The GN pans or Gastronorm is a standardisation procedure employed to standardise and categorise the size for utensils such as pans and trays used in the hospitality industry. This blog takes an incisive look at the stainless steel gastronorm pan and discusses its origins, meaning, and objectives. Read the entire content, and you might be amazed at the impact of this product on your kitchen and catering equipment.

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The Beginning and Objective of Gastronorm Values

The standardisation process began in the decade of the 60s when a team of scientists from Switzerland had a meeting to establish standardisation related to size and dimensions for kitchen tools such as trays and pans. The 530 x 325 mm size was already a standard for trays in the American region at the time. The researchers adapted this dimension and initially called it the new Gastronorm-Normal standard. Although the scientists originally wanted the Gastronorm standard to be used in Switzerland, it was swiftly adopted by other European countries. Today, it is considered a global modular standard.

The stainless steel gn pan enables three-dimensional optimisation in the kitchen & hospitality appliances and utensils design. It assists in setting commercial manufacturing standards for products such as sinks, dishes, fridges, stoves, storage compartments and dishwashers. Three-dimensional standardisation allows accessible equipment and crockery compatibility and identification.

What is the Ideal Size of these Pans?

The typical dimension of this product, also referred to as Full Gastronorm, is 530 x 325mm. You will find the existence of eight more Gastronorm measures from this stipulated size. Any item in the EU province that states a Gastronorm size must abide by one of the following dimensions specified by the European Standards Committee.

  • Complete GN or GN 1/1 – 530 x 325mm
  • Double GN or GN 2/1 – 650 x 530mm
  • Two-Quarters GN or GN 2/4 – 530 x 162mm
  • Two-thirds GN or GN 2/3 – 354 x 325mm
  • Half GN or GN 1/2 – 325 x 265mm
  • One-third GN or GN 1/3 – 325 x 176mm
  • Quarter GN or GN 1/4 – 265 x 162mm
  • Sixth GN or GN 1/6 – 176 x 162mm
  • Ninth GN or GN 1/9 – 108 x 176mm

These are only the measurements of length and width. The depth determines the capacity of the container — manufacturers design Gastronorm containers with varying depths for various applications. The product description always states the depth and breadth of GN1/1-100, 12.6-litre capacity. You can find such products on Simco – the leading stainless steel gn pans supplier in Melbourne & Sydney.

Types of Materials Used for GN Pans & Trays

Polycarbonate Pans

Gastronorm containers can also be made from Polycarbonate or Polypropylene materials. Polycarbonate Gastronorm pans are primarily employed in cooking food, cooling activities and buffet showcases. However, one disadvantage is that these items are not good conductors of heat. This drawback means they are not ideal for chafing dishes or food preparation. These materials are utilised to keep cold or chilled offerings such as puddings, salads and fruits. However, one advantage these products provides is that you can put them in a microwave, unlike stainless steel pans. In addition, you can harmlessly touch them while they carry warm or cold cuisines, as they remain pleasant to the touch. You can also keep and freeze delicacies much better in this material than the steel utensils because they are available with tightly fitting lids. Most of them are transparent. Therefore, you don’t have to open the cover to see what’s inside.

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Stainless steel Trays

Products designed with stainless steel are the most multipurpose Gastronorm containers and can be employed for various activities. These items are strong, long-lasting and ideal conductors of heat, making them appropriate for oven cooking and deep chilling. The polished shiny surface and heat retention abilities of steel make the stainless steel gn pans great for buffet showcases. Most chafing dishes and bain-marie are created for various sizes of stainless steel Gastronorm trays. The main visual feature is that the food may come straight from the oven to a buffet without changing pans. A steal Gastronorm pan can also store food in a freezer or refrigerator with a lid on.

Melamine Pans

Melamine is a complex, lightweight substance that can be favourably compared to ceramic. This material is made from thermal setting plastic boosted with melamine resin. GN pans designed from melamine should only be utilised to carry light warm, chilled or partially cold food items. The reason behind such picking and choosing is that these substances don’t perform well in high temperatures from any medium, whether it is a conventional stove or microwave. The crucial disadvantage of melamine is that it starts to dry out when exposed to a significant amount of warmth, causing it to form cracks and turn brown. However, you can keep chilled food in these utensils.

Other Considerations

Find the Best Supplier for your Requirements

It would be best to trust only a reputed supplier and manufacturer for accessing a top-class collection of the best industrial kitchen appliances. One of the crucial considerations is to search for the best GN products supplier who has a proper inventory of the model you wish to purchase. If you find a good distributor, you may also get priceless help in other aspects that would significantly affect and transform your purchase in a good way. If you don't know of any reputed suppliers and manufacturers in your location, it would be good to search for the top suppliers online. Before buying such a product, a few factors to research include:

  • Checking the brand status in the competitive market.
  • Going through web reviews.
  • Exploring its ties with other brands.

You can also get an accurate idea about the supplier's integrity through the warranty they provide on their products. Remember that a reputed organisation will always provide the customers with an extended warranty on kitchen products like benchtop catering equipment. If you are searching for a distributor, you can contact Simco, the leading commercial gn pans supplier in Perth & Brisbane.

Negotiate for Best Prices

Once you have in-depth knowledge of your requirements and got a fine distributor, getting the best deals for your kitchen is not a problem. You should never forget a few methods to help you avail of the top discounts on buying the premium stainless steel gn pans. If you are looking for a fantastic offer, always opt to shop in bulk when searching for commercial gn pans in an Australian region. It could be helpful to purchase the entire stock of appliances together to get the best offers. These appliances are essential for your kitchen, and it is irrational to buy the items in small quantities. Additionally, ensure buying all the things together from the same seller if you purchase other kitchen equipment like gas cooktops and refrigerators. It will minimise your efforts and provide you with the best offers.

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