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Buying the right commercial bar refrigerator – what you need to know?

Specialized equipment can reduce the hassle related to commercial foodservice operations. While upright fridges & freezers make almost an essential appliance for any commercial kitchen, the bar refrigerators are vital for the smooth operation of bars and restaurants serving liquor. Every neighbourhood bar or high-end resto, serving wine, beer, and other drinks, need commercial bar fridges for better service.

Here’s a thorough guide to help you buy the right bar refrigerator according to your business needs,  

Bar refrigerator buying guide


Freestanding bar refrigerators are available in different types. The most popular varieties include back bar refrigerators and keg coolers. The back bar ones are designed to hold wine or beer bottles and cans while the keg coolers store and dispense kegs.  There are also beverage fridges for chilling all types of drinks - beer, soda, or soft drink. The wine fridges are specifically designed to hold wine bottles.

The volume of customers and the variety of drinks you serve should be considered for deciding the fridge type. Most of the bars use more than one type of refrigerator to meet their needs. If you are doing both canned and draught beer, you will need a back bar fridge for the cans and a keg cooler for the draught beer.   


Getting the size right is critical to ensure that the device serves its full purpose and can fit into the designated space. For the size, there are two considerations. The volume of drinks you need to store at one time and the available space. To find out the amount of liquor you need to store, consider the number of customers you serve daily and how frequently you restock.

Measure the space you can allot for the appliance before choosing the model. Depending on the area, you can either opt for a bigger size or more than one smaller cooler. If you are purchasing different types of commercial bar fridges to accommodate your needs, consider the space you will allocate for each one of them as they will come in different sizes.

You might decide to install the back bar fridge under the counter to save on space, but for keg coolers, you should consider the vertical area as well. There are also single, two and three section refrigerators available depending on the size.

Interior and exterior

A prep fridge or a bar cooler, every commercial equipment should be built for heavy-duty use and must provide long service for minimal maintenance. Stainless steel is considered the best material for these appliances because of its unique features like high resilience and corrosion resistance. Stainless steel is also easy to clean, maintain, and it is also food safe. Good quality stainless steel gives a sleek and smart look to the appliance to top it all, adding to the overall aesthetics.     

Controller and compressor

A refrigeration solution is only as good as its parts. Before you buy a bar fridge, always make sure that it comes with branded components. If the compressor or the fridge controller cannot maintain the temperature precisely, it can ruin the stored items, leading to a considerable loss for the business. Branded digital controller and compressor are a must for any bar refrigeration solution you buy.

Fridges with branded, high-quality parts are naturally more expensive. Still, they give service as promised and are reliable, which is essential for long term use under heavy-duty commercial environments. Look for a digital controller when you are buying commercial bar fridges in Sydney or some other place. Digital temperature control lets you set the temperature accurately, ensuring that the items are stored at the best temperature.

Energy ratings

Irrespective of the type of bar fridge you buy, checking out the energy ratings is a must. Refrigeration solutions will be working even when your facility is closed to the customers. If they burn a lot of electricity that will naturally add up to the overall operation cost. Also, making sure that the device you use is environment-friendly is essential. Always check for the energy efficiency of the appliance before you spend on it. An energy-efficient appliance might cost you more initially, but it will save you money in the long run.

Finish, lock, casters, and lighting

The finish of a product says a lot about its quality. A device from a renowned manufacturer will always have a perfect finish. The edges will be smooth, and the overall appearance should give a sleek and clean feel. Some other smaller features that the buyers should look for are - door lock to ensure safety as per need and casters for easy manoeuvrability. Inside lighting is another factor to consider for convenience unless you are buying a keg cooler.  

The supplier

You must buy the device from a renowned commercial bar fridge supplier.  The top suppliers maintain the most extensive collection so that you can choose according to your needs and preferences. Suppliers with a good market reputation will help you understand your requirements better and choose the right appliance for your business.

They are equally concerned about how well their appliance performs in your business set up as it is directly related to customer satisfaction. What is more, the top suppliers will provide you with years of warranty not only on the parts but also on the labour along with installation and service assistance as per need. Make your purchase from a supplier you can rely on.

If you are starting out and you do not have a reference for a responsible commercial kitchen equipment supplier, you can research online to find the best in your area.

Bar refrigeration solutions by Simco

We sell high-quality back bar refrigerators and keg coolers. Our collection covers some of the best bar cooling solutions available in the market. Our appliances enjoy the most advanced international technology ensuring top-level service. Branded compressor and controller along with high-quality stainless-steel interior and exterior, ensure the best performance under heavy-duty commercial use. Our bar refrigeration range includes,

Refrigerated back bar coolers

Our back bar coolers are designed to suit the practical needs of businesses. The self-contained side-mount design ensures proper circulation of cold air to every corner of the fridge to precisely maintain the desired temperature. There’s also digital temperature controller for easy and precise temperature setting as per needs.

The four numbers of epoxy coated heavy-duty shelves provide ample storage space inside. The glass doors with locks promote easy visibility for convenience and security.

Our Atosa back bar fridges are available in two different working temperatures, giving businesses the scope to choose as per their specific requirements. The 365L model has a working temperature between 0°C and 10°C while the 390L larger model works in the temperature range +1°C and +8°C. Both the devices are designed to cater to the needs of small and large bars.

Keg coolers

In a bar, keg coolers are typically used to store draught or draft beer. They make storage and serving simple. The technology ensures that the content is fresh for longer. Our keg coolers are available in three different size options.

The 220L, single door compact model, is perfect for small beer counters and neighbourhood bars. The larger two-door and three-door models have 390L and 850L capacity respectively and can efficiently serve the demand of large-scale bars. Each of these coolers maintains a working temperature between 0°C and 10°C.

Other notable features:

•             These appliances use R290 refrigerant, which makes them completely environment-friendly and yet most efficient. 

•             Dixell digital controller and heavy-duty Embraco compressor ensure the best dependability, long service, and precise temperature control.

•             The stainless-steel interior and exterior along with slide-out compressor assembly, ensures easy cleaning and maintenance.

•             Stainless steel drip tray, recessed door handle and dual tap tower are some of the other standard features of these appliances.

•             Comes with interior lights, magnetic door gaskets and standard door locks for convenience and safety.  

All our commercial bar fridges for sale comes with 2 years warranty on parts and labour plus an extra 2 year warranty on parts. We also maintain an Australia-wide network of registered technicians to ensure the best service and assistance as per need. Our experienced store managers and customer support team will help you choose the right product as per your business setting.

Questions to ask your supplier

How to clean the refrigerator? What type of cleaners can I use?

Our premium quality stainless steel bar fridges are easy to clean and maintain. Wiping off the outer and inner surface with a soft and dry cloth will serve the purpose of regular cleaning and remove any fingerprints from the surface. You can clean the surface with a standard glass cleaner as well. To clean the racks, mix the dishwasher liquid with equal parts of normal water and soak the racks in it before washing off with plain water. 

How frequently is professional servicing needed?

A new refrigerator from our collection will work efficiently without any breakdown for years. In case, there’s some reason for you to think that it might need servicing, please call our customer care number. We will arrange the visit of a registered technician. Under normal circumstances, servicing a new device at least once in six months is suggested.

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