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Get all your answers on Stainless Steel Sinks

The hospitality industry is highly consuming and demanding. With the onset of dining out cultures in countries like Australia, cookhouses of small, medium and large size are growing multifold.

The stakes of the restaurant business are high in terms of details, planning, investment and time. Complying to Australian Standards of Health Code and acquiring licenses and permits is a daunting task. One has to undertake crucial planning exercises like the list of commercial kitchen equipment, hiring the right staff, leasing or renting a commercial space, menu designing, listing cookware and tableware and so much more.

Undershelves and leg bracing provide support to your cookhouse brigade to take a breather while performing heavy-duty tasks. Shop here now.

While going through the various needs of appliances, you will notice stainless steel material the most. And stainless steel sinks, shelves and benches are a must when you design your business cookhouse. Crisp calculation and measurements are required of them when you plan to place or install your washing tubs. Whether a single tub will do or you need to double up? Critical thinking is vital here as you need to understand the operation of your business. Don’t miss the rush hours.

Why not take a look at some of the hooks that would cling on your mind while planning your purchase for sinks? The below Q&A will give you a clearly defined overview of how installing washing tubs into your business cookhouse is different from that at your home.

How different are Kitchen Sinks from Commercial Sinks?

The enclosing feature forms a major difference between the two. A business kitchen will showcase a lot of stainless steel material as it is a highly recommended food-grade material. Inventory washing and pre-prep jobs are very well facilitated with this material. You will also find splashbacks and workbenches in steel as it is quite easy to maintain and sterilize. Splashbacks bear food spills from prep jobs or usage of cooking appliances like pressure cookers, commercial fryers and immersion blenders. The commercial sinks also match other equipage of the cookhouse thus giving a symmetric look like stainless steel shelve and benches. A sanitized wash or wipe is all you need to do to clean these areas. Benches and splashbacks are connected to the washing tub as the operations are efficiently carried out. That is why a business cookhouse sink is different from a domestic one.

A domestic kitchen usually has material that match the interiors of the home thus giving an aesthetic look. Stone, tiles, laminates are some of the common choices that people opt for while deciding on splashbacks and benches for a domestic one. Not only does it give a visual appeal, but it also decorates that food work area leaving a vibrant and bright effect.

Usually, double sink benches are designed to take the load of rush hours. They not only facilitate huge piles of dishes but also provide benches for draining water. Check out our online inventory at

Will a commercial grade sink work for my kitchen?

A domestic one can have the same grade of washing tub as the commercial one. But a standard home kitchen can make the work of interiors a little easy for the homemakers.  Moreover, if you design your food workspace layout with stainless steel benches and shelves, you might run out of space for other appliances like mixers, grinders and convection ovens.

Whereas, a business cookhouse has the maximum look of stainless steel as we mentioned earlier. Every appliance or utility compliments each other thus giving a professional look to the food work area. 

If you plan to buy stainless steel sinks, benches and shelves on sale from Simco, our team will guide you through a line of advice and suggestions to aid your requirement and choices.

Which grade is a good grade for a stainless steel kitchen sink?

The standard norm for this material is Stainless Steel 304. It is the highest quality grade which also has short forms like SS304 or SSU304. Any other lower grade will lead to rust, making maintenance and pre-prep food tasks impossible for the kitchen brigade.   

A higher grade of material will be successful and performing good in areas where the water is more acidic. Popularly known as a marine-grade material, places close to beaches or washing tubs which have to withstand acidic activities like scientific research labs. They need to install such types of utility equipment. But majorly stainless steel drains and strains will carry material of SS304 quality. 

Steel benches with splashbacks give you easy installation into your required kitchen space. The connection factor benefits chefs and members of the cookhouse to perform their heavy-duty tasks efficiently.

Single or double? Which would be my pick?

The workload in your food prep area will define this factor. A large family will have more number of dishes piled up after a meal. So, a large single tub or a medium-sized double tub will be ideal for such type of usage. Easier storage of dishes and convenient cleaning of the same is all that we want while working in that space. Your dishwasher will also struggle less to get the dishes rid of food grime.

In a commercial set up, some may pick a stainless steel single bowl sink with drainer. This makes the task of the kitchen members convenient as they can place the wet dishes to let them drain extra water. The entire space is fully utilised thus creating opportunities for more installations.

But if you have the privilege of a large space then, a double sink is the perfect fit. Less water consumption and easier and quick accomplishment of tasks are aided while using this type of a washing tub. You can easily divide soap dispensers and pre-cleaning job in one washing tub and complete the rest of the cleaning process in the other one.  

Your commercial catering equipment supplier can assist you in measuring the proposed space for washing dishes.

A variety of supporting utilities can be fixed in your cookhouse depending on the need of the kitchen brigade. Buy high-quality benches in wall mount and over the shelves.

What Stainless Steel is used in a commercial kitchen?

High traffic facilities need to keep hygiene levels quite high. The safety and health of the visitors, guests or customers are directly dependent on the levels of cleanliness you follow in your cookhouse. Materials of grade 304 are the most preferred one. Maintenance and sterilisation of pieces of equipment made from such grades are quite easy and last long. You should carefully read the manual which comes with the purchase as it carries vital information and guidelines for maintenance of commercial catering equipment.

If you are a small-sized food set up or have a compact kitchen space, we recommend stainless steel single sink benches. Available in best quality and no regret prices. Shop now.

What could be the possible reason for the rise in demand for business cookhouses?

Australian audience has been under a large influence of the trending cookery shows and competitions. The broadcasting of professional kitchens has raised bars of restaurant cookhouses and has left a huge impact on the minds of the locals. Iron Chef, Master Chef, Jamie’s Kitchen are some of the shows that proudly display stylish food prep areas with innovatively designed appliances. The participants and hosts work with shimmery equipment that is made so easy to use and thus leaving a crave for such types of cookhouses. Appliances like double sink bench, griddles, mixers and deck ovens makes the audience dream of owning such a space in the food business.

Washing food thoroughly, cleaning dishes and performing similar such tasks are an integral part of the busy cookhouse. Simco Group offers the best services, warranty policies and deliveries of Stainless Steel Benches, sinks, shelf and benches in major Australian cities like Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

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