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Gas cooktop purchasing tutorial- How to buy the best equipment

One of the most essential commercial kitchen equipment for the hospitality industry is Gas Cooktops. These appliances are operated by the kitchen brigade to perform heavy-duty food prep jobs repeatedly. They power the restaurant business with their ability to prepare dishes in a versatile manner.

Commercial  Gas Cooktops are available in many variants to cater to multiple types and sizes of cooking. The number of burners, size of the burner grates and cooktops along with ovens- you can find a variety of Gas cooktops in the market that suit your business needs. 

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While you plan your investments into this type of equipment, you will have to pick according to your need and budget. A thorough comparison of Gas Cooktop features and specifications will help you do that.

This tutorial aims to support you to narrow down options to find the best gas cooktop.

Why should I get a Gas Cooktop?

To buy such an appliance, it is imperative to know the need to pick one. Let’s understand.

  • Quick response: Gas Cooktops heat fast and respond to changes in a swift manner. When temperatures are adjusted, the mechanism is designed to come to the required temperature quickly. Thus, reducing the response time. As compared to the electric versions, commercial gas cooktops heat up faster. They also turn off quickly when needed so the food also does not get over-cooked.
  • Heat is visible: This feature is of great advantage to chefs. They can calculate on what flame heat level are they working and what is the requirement.
  • Environment-friendly: Gas is a cheap resource. It is more energy-efficient than electric or coal used to power gas cooktops.

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What are the requirements for a Gas Cooktop?

To install an appliance, there are pre-requisites. These needs help you to get the best possible outcome of the equipment. Requirements are:

  • Space: You must calculate the measurement of the gas cooktop with the space you want to place the appliance. The commercial Gas Cooktop supplier can guide you well with this. This will help you in picking the right equipment.
  • Gas Connection: You must ensure that there is a supply of gas to the commercial space. You can contact your local inspector for guidance. Without supply, you will have to rely on bottled gas which can be quite expensive. You must know that all models will not be compatible with bottled Natural Gas.
  • Knowledgable Chefs: While hiring the staff, you should keep in mind that you need kitchen members who are trained in operating kitchen equipment. Similarly, while purchasing an appliance, make sure your kitchen brigade knows how to operate it. You can seek coaching or guidance from your commercial catering equipment supplier for the same.
  • Correct installation of Exhaust hoods: Such appliances generate heat in large amounts that need to be ventilated to maintain the inside temperature of the food work area.
  • Regular Cleaning Planners: As Gas cooktops require maintenance, you will need to plan cleaning and care schedules. You have to make sure your staff follows it strictly. You can always rely on industry-grade detergents and procedure for effective cleaning tasks.

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What are my main options?

A variety of models are floating in the market to choose from. Simco Group partners with reliable brands like Cookrite. Cookrite is a seasoned brand in commercial gas equipment. They come with unique feature and capacity to withhold tasks of all volumes.

If you want to differentiate between sizes, then the smallest one generally available is 30cm. While the most common large size is 90 cm.

The range holds the following:

  • 30 cm model has two burners
  • 60cm model features three or four burners
  • 90cm models come with five or six burners
  • 120cm model displays ten burners

You can make your choice according to the space available in your commercial kitchen, along with your everyday cooking needs and budget. Simco Group features the best commercial gas cooktops for sale. Just drop a message at

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Vital features not to miss while buying a Commercial Gas Cooktop

To know what exactly you are looking for, many points like space, size, functionality, type etc., will be your points of consideration. Your budget will be playing an important role.

Once you have a gist of the type of appliance you would like to select, you should scan the different criteria that would direct you to the right one.

Important features to be taken into account:

  • Proportions

The most important feature and the first one will be the size of the gas cooktop you should pick. If you have ample space, then you should learn the frequency of using the appliance and the type of cooking you will have to do. This will help you decide whether you need another one or a single piece of the gas cooktop will be ok.

Commercial cooking space is quite big in high traffic kitchens. A 90 cm model can accommodate quite many orders. In rush hours, if your kitchen brigade is efficient, then you can do well with the same size. Some times you might require a gas stove if you are following some complicated cooking process for specific recipes.  

You should carefully read the manual or discuss with the brand support team in detail about the distance between the gas cooktop and other appliances which should be followed as per Australian Standards and Guidelines.

Simco Group sells products that are manufactured under the country standards of Australia. We commit to hassle-free delivery in major Australian cities like Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney.

  • Number of Burners

Do not miss the following while deciding on the number of burners:

  • If you wish to use all the burners at one point in time, you will have to assess the size of pans and pots you will be using.
  • The size of the burners also needs to be checked. Does your selected piece have the right size of a burner according to the cookware you will be using for heating, cooking or stir-frying food? Can you accommodate round shape cookware or other shapes also like the elongated cooking dishes? Does you cooktop allow slow cooking like to melt a bar of chocolate, you have to have a small size simmer burner.
  • The layout of the burner should not interrupt the cooking process. You should be able to place cookware without intruding the knobs or other controls of the appliance.
  • Cost

Of course, you will have normal prices also and brow-raising ones too. After considering all the factors, you will have to check price tags of the one that fits into your budget and requirement. 

Simco Group offers no regret prices with amazing services and competent warranty policies. You can visit our online inventory at

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  • Care

Commercial Gas cooktops are usually manufactured in stainless steel for easy cleaning and aesthetic appeal. They are also available in ceramic glass and enamel material. Enamel is quite convenient to maintain. But ceramic material might require a special ceramic cleaner. While stainless steel is super-easy to clean, disinfect and maintain. The quality of steel is different in different brands according to price range. Do check the manual that comes with the purchase of the appliance. It contains important information on the cleaning and maintenance of the equipment and its parts. For eg., Are the trivets removable while cleaning? Are the knobs easy to sterilize? Can we soak the burners in hard chemicals? These are very important things to look out for in a manual as they affect the life of the appliance.

  • Trivets

You must have noticed compact that your pans are placed at a height on the burner. That is because of trivets. They are mostly available in iron material. But stainless steel and enamel options are also seen. Iron trivet if heavy and costly, while stainless steel is lightweight but challenging to clean.

Seamless grates are nowadays quite in demand. They are easy to shift pans from one burner to another.

  • Effortless usage

Gas cooktops with technology integrated mechanism are enticing. But they can be a pain in the neck if you do not know how to operate it. The traditional ones usually come with knobs which are easy to handle and use. While your gas cooktop is in action with cookware, make sure you pick the one which makes your commercial kitchen productive.

  • Safety quotient

Flame failure is the mechanism that should be integrated with burners. Do not compromise on this feature as it will save you from accidents and fire breakouts. Gas leakages can ignite and fire other areas as a lot of cooking process might be on in different parts of the kitchen. Manufacturers are rolling out products that switch off automatically when the appliance is not in use. Some offer a unique feature to re-ignite for use.

  • Visual appeal

Most commercial appliances are of stainless steel for obvious reasons for easy maintenance and food-grade material. This material adds sheen look to your busy kitchen making it look attractive.

  • Warranty

This will help you curb unwanted expenses and will enhance the life of the appliance. Do check with your brand what services are they offering and what benefits you will get through the warranties. You are investing a good amount of money into the equipment. Make sure you get the best returns. 

If you are looking for buying guidance for any type of kitchen equipment in Australia and New Zealand, Simco Group is your perfect stop. We deal in innovatively designed professional appliances for the hospitality industry. Reach us at

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