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Cooling it off with the best underbench freezers

In the commercial hospitality industry today, using under-counter appliances is all the rage. These items can be extremely handy when you need to put them in use, and they provide you with good value for money. 

Purchasing under bench fridges for your kitchen is an idea worth considering. There are a variety of options available for you to peruse and most importantly, using these can save you on a lot of time and energy. Therefore, we here at Simco have the perfect list of under bench fridges for sale. These cooling maestros can beautify your kitchen in no time and increase your status among your rivals.

The Benefits of Cooling Under the Radar

There is a reason why under bench fridge freezers have been trending in the market for a while. Their eloquence and grace fit almost perfectly into the modern cooking world. Most major restaurants today use these containers to store all their liquids and there are many reasons why you should do so too:

Space Management:

Having equipment below your waist means that your kitchen is comparatively more spacious, and your space utilization is more efficient than ever before. Simco’s wide range of coolers will give you various options and help you install the perfect kitchen companions for you. 

Ease of Access

Freezers tend to be more accessible when they are at a location where you can simply bend down and get them. This compact storage solution makes it easier for you to manage loads of equipment on busy days and lets your customers take a wide peek into what you have to offer. 

Eco Friendly

Getting an under bench fridge freezer combo for your commercial hospitality business might just be the best deal you strike because these units are a relatively new line and most of them come equipped with various eco-friendly features. 

When you are using a freezing unit, you will most likely be consuming way lesser power than you would with your regular storage units. In addition to that, your products will also be a whole lot safer for the environment, thereby decreasing your carbon footprint. 

Square cake display - Our square cake displays are designed uniquely. These petite glass boxes highlight the best features of your creations and guarantee allure.

Curved cake display - The curved cake display selection here at Simco is a special line that has some of the best displays that money can buy.

Upright display fridges and freezers - Your kitchen needs the best of the basics. This is why we have an exclusive line of display items that bring together convenience and style. 

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Things to consider before buying

Finding the perfect refrigeration fit for your business is not as easy as it looks. There are a few things that you must keep in mind before you set out into the market:


There are various kinds of cooling storage units that you will want to check out depending on your use. Some of these are:

Chest Freezers- These units are ideal for your heavy-duty products. Most of your meats and cuts go into these boxes where cooling is the top priority. Your chest freezers are the main storage units of your kitchen.

While the chest freezers sport a large storage space, they generate a few practical problems which are not seen in the standard under bench products. The bigger lid on top of these must be opened regardless of the product you wish to take out. Reaching out to smaller items can also be difficult because of their large compartment.

Glass Door Refrigerators- Glass door refrigerators can most commonly be seen in bars today where the light on the inside is aesthetic to bring out the appeal of all its contents. These also come in smaller variants that can be placed atop your tables.

Glassdoor cabinets and coolers often come with segregated compartments so that you can showcase your drinks separately. This also means that you do not have to open the whole thing when taking out a beverage. This allows for the other beverages present inside to stay chill and frosty. 

Prep Fridges - The Simco line of prep fridges spoil you for choice. We have taken all details into account to give you the options that will work best for your workplace. 

Pizza prep tables - These authentic pizza prep tables bring with them, the scent of Italy. You will find these very easy to work on at all times.

Salad bars 

Salad Bars - To bring together the best of health and wealth, you need the perfect salad bars to create exotic low carb delights!

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Undercounter Freezers- Undercounter freezers usually have a separate cabinet like doors that segregate all your material. This saves you the trouble of having to open the entire lid just for taking out one product. You can also customize your cooling power across each cabinet. 

By being a bit more efficient, you can easily compartmentalize your products according to the frequency at which they are most often needed. This way the products that should not be disturbed with outside heat a lot can stay safe in the same container!

The Simco brand has been one of the best when it comes to delivering commercial kitchen equipment for many years now. Our products come in a wide variety of dimensions so that you can find the perfect equipment that suits your kitchen the best. Our under bench fridge freezers for sale come with the Simco seal of trust and a warranty. These products are delivered across Australia no matter where you are. Wherever your restaurant is located, you can leave it to us to find you and provide you with regular assistance for the same as well. As under bench fridge freezers suppliers, we understand that our bond with the customer does not come to a halt after the delivery is complete. Our maintenance and servicing will make sure that your products stay efficient at all given times.

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