is typically used in the condiment's cabinet, but you can also use them in the fridge. It mostly happens that the backside of your refrigerator becomes inaccessible, with loads of food items getting lost until found long after their expiry date is gone. Therefore, lazy Susan is one of the top methods to keep all food products easily accessible. Store items like snacks, spices and opened jars on top, and regularly access the internal areas to declutter and clean your equipment.

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Utilise Wall Space to Hang Baskets

There are multiple baskets with suction cups available that stick to the side of your refrigerator. These items play a significant role in arranging small things that you might never find in the fridge. For instance, you can easily keep a small cup of hummus, string cheese, cheese roll-ups or pre-made lunch meat. You only have to stick the basket in the inside part of your cooling device. You can also discover the catalogue of offerings by visiting Simco – the foremost upright storage freezer supplier in Brisbane.

Sort your Lower Racks

Place Similar Items in One Spot

Keep similar items grouped using unique baskets to ensure they are within your reach and ready to use. You can put sandwich fixings, sauces, smoothie ingredients or leftovers in the baskets.

Keep Snacks Using File Organisers

Most paperwork is done these days digitally, making file boxes a thing of the past. However, these storage components preserve all kinds of snacks by creating the perfect dimension. You can maintain anything from yogurts, pouch drinks, small boxes of chopped vegetables and applesauce. You can better organise them by writing the name on each box.

Hang Items in Packets with Curtain Ring Clips 

Many upright storage fridges have bars or wire racks on the edge of their frames. If you have items like lettuce or cheese available in packets, you can use the lower space to hang them from the edge of your racks. You have to buy ringed curtain clips for this purpose. Clip the curtain ring clips on and hang your rolled bags as needed.

Manage your Door Clutter for Enhanced Beautification

Categorise and Label Each Door Section

To keep things supremely organised, keep like items together in each door divider. In addition, label the outside of the wall with a magnet or sticker. Examples of similar products include sandwich dressings (mayonnaise, mustard, relish, ketchup), sauces (hot sauce, soy sauce, etc.) or specialty items (olives, pesto, tapenade).

Store Spices in an Egg Carton

When you are storing spices in bottles, put an egg carton at the bottom of that section where you intend to put the condiments. You can hold the mayo, bottled mustard, ketchup or dressing upside down, nose first in the egg cartons. This practice will keep them organised and reduce waste because all the liquid will be sitting near the bottle's opening. Ensure never to tap or shake your spices out of their containers again. Go to the website of Simco – the top upright storage fridge supplier in Perth.

Fill Beverages or Small Snacks in the Lower Door Rack

Use the bottom shelf to design an easily accessible 'snacks zone'. Put simple snacks like yogurt and other beverages in this space. Keep the drinks stoked for the kids visiting your restaurant and allow them to grab them whenever they feel thirsty.

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